Collecting Memento Coins A Comprehensive Guide for History Enthusiasts and Collectors Worldwide

Introduction: Comprehending Memento Coins

Memento Coins, also identified as stretched coins, are an exceptional form of currency that has sparked the curiosity of collectors for over a century. These coins are generally developed by rolling, elongating, or squeezing an existing coin into a new design or shape. Memento Coins are regularly marketed as tokens or keepsakes at sightseeing attractions, galleries, or theme parks, making them a prevalent item to gather.

Origin of Memento Coins

The origin of Memento Coins dates back to the 1800s when they were initially launched as carnival rewards. However, commercial creation started in the 1890s when World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago produced hundreds of thousands of memento coins. These stretched coins presented images of prevalent depiction buildings and monuments, making them a sensation amongst visitors. Since then, memento coins have become a treasured and widely collected item.

Worth of Memento Coins

The worth of Memento Coins is established based on their infrequency, status, and historical consequence. Some Memento Coins can be worth only a few cents, while others can acquire hundreds or thousands of dollars. The rarest of Memento Coins are those from substantial world events or from early fairs and expositions. It’s essential to note that Memento Coins don’t typically appreciate in worth the same way as other collectibles, such as currency, stamps, or baseball cards.

Collecting Memento Coins: Recommendations and Systems

Collecting Memento Coins can be an entertaining and rewarding hobby. Here are some recommendations and systems to help you get started:

  1. Ascertain your collecting objectives and budget
  2. Investigate the history and importance of Memento Coins
  3. Attend coin shows and fairs to discover rare or exceptional coins
  4. Utilize online resources and forums to connect with other collectors and acquire more knowledge about the hobby
  5. Safeguard your collection in proper coin holders or albums to conserve their condition
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Q1) What is the oldest Memento Coin?

A1) The oldest recognized Memento Coin originates from the 1892-1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, which commemorated the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas.

Q2) Can I discover Memento Coins in circulation?

A2) No, Memento Coins are not legitimate tender and cannot be discovered in circulation. They are usually advertised as mementos or souvenirs at tourist attractions, galleries, and theme parks.

Q3) What makes a Memento Coin valuable?

A3) The worth of a Memento Coin depends on its infrequency, status, and historical consequence. The rarest and most historically significant Memento Coins are generally the most valuable.

Q4) How do I store my Memento Coin collection?

A4) It’s essential to preserve your Memento Coin collection in proper coin holders or albums to conserve their condition. Avoid utilising abrasive or acidic substances that might harm the coins’ surface.

Q5) How can I connect with other Memento Coin collectors?

A5) You can connect with other Memento Coin collectors through online forums or by attending coin shows and fairs.


We anticipate that this article has furnished you with a comprehensive understanding of Memento Coins and their appeal to collectors worldwide. It’s essential to approach this hobby with a sense of curiosity and admiration for the prosperous history and unique designs of these coins. By following the recommendations and systems outlined above, you can start your Memento Coin collection and relish the thrill of discovering rare and valuable coins. Thank you for reading!

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