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DIY Care Bear Costume: A Complete Guide to Create Your Own

Are you looking for an adorable and unique costume idea for your next party or Halloween? Look no further than a DIY Care Bear costume! These loveable characters from the popular 80s cartoon have made a comeback in recent years, and now you can make your own costume easily and affordably. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide to creating your own Care Bear costume, from materials to finishing touches.

Materials Needed

Before we begin, you will need some materials. These include:

– A plain, light-colored sweatshirt and sweatpants
– Felt in various colors, including white for the belly and ears
– Scissors
– Fabric glue or a sewing machine
– Black fabric paint or a marker
– Large white pom-poms or cotton balls
– A cardboard circle for the belly badge
– A hot glue gun
– Optional: a hooded sweatshirt in the same color as your sweatpants, for a full-body costume

Starting the Costume

Now that you have your materials, it’s time to start creating your Care Bear costume.

Step 1: Choose the Care Bear you want to be and select the corresponding colors of felt. For example, if you want to be Grumpy Bear, you will need blue felt for the body, white felt for the belly and ears, and black felt for the mouth and eyebrows.

Step 2: Cut out the belly shape and ears from the white felt. The belly should be a large oval shape, and the ears should be two small ovals with a curved edge.

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Step 3: Use fabric glue or a sewing machine to attach the white belly to the front of the sweatshirt. If you’re using fabric glue, allow it to dry completely before moving on.

Step 4: Cut out the facial features from the black felt and glue or sew them onto the face of the sweatshirt. Use the picture of your selected Care Bear as a guide.

Step 5: Cut out the ears from the colored felt and glue or sew them onto the hood of the sweatshirt.

Step 6: Cut out the belly badge from the cardboard circle and use the black fabric paint or marker to draw the corresponding symbol. Allow it to dry completely.

Finishing the Costume

Now that the main parts of the costume are complete, it’s time to finish it off with some details.

Step 7: Glue large white pom-poms or cotton balls onto the back of the sweatshirt for a fluffy tail.

Step 8: Optional: If you’re creating a full-body costume, use the hooded sweatshirt to create a headpiece. Cut out two small holes for eyes and glue or sew on the same facial features as the sweatshirt.

Step 9: Add any additional details or accessories, such as a ribbon around the waist or a pair of fuzzy bear slippers.


1. Can I use a t-shirt instead of a sweatshirt for the costume?
Yes, you can use a t-shirt instead of a sweatshirt for a lighter and cooler costume option.

2. What other Care Bear characters can I create with this tutorial?
With this tutorial, you can create any Care Bear character of your choice! Just make sure to select the corresponding felt colors and symbols.

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3. Do I need to use a sewing machine or fabric glue for this costume?
Either option works, depending on your sewing skills and preferences. Fabric glue can be a quicker and easier alternative for those who don’t have access to a sewing machine.

4. Can I add additional embellishments to the costume?
Absolutely! Feel free to add any additional accessories or details to make your Care Bear costume even more unique.

5. Is this costume suitable for children or adults?
This costume can be made for both children and adults, making it a great family costume idea.


Creating a DIY Care Bear costume is an easy and affordable way to bring a beloved cartoon character to life. With just a few materials and some creativity, you can make a unique costume that is sure to impress others at your next party or Halloween gathering. Follow our step-by-step guide, use the FAQs for some additional guidance, and have fun creating your own Care Bear costume!

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