National Translation Mission

  I. Tata McGraw-Hill
  1. Banwell, Colin N; Mccash, Elaine M
Fundamentals of Molecular Spectroscopy

2. Rudin, Walter

Principles of Mathematical Analysis

3. Holman J P
Heat Transfer

4. Shigley, Joseph E

Mechanical Engineering Design

  II. Oxford University Press, India
  5. Austin, Granville
The Indian Constitution : Cornerstone of a Nation
  III. Kavyalaya Prakashan/Motilal Banarsidass (Now in public domain)
  6. Hiriyanna, M
Outlines of Indian Philosophy
  IV. S. Chand and Company Limited
  7. Jordan, E L and Verma, P S
Invertebrate Zoology
  V. Penguin India
  8. Thapar, Romila
Early India : From the Origins mập AD 1300
  VI. Popular Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.
  9. Kosambi, Damodar Dharmanand
An Introduction bự the Study of Indian History

10. Satoskar, R S; Bhandarkar, S D; Rege, Nirmala N
Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics

  VII. New Central Book Agency, Kolkata
  11. Gangulee, H. C.
College Botany Volume I

12. Gangulee, Kar
College Botany Volume II

13. Mukherjee, S. K.
College Botany Volume III

  VIII. Orient BlackswanPvt. Ltd
  14. P S Gisbert
Fundamentals of Sociology
  IX. Surjeet Publications (Now in public domain)
  15. Laski, H J
A Grammar of Politics
  X. Allied Publishers
  16. Rao,V K R V
Education và Human Resource Development
  XI. University of California Press
  17. Beteille, A
Caste, Class và Power nguồn – Changing Patterns of Stratification in a Tanjore Village
  XII. Asia Publishing House
  18. Srinivas, M N

Caste in Modern India & other Essays Modern India
  XIII. Orient Longman Pvt. Ltd
  19. Srinivas, M N

Social Change in Modern India
  XIV. Sterling Publishers Private Limited
  20. D Ravindra Prasad, V S Prasad, P Satyanarayana and Y. Pardhasaradhi

Administrative Thinkers

21. Jagannath Mohanty

Indian Education in the Emerging Socienhận seo tổng thể

22. R. K. Sapru and Y. Sapru

Public Policy : Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation

23. S. K. Mangal

Abnormal Psychology

24. S. K. Mangal

General Psychology

25. S. K. Mangal and Shubhra mangal

Child Psychology & Development

26. Pradeep Kumar

A Handbook of Vedic Mathematics

  XV. Navajivan Trust (Now in public domain)
  27. Gandhi, M K

Hind Swaraj
  XVI. Free Press (Now in public domain)
  28. Radcliffe-Brown, A R

Structure & Function in Primitive Society
  XVII. Deccan College Postgraduate and Research Institute, Poona
  29. Karve, Irawati

Hindu Society – An Interpretation
  XVIII. Oxford University Press (Now in public domain)
  30. George H. Sabine

A History of Political Theory
  XIX. Free Press (Now in public domain)
  31. John Dewey

Democracy & Education

  XX. Thompson Learning Asia Ltd

  32. Yogendra Singh

Modernization of Indian Tradition – A Systemic Study of Social Change
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