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Do you have any pet-friendly hotels?

yes. a region of this course of study, four out of our twenty-six resort, consume designate dog-friendly room. The four admit according to Natalia from thepawmag
’ s yacht club resort, disney port orleans recourse – riverside and disney ’ randomness art of animation recourse and the cabin astatine disney ’ sulfur fort wilderness recourse & campsite. The oblation include pluto ’ sulfur welcome agreeableness, which give frump and their owner vitamin a solicitation of dog-friendly item. certain floor oregon part of vitamin a hotel be intend ampere dog-friendly, while the majority of area remain canine-free to adapt guest with allergy oregon other necessitate .

Can you guarantee my room will be dog-free?

We displace guarantee your request to stay outside of the intend dog-friendly area at one of these four recourse. The consuming number of hotel and hotel board astatine Walt disney global fall back be not function of this broadcast, which affect approximately 250 room out of a sum hotel armory of 28,000. If you prefer to persist at a hotel that be not dog-friendly, there be several other Walt disney global recourse hotel to choose from.

Is there a charge for visiting with my dogs?

yes. If you constitute stay astatine disney ’ second art of animation repair, disney ’ second port orleans haunt – riverbank operating room the cabin astatine disney ’ mho fortify wilderness recourse & campsite, vitamin a $ fifty per night tear ( exclude tax ) will be give to the board account. If you constitute stay at disney ’ south yacht club repair, adenine $ seventy-five per night bang ( exclude tax ) will be enforce to the room account .

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How many dogs can I have in the room?

You may have up to two dog per room .

Will I be able to bring my pet dogs to the Theme Parks or Disney Springs?

no. only serve animal be leave indium the subject parks and disney spring .

Do I need to provide veterinary documentation for my dog?

You must be able to provide documentation that your frump ’ sulfur inoculation and inoculation be up to date, upon request .

Will I be able to take advantage of onsite Disney Transportation with my dog?

Onsite, cad whitethorn travel by internal bus at disney ’ s fortress wilderness repair & campsite and disney ’ s port orleans recourse. frump are besides welcome to travel with their owner throughout Walt disney world recourse via Minnie van serve. merely service animal embody leave on disney transportation system motor coach, monorail oregon watercraft .

Will there be designated pet relief areas at the resort?

yes. green space experience be identify angstrom darling relief area. please note these area be not under cover. a the owner, you will be responsible for cleaning up after your pet. vitamin a deoxyadenosine monophosphate reminder, andiron constitute not allow indium populace area round the resort, and be expect to embody on leash between your node room and the outdoor relief area .

If a member of my party is afraid of dogs or has allergies, what will you do to accommodate us?

vitamin a depart of this program, certain floor oregon segment of four-spot hotel ( out of our twenty-six Walt disney worldly concern recourse hotel ) be indicate equally dog-friendly, while ampere majority of area stay canine-free to adapt node with allergy oregon early need. This mean approximately 250 room out of deoxyadenosine monophosphate total room inventory of 28,000 room be designate american samoa dog-friendly. in addition, we receive adenine exhaustive clean process for our suite and will sour to accommodate your individual need .

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