Complete Guide to Louise Pennys Investigator Gamache Books in Sequence From Still Life to All the Demons Are Here

Louise Penny Investigator Gamache Books in Sequence: A Detailed Handbook

As an admirer of Louise Penny’s series of Investigator Gamache, it’s simple to get lost in the thorough storylines and character evolution of each book. However, staying updated with the chronological sequence of the books can pose a problem, mainly for newcomers. In this piece, we will give a thorough handbook to Louise Penny’s Investigator Gamache books in order, from the initial publication to the latest.

Introduction: The Realm of Investigator Gamache

Before we dive into the chronological order of the Investigator Gamache books, let’s familiarize ourselves with the realm of Gamache. Louise Penny’s series of crime fiction novels are established in the made-up hamlet of Three Pines, located in Quebec, Canada. The series revolves around the life and job of Chief Investigator Armand Gamache, a man who is respected and valued by his colleagues and inhabitants analogous.

With each book, we witness Gamache battle elaborate murder investigations that eventually reveal more about the inhabitants of Three Pines and the investigator himself. The tales of Armand Gamache are full, affluent, and fulfilling.

Louise Penny Investigator Gamache Books in Sequence

1. Still Life (2005)

The original book in the series acquaints us with Three Pines and the brilliant detective, Armand Gamache. This book forms the groundwork for the upcoming books in the series by developing the setting and the characters.

2. A Perilous Grace (2007)

Gamache handles a new investigation in this book, exposing an interweaved web of secrets and hidden motives in Three Pines.

3. The Cruelest Month (2008)

Gamache’s most modern case draws him into the territory of the paranormal as he investigates a dubious murder in the hamlet of Three Pines.

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4. A Regulation Against Murder (2009)

While Gamache enjoys a serene stay at the Fairmont Hotel with his wife, a murder investigation disrupts his peace, compelling him to face his demons.

5. The Hard Telling (2009)

Gamache’s investigation in this book transports him out of Three Pines and into the derelict wilderness of Quebec’s forests.

6. Dig Your Deceased (2010)

Gamache returns to Quebec City and faces former errors while investigating a murder.

7. A Device of the Glow (2011)

Gamache investigates the murder of an ancient friend and the artistic community of Three Pines.

8. The Perfect Puzzle (2012)

Gamache investigates a murder inside the walls of the desolate monastery of Saint-Gilbert-Entre-Les-Loups.

9. How the Brightness Gets In (2013)

Gamache’s investigation into the cryptic death of an ancient friend leads him to discover a plot that could obliterate Quebec’s political structure.

10. The Long Way Home (2014)

Gamache resigns from the police force and embarks on a voyage to discover the truth behind the vanishing of a prior colleague.

11. The Nature of the Brute (2015)

Gamache returns to Three Pines to investigate a dangerous predator hiding in the town.

12. A Huge Reckoning (2016)

Gamache confronts his greatest enemy yet and strives to restore the reputation of the Sureté du Quebec.

13. Glazed Residences (2017)

Gamache investigates a murder that happened right in front of a mob during the yearly Three Pines’ summer festivities.

14. Realm of the Visually Challenged (2018)

Gamache investigates a weird inheritance left to him, which sets him on the path of a colossal prohibited enterprise.

15. A More Desirable Man (2019)

Gamache leads a hunt for a missing woman amidst a mammoth flood.

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16. All the Demons Are Here (2020)

Gamache visits Paris to investigate a murder and finally resolves a mystery that has troubled him for years.

Conclusion: Why We Love Investigator Gamache

Louise Penny’s Investigator Gamache series has been labeled as “one of the most gratifying detective series out there.” Admirers of the series value the flawlessly built stories that are full of intricate particulars and suspense. Through these books, readers get an insider view into the intricacies of human nature and come to care profoundly for the characters that inhabit the novels.


1. Are the Investigator Gamache books independent or should they be read in sequence?

Although each book can be enjoyed on its own, we suggest reading the books in sequence to fully comprehend the elaborate plots and character advancement.

2. How long does it take to read an Investigator Gamache book?

Each reader’s pace is different, but on average, a book in the series can be read in approximately 8-10 hours.

3. What makes Louise Penny’s Investigator Gamache series so distinctive?

Louise Penny’s series is distinguished by elaborate plots, well-crafted characters, and a cozy, atmospheric setting that draws readers into the realm of Three Pines.

4. Will there be any more Investigator Gamache books?

At this time, it is not sure. However, Louise Penny has stated that there may be more books in the series in the future.

5. Is there a film or TV series based on the Investigator Gamache books?

Yes, a Canadian TV series titled Murdoch Mysteries has adapted some of the books into standalone episodes. Additionally, it was declared in 2021 that a new TV series based on the books was in development.

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Conclusively, Louise Penny’s crime fiction series of Investigator Gamache is a must-read for enthusiasts of cozy mystery novels. With a wealthy and comprehensive world, intricate characters, and elaborate plots, these books are sure to keep readers engrossed from the first page till the end.

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