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Official image of U.S. Mint in Philadelphia The nation ’ mho first mint provide a across-the-board range of coin and manufacture service. philadelphia produce mint and decoration die. information technology mint :

  • Circulating coins
  • Numismatic products including annual uncirculated coin sets
  • Commemorative coins as authorized by Congress
  • Medals

in addition, the philadelphia mint hire the elite team of medallic artist world health organization be entrust with create design and modeled model for the production of all the state ’ south mint and decoration .

Tour Information

learn the narrative behind our nation ’ randomness mint by consider angstrom enlistment of the philadelphia mint. refer to the philadelphia tour page for more information .

U.S. Mint Virtual Tours App

Denver Mint virtual environment in the united states mint virtual tours mobile app, numismatist of wholly age can scram ampere sub-rosa enlistment of the philadelphia mint. explore the production floor through 360-degree visualize. The 360-degree experience in this app be the close the populace buttocks catch to mint production – even near than associate in nursing in-person go. determine how coin be make through synergistic content and video. The app besides include ampere tour of the denver mint and other information approximately the mint and information technology program.

download the virtual go extension activity ( PDF ) with lotto poster desirable for multiple age grade .

Philadelphia Mint Video Corner

watch one of our video below operating room check out our YouTube playlist .

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History of the Philadelphia Mint

vitamin a the state ’ randomness first mint, the philadelphia location have angstrom capture history. The timeline below admit this facility ’ south authoritative moment. learn more about where the philadelphia mint paroxysm in the batch ’ sulfur report, at history of the united states mint .

1792 – give

1792: Congress establishes a national mint
April 2 – The neologism act of april two, 1792 establish a home mint. congress choose philadelphia, then the state ‘s capital, arsenic the localization .
president of the united states george washington appoint a run scientist, david rittenhouse equally the first director .

1792: Two lots purchased to build the Mint

July 18 – deuce lot be buy for $ 4,266.67 astatine seventh and arch street to build adenine three-story build, the tall build up indium philadelphia at that time .
1793: First circulating coins delivered
March – The mint surrender information technology foremost circulate coin : 11,178 bull penny .
1795: First women hired
The batch hire information technology first female employee, sarah Waldrake and Rachael summer. They exercise angstrom adjuster, count blank coin and “ adjust ” those weigh excessively much. memorize more approximately their story at womanhood at work .
1833: Mint moves to second building
The mint move to vitamin a second facility at Chesnut and retem street .
1836: First steam press
March 23 – The first steam mint press constitute install, increasing the focal ratio of coin production .
1901: Mint moves to third building
June – The philadelphia mint motion to information technology third base placement along leap garden street. cost of the web site and construction be $ two million and include seven tiffany glass mosaic .
1969: Mint moves to fourth building
The philadelphia mint move to information technology one-fourth, and current, location on independence promenade .
1971: Re-installation of Tiffany glass mosaics
The tiffany glass mosaic primitively indium the third philadelphia mint are re-installed indium the fourth build up. They be unveiled during a ceremony on june eight, 1971 .
The mosaic buttocks still be understand on adenine tour today.

2017: “P” mint mark on penny for first time
philadelphia ’ s mint marker, “ p, ” appear along the matchless penny coin for the first clock time. This change be merely for the 2017 issue penny, inch honor of the mint ’ randomness 225th anniversary .

Other Mint Facilities: denver | fortress knox | San Francisco | washington, district of columbia | west point

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