Cracking the Coin Enigma The Ultimate Guide to Solving the Puzzle

Cracking the Coin Enigma: The Ultimate Manual


Are you fond of challenging puzzles and perplexing riddles? Say hello to the Coin Enigma – a difficult and entertaining game that assesses your puzzle-solving abilities. In this encyclopedic manual, we will investigate the regulations of the Coin Enigma, diverse methods to crack it, and its origin.

Regulations of the Coin Enigma:

The Coin Enigma comprises a 15-cell square grid where each cell can be either full or empty. The objective of the game is to fill each blank cell with a coin in such a way that no two coins are vertically, horizontally, or diagonally adjacent to each other.

Various Techniques to Crack the Coin Enigma:

1. Trial and Error Technique

Trial and error technique involves experimenting with various configurations till you discover the correct one. It’s not the most effective strategy but it can be practical with small puzzles.

2. Decomposition Strategy

Decomposition strategy involves dividing the enigma into smaller parts and then solving each part individually. This strategy is best with bigger puzzles.

3. Design Recognition Technique

Design recognition technique involves recognizing patterns in the puzzle and making use of those patterns to position the coins. This strategy can be formidable, but once you recognize the patterns, it can be an effective way to solve the enigma.

Origin of the Coin Enigma:

The Coin Enigma was invented by Professor Walter F. Willcox in the early twentieth century. Willcox was a statistics and math professor at Cornell University. The enigma was initially published in the American Mathematical Monthly in May of 1917. Since then, it has gained a lot of recognition among puzzle lovers.

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1. Is the Coin Enigma a mathematical puzzle?

No, the Coin Enigma is not a mathematical puzzle. It’s a riddle that examines your puzzle-solving abilities.

2. How many coins are required to solve the Coin Enigma?

There are 14 blank cells on the Coin Enigma, which means you need 14 coins to solve it.

3. How much time does it take to solve the Coin Enigma?

The duration it takes to solve the Coin Enigma depends on the method you use and your puzzle-solving abilities. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

4. Can the Coin Enigma be cracked using software?

Yes, there are numerous software programs available that can solve the Coin Enigma. However, cracking it manually can be more satiating.

5. Are there any variations of the Coin Enigma?

Yes, there are many variations of the Coin Enigma with diverse grid sizes and regulations.


The Coin Enigma is an engrossing and challenging game that can enhance your puzzle-solving abilities. By following the techniques outlined in this manual, you can crack the enigma effectively and astonish your friends with your abilities. Hope you have a thrilling time cracking the Coin Enigma.

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