Dark Matte Coin Tile A Guide to Placement and Upkeep for a Refined Look

Dark Matte Coin Tile: An Instruction Manual for Placement and Upkeep

When it comes to decorating and remodeling any area, the flooring is an essential component that requires careful attention. Tiles are an exceptional choice for most locations, and penny tiles, specifically, have grown highly fashionable recently. They come in a range of designs, but dark matte coin tile, in particular, can grant your dwelling space a refined and suave look.

Placement of Dark Matte Coin Tile


Cleansing the surface is necessary before laying the tiles. It should be consistent, free from any dust or debris, and even. You may need to overhaul the surface, depending on the current condition of the flooring. You will also have to remove the baseboards and other obstructions that might interfere with tile placement.

Tools and Materials

Listed below are the tools and materials you will require for the placement process:

  • Dark matte coin tile sheets
  • Ruler
  • Level
  • Chalk line
  • Wet saw or tile cutter
  • Notched trowel
  • Grout trowel
  • Tile spacers
  • Grout
  • Waterproof sealant

Placement Procedure

Outlined below are the steps involved in the placement process:

Step 1: Plan the arrangement of the tiles

Planning the layout involves ascertaining the space you want to cover with tiles, determining the center of the room, and marking it with a chalk line. Position the tiles on the floor and conclude where the cuts will be made.

Step 2: Apply the adhesive

Apply the adhesive to the surface in phases, starting from the center and progressing towards the edges. Ensure that the adhesive is evenly spread out and has a consistent thickness.

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Step 3: Place the tiles

Place the tiles onto the adhesive, starting from the center and extending outwards. Use the tile spacers to make certain that the tiles are evenly spaced.

Step 4: Cut the tiles

To fit around the edges, use a wet saw or tile cutter to slice the tiles to the desired size.

Step 5: Grout the tiles

Once you have placed and cut the tiles, smear the grout over the surface and fill all gaps between the tiles. Use a grout trowel to spread the grout diagonally across the surface to guarantee that it levels down with the tile edges.

Step 6: Seal the tiles

Last, apply a waterproof sealant to the tiles to protect them from dirt and moisture.

Maintenance of Dark Matte Coin Tile

Appropriate maintenance of your dark matte coin tile flooring can extend its lifespan and keep it looking new for several years. Here are some guidelines on how to maintain your tiles:


Clean your dark matte coin tiles regularly with a moist mop or cloth to remove dust and dirt. Ensure that you use a pH-neutral cleaner that won’t impair the tile surface. Evade harsh cleaning chemicals that can erode the tile’s finish.

Stain Removal

Dark matte coin tile is susceptible to displaying stains, notably watermarks. To eliminate stains, use a gentle brush or sponge along with mild soap and water. If the stain perseveres, think about using a commercial tile cleaner.


Protect your tiles from scratches and damage by evading substantial objects or furniture and lifting, rather than dragging items across the floor.

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Laying down dark matte coin tile is a marvelous way of adding an elegant and sophisticated look to your space. This guideline has furnished extensive information on how to install and maintain dark matte coin tile flooring. With proper placement and preservation, your tiles can last for several years and continue to look great. By implementing these instructions, you are guaranteeing the longevity and durability of your floor without compromising its beauty.


Q1. Can I place dark matte coin tile on my own?

Yes, with the appropriate tools and guidance, you can lay down dark matte coin tile on your own. However, it is imperative to follow the placement process meticulously to guarantee that the tiles are placed correctly.

Q2. Can I use dark matte coin tile in bathrooms?

Yes, dark matte coin tile is an excellent choice for bathrooms since it offers elegance and durability. Nevertheless, it is essential to ensure that you seal the tiles appropriately to protect them from moisture and stains.

Q3. Is there any difference between regular penny tile and dark matte coin tile?

Yes. The key difference is the finish of the tile. Dark matte coin tile has a non-reflecting finish, whereas regular penny tile has a glossy finish.

Q4. Can I use bleach to cleanse my dark matte coin tile?

No. Bleach is a harsh chemical that can impair the tile surface. Use a pH-neutral cleaner instead.

Q5. How often should I seal my dark matte coin tile?

It is advisable to seal dark matte coin tile annually to protect the surface from moisture and dirt.

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