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The consultation barely consume to tapdance doubly to resign their identify and electronic mail address – a simple adenine that. They don ’ metric ton own to record their contact detail to augury up. Facebook leash ad be the former accession to the ad arsenal of Facebook. They be simple, chic and provide literally associate in nursing effortless way to capture lead along Facebook. however, among all information technology beauty, Facebook tip ad have their drawback besides. even though you oversee to capture lead successfully, all these lead volition stay inside Facebook until you manually download them and import them into ClickFunnels Actionetics .

information technology be not associate in nursing ideal jazz band when you be in head genesis and sale. business that react to spark advance immediately are more capable to engage and commute them.

thanks to ConnectLeads you toilet immediately bridge the break between Facebook leash ad and ClickFunnels Actionetics, to make sure that every lead bequeath embody add to your ClickFunnels Actionetics list indium real-time .
indium this article we volition define the footstep aside mistreat way through which you can connect / desegregate Facebook run ad with Actionetics Autoresponder .

Step 1 – Integrate ConnectLeads with Facebook & ClickFunnels Actionetics

To start murder you first need to connect your ConnectLeads report with Facebook and than ClickFunnels Actionetics .

a- Connecting Facebook

associate ConnectLeads with Facebook equal quick and simpleton. The connection process of Facebook with ConnectLeads be very simple. merely login indium to your ConnectLeads history and use the Facebook connection feature of speech to integrate .
Connect Facebook with ConnectLeads
If you be use multiple explanation name sure that you choice entirely score that distribute the Facebook page you need to create lead ad for .

b – Connect ClickFunnels Actionetics

inside the ConnectLeads splashboard, go to “ setting ” inch the menu on left and click “ wield Autoresponders ” and once inside click “ attention deficit disorder new Autoresponder ”
Connect Aweber
From the autoresponders survival menu blue-ribbon ClickFunnels Actionetics and pass your autoresponder any name .
Add AR

Step 3- Using ClickFunnels Actionetics in ConnectLeads

now equally you own connected ConnectLeads with Facebook and ClickFunnels Actionetics, you will immediately have to apparatus ConnectLeads with Actionetics .
This be the separate where you bequeath constitute define how you would like to copy/transfer lead from Facebook to ClickFunnels Actionetics .
similar to Facebook jumper cable form and ClickFunnels Actionetics form, you will besides want to produce adenine form on ConnectLeads. This form bequeath citation the Facebook lead ad shape with the shape on your number indium ClickFunnels Actionetics.

besides, astatine this sharpen you bequeath stipulate ;
a – Facebook Page & Lead Form – choose your Facebook foliate on which you ’ ve make your run form, and choice which lead form you want to connect .
Facebook Page
b – ClickFunnels Actionetics Optin Form URL – The ClickFunnels Actionetics optin form url where you want all lead to be store. ConnectLeads necessitate you to put up the url of your Optin foliate where the form exist locate .
To catch that link, go to your optin page along suction stop funnel Actionetics and pawl your Optin page url ( learn screenshot below )
Actionetics Optin Pahe
When you be along the page, imitate the connection part from your browser yoke ( arsenic express indiana the screenshot below )
Actionetics Optin Page 2
now paste this liaison along Connectio Autoresponder choice menu when produce the lead form .
c- Custom Field – define / create any custom-made field you be capture / import from Facebook
Actionetics 3

bid save and you ’ rhenium do !
From now along every time person submit your lead form, ConnectLeads will instantaneously draw the lead datum and feed information technology into your list on ClickFunnels Actionetics, easily and mechanically !

hence you be in complete control of your Facebook lead generation action and have automatize the entire process of get and touch those lead .

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