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Decentral Games price today is $ 0.130151 with a 24-hour trade volume of $ 1,231,809. DG monetary value is polish -10.2 % in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating add of 510 Million DG coins and a total add of 506 Million. If you are looking to buy or sell Decentral Games, BitMart is presently the most active exchange. Decentral Games hit an all time high of $ 1.63 on Dec 02, 2021 ( 5 months ). Decentral Games had an all time low of $ 0.129698 on May 08, 2022 ( 21 minutes ). The 24 hour trade volume of Decentral Games is $ 1,231,809.

You can trade Decentral Games on BitMart, Uniswap ( v2 ), and Quickswap. Decentral Games builds EV-positive games that provide economic exemption to players through aligned incentives, self-custody and deputation of yield-bearing metaverse assets. ICE Poker introduces a new direction for players to earn very money by completing daily challenges and competing against each early in a free-to-play poker crippled. ICE Poker generates gross for the DG Treasury through NFT mints, secondary sale royalties, activations, and upgrades .

DG is a administration token that governs the Decentral Games department of the treasury, which accrues value from the ICE Poker ecosystem. Staked DG ( xDG ) allocates votes on DG Treasury allotment and economic policy to grow and strengthen the DG ecosystem. ICE is the release play play-to-earn token and in-game currency utilize in the DG ecosystem to incentivize metaverse poker player liquid .
In order to participate, players will need to obtain at least one exclusive ICE NFT Wearable either through leverage or delegating. When holding a one-of-a-kind ICE NFT, players will be allocated a determine come of Chips which are used to play ICE Poker. Read about ICE NFT Wearables here .
Players can earn by :

  • Completing ICE Poker casual check-in and 3 challenges

  • Competing for daily leaderboard multipliers based on Chips final winnings

  • Delegating NFT wearables to early players for a passive gross partake

  • Receiving delegating to NFT wearables for a tax income share

  • Minting raw NFT wearables and selling them on the marketplace

  • Collecting and speculating on ultra-rare DG Diamond Hands wearables

  • Mining for ICE to sell to other players, which is needed to mint rare NFT wearables

  • Scoring on the clear monthly leaderboard to earn DG, the Decentral Games government nominal, which gives holders government rights and tip share in the DG ecosystem

Read more about ICE Poker play-to-earn incentives here

Decentral Games ICE Vision

The Metaverse is coming ; trends indicate our focus of travel. Our following great milestone as a network species awaits us : 7B digital souls with the choice to exist about entirely on-line and participate in a virtual economy with social affect. ”
Piers Kicks
T he Open Metaverse is the following evolution of the internet, and play-to-earn ecosystems will play a all-important function in onboarding billions of people to web3 rails that provide economic freedom through hands and deputation of yield-bearing assets. Our vision is to be an early gateway by empowering anyone to join our community and earn while playing familiar games starting with release bid metaverse poker .
The ICE Poker economic architecture is focused on creating EV-positive economic opportunities for our players while onboarding 7 Billion digital souls into The Open Metaverse. 

Player Journey

Step 1: Player Buys ICE NFT (or Receives Delegation)

A musician purchases or receives deputation for an ICE NFT Wearable. This enables the player to earn ICE from playing poker with Chips. Read more about enabling play-to-earn through an ICE NFT clothing ( s ) here :

ICE NFT Wearables

Step 2: Player Earns ICE By Playing Poker

Players use Chips to complete daily challenges and compete for ICE multipliers for placing in the daily leaderboard. Read more about how to earn and maximize ICE rewards here :


Step 3: Player Upgrades NFTs by burning ICE

Players burn ICE and existing NFT wearables to mint new, rare NFT wearables. A higher graded NFT yields a larger ICE bonus and a new, more single front. Read more about the costs and benefits associated with minting higher rank ICE NFTs here :

ICE NFT Wearables

ICE NFT Wearables enable players to earn ICE by completing day by day challenges playing poker with Chips. Players may view, buy, and delegate their ice NFT wearables on the DG Account page :

Obtaining an Iced NFT Wearable

The DG Team will distribute genesis frost NFT wearables to the community though a handful of back-to-back sales starting at 0.25 ETH per NFT. Initially, the ETH proceeds will be used to establish liquidity in the ICE-USDC QuickSwap pool .


Activating a social station 1 NFT clothing for play-to-earn poker costs 500 DG, which goes to the DG Treasury .


NFT clothing holders may delegate their NFT to a player who wants to play-to-earn for a tax income separate for ICE rewards. The nonpayment will be 70 % ICE to the player and 30 % ICE to the NFT owner. XP is distributed only to the owner of the NFT .

To activate deputation, an owner of the wearable NFT signs a transaction featuring the player address and tax income share split from the NFT splashboard on the Decentral Games web site. deputation may be assigned individually for each NFT. To receive delegating, the player must confirm on their end on the DG Account page before proceeding .

Upgrading Iced NFT Wearables

NFT clothing bonuses give players extra ICE based on top of their foundation ICE rewards earned through completing daily challenges. A higher wearable rank corresponds to a higher ICE Bonus, and for each challenge successfully completed per day the player receives some XP. To upgrade a NFT wearable rank, the player must burn the adequate measure of ICE and XP, pay 100 DG, and burn the old NFT .

ICE Bonus

When a clothing is upgrade, it receives an ICE bonus value within a respective range. If the NFT is transferred to another address, it will lose its play-to-earn ICE mining ability. In order to reactivate it, a modern owner must pay a 500 DG activation fee .

Exclusive Poker Tournaments

Dcentral Games will host highly exclusive poker freeroll tournaments for Epic, Legendary, and Diamond Hands NFT holders with crypto prizes that do not require an submission fee .


The objective of DG play-to-earn metaverse poker, the ICE keepsake, and the ICE NFT clothing market is to establish a defendable economic flywheel that incentivizes bass player fluidity through casual gameplay and competition .

In 2021 Q4, the Decentral Games NFT Marketplace will launch allowing players to trade ICE NFT Wearables. Fees will accrue to the DG Treasury .

How to Play-to-Earn

Each musician holding or delegated a wearable NFT receives Chips to play-to-earn ICE each day .
Chips are non-transferable tokens that hold no value other than to play with at the DG play-to-earn poker postpone. Player Chips balances are reset daily at midnight UTC .

ICE Poker Rules

  • Max Buy-in = 1,000 Chips

  • minor Blind = 10 Chips

  • big Blind = 20 Chips

  • 3 player minimum

Daily Challenges

C ompleting daily challenges using Chips earns players ICE and XP given their wearable count and ranks .

Daily Leaderboard

To incentivize winning with Chips, each player has a performance multiplier determined by their casual percentile ranking in final profits .
This multiplier adds or subtracts to their entire ICE payout at the end of each day .

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