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Dragon Age 2 Weapon birthday calculator
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dragon age 2 weapon mods

  • Dragon Age 2 Weapon Mods Skin Features And

Press question mark bự learn the rest of the bàn phím shortcuts Log in sign up User trương mục thực đơn 9 Spoilers AllSuggested DA2 mods .I havent seen similar posts for DA2 so sánh far, và would love lớn hear suggestions .Im open béo anything, convenience tweaks, texture packs, combattacticsanything .Thanks 18 comments chia sẻ save hide báo cáo 92 Upvoted This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted và votes cannot be cast Sort by best .And a fix : Zevran romance dialogue fix Because it was không bao giờ fixed, if the Warden stayed with him, he still offered himself béo Hawke .But there is one RP stuff : hide weapons, if someone finds an idiot, that Hawke wears his staff even in the Act1, when she hiding .I not really into Khủng change the character models ( I lượt thích everyones appears .Ooooh as Im finally romancing Zevran & loving it that would really have pissed me off haha .Thanks Continue this thread màn chơi một Templar ( DA2 ) tám points 2 years ago edited 2 years ago This should got you covered on the basics : TrufflesDuval OR DA2 Ultimate HD OR Ultimate HD Pack – high-res textures Epilogue Restorations and Fixes – as the mod tiêu đề says Unique Face Textures for Companions – so sánh your companions look a bit better Spring Cleaning – no more jarring chết bodies at Fenris mansion Reasonable daggers Reasonable greatswords – for a more believable sized melee weaponry Ishs Tougher Dog – so sánh that the mabari is actually useful in distracting enemies cấp độ một Varric 7 points 2 years ago The essential one is the plot flag fix .

game doesnt recognise certain relationship states from DAO, like a romance with Alistair or Zevran.

The fix was up on the old Bioware Network but I cant find it now. : ( Perhaps someone else knows how bự get it For repeat runs I lượt thích 2 mods, essentially for laziness .Story Mode makes easy mode tam times easier, handy for being ambushed in Lowtown late at night .The Litany of Adralla is an insta-kill & works for everything except the big trùm fights .
dragon age 2 weapon mods

PM me and I can
e-mail it to you, if youd like (this applies to anyone).

I was going phệ just leave the liên kết here, but Ive chưa bao giờ spoken with the mod author so sánh it doesnt seem right .
dragon age 2 weapon mods
I dont think anyone has gotten permission mập re-upload it anywhere .Continue this thread màn chơi một Griffons ba points 2 years ago This ones a lifesaver for repeated playthroughs .I dont always want bự skip combat but sometimes that 5 th wave of random adds drops after the trùm is already chết & Im like, yeah Im good .

Dragon Age 2 Weapon Mods Skin Features And

With Fenris for example it seems lớn me lượt thích it removes phệ many hình mẫu features và makes him look too.anime Ill have mập see about installing just part of the mod .But the eyes are gorgeous Thanks, this is the kind of stuff that makes a playthrough feel mới ra .
dragon age 2 weapon mods
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