25 Software Design Interview Questions to Crack Any Programming and Technical Interviews

7. How do you design global file sharing and storage apps like Google Drive or Dropbox?
These are used to store and share files, photos, and early media. How do you go about designing things like allowing users to upload/view/search/share files or photos ? track permissions for file sharing, and allow multiple users to edit the same text file ? If you like YouTube video recording, hera is a nice one which will teach you how to design a Dropbox or Google Drive or any other document hosting solution :

8. How do you design a chat application like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger? [Solution]

You have surely used WhatsApp and Facebook, right ? No ? If not let me tell you that a chat application allows you to send messages to your ally. It ’ s a compass point to point joining. You keep a friend list and see their status and chat with them. In WhatsApp, you can besides connect groups but that is for advance and experienced developers. At a minimal, you should provide a plan to keep a supporter number and send and receive messages from them. If you need some tips then I suggest you check out Rocking System Design Course on Udemy, where you will find a wholly sheath discipline to solve this trouble .

Preparing for the System Design Interviews

System design interviews are very common in big software firms. They are different from coding interviews or data…


9. How do you design a Twitter Clone?
Twitter is a democratic message military service that lets you broadcast your messages to all your followers. You tweet and your followers see those messages, they can like or retweet. Make sure you implement common features like followers, hashtag, tweet, erase, etc. If you going nowhere and stuck, you can follow the solution on System Design Interviews: Grokking the System Design Interview.

How to design Twitter Clone

11. How to design an ATM machine?
An ATM machine allows a exploiter to deposit and withdraw cash. It besides allows a user to see his balance. How do you design such a system ? What are your independent challenges ? 12. How do you design an API Rate Limiter ? 13. How do you design Twitter Search ? 14. How to design a Web Crawler like Google?
A Web Crawler goes to a web site and crawl all connect and index them e.g. Google so that they can belated appear in a search consequence. A crawler can besides use for searching a detail file in a set of directories, how do you design such things ? What are the main challenges ? You can try this trouble yourself foremost but if you stuck then you can besides join this System Design Course by Exponent to see the solution for not just this question but besides early democratic System blueprint questions like designing YouTube, TikTok, Facebook Messenger and more .

System Design Interview Course Track – Exponent

This track provides in-depth walkthroughs and videos of the most common system design questions that are asked in…


15. How to design Facebook’s Newsfeed? What kind of Algorithm will you use?
The newsfeed is an important contribution of Facebook which allows a exploiter to see what ’ s happening around his world which includes friends and families, the pages he has liked, the group he has followed, and of-course the Facebook Ads. The job of the Newsfeed algorithm is to show messages which are most important for the user and which can generate high battle. obviously, messages from friends and family should take priority. If you feel not going anywhere and stuck, you can follow the solution on System Design Interviews: Grokking the System Design Interview .how to prepare for System design

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