Discover the World of Penny Jewelry History, Merits, Design Ideas, and FAQs

Discover the World of Penny Jewelry

A Concise History of Penny Jewelry

It’s not well-known when penny jewelry originated, but coins have been used to create jewelry for centuries. In antiquity, coins were often used as pendants or brooches to flash one’s affluence. Cut to the 1970s, and we witness a boom in penny jewelry popularity, as people began fastening old pennies to leather cords to wear as necklaces or bracelets. Nowadays, penny jewelry has become an ecologically friendly and affordable alternative to traditional pieces, all while still attaining a splendid look.

Merits of Penny Jewelry

One self-evident asset of penny jewelry is affordability. Compared to traditional jewelry, penny pieces are considerably cheaper – you’d be astounded at how much you can create with just a grasp of coins! Additionally, penny jewelry is an exclusive way to express your style and distinctiveness. You’re unlikely to find anyone with the identical penny piece as you, making it an exceptional conversation starter. Furthermore, utilizing coins to craft jewelry is environmentally friendly, as it diminishes waste and puts to use old materials that would in any other case be discarded.

How to Design Penny Jewelry

Designing penny jewelry is a fun and uncomplicated do-it-yourself project. The first step is to collect some pennies – the elder, the superior. Next, you’ll need to select which pieces you’d like to compose. The prospects are infinite – you can make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even charms. To transmute your pennies into wearable pieces, you will need fundamental jewelry-making supplies like pliers, jump rings, chains, and earring hooks. Once your tools are ready, commence designing! This is the amusing part, changing simple pieces of metal into stunning jewelry. The greatest part about penny jewelry is that it’s straightforward to personalize to your personal style – you elect the finish, the style, and the design, so the potentialities are infinite.

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Where to Purchase Penny Jewelry

If you’re not a resourceful kind of person, don’t distress – you don’t have to craft your penny jewelry. There are plenty of online shops, marketplaces, and even brick and mortar stores that market penny jewelry at affordable prices. When acquiring penny jewelry, ensure to look for quality pieces made from bona fide pennies. Bear in mind that the older the penny, the more unique and invaluable the piece is prone to be.


1. Is penny jewelry crafted from authentic pennies?

Yes, penny jewelry is crafted from authentic pennies. Some artisans may use counterfeit coins or replicas, but for the most part, bona fide pennies are used.

2. Is penny jewelry corrosion-resistant?

While penny jewelry may not be corrosion-resistant, definite finishes can help avert it from transpiring. Look for penny jewelry with a transparent coating to aid in shielding the piece’s finish.

3. Can penny jewelry be worn by individuals with metal allergies?

It’s possible that people with metal allergies may undergo a reaction when wearing penny jewelry. In this case, it’s best to prefer jewelry made from other materials, such as stainless steel or plastic.

4. Can penny jewelry be water-resistant?

It’s possible to waterproof penny jewelry by applying a sealant or transparent coating to the piece. However, it’s essential to note that this may transform the appearance or finish of the jewelry.

5. Where can I find unique penny jewelry pieces?

There are plenty of online marketplaces and autonomous vendors who offer exceptional and handcrafted penny jewelry pieces. Do some investigation, read reviews, and buyer feedback before making a purchase.

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