Subtle minting errors on coins could make them worth thousands of dollars


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Check your change and empty your money box !
You may be the owner of coins that contain mistakes or imperfections * that could make them deserving thousands of dollars .
Collectors go crazy for bantam minting * errors that occur when they are made at the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra, ACT .
The errors are by and large so insidious * they go unnoticed to the untrained center .
A 5c piece from 2007 that falsely had the Queen ’ s head on both sides of the mint was sold for thousands of dollars .
Town Hall Coins and Collectables expert Matthew Thompson told The Daily Mail this err was named a “ double-obverse ”. Obverse is what coin experts call the side with the Queen ’ s head on it .
“ The last one I sold was for $ 3500, ” he said .
“ That one was in top-end condition and indeed was worth thousands. One in actually poor condition, you ’ d still be looking at a few hundred for. ”
Double-headed 5c pieces from 2007. Picture: Facebook Mr Thompson said a childlike check through the coins could earn the eagle-eyed enthusiast a set of money .
“ People don ’ t expect institutions like the mint to make mistakes, ” he said .
“ But from time to time things can go awry *. If you see mistakes on a coin, if you have something interest, leftover or out of place, then early people are probably to find it concern, excessively — that ’ sulfur why people collect. ”
Mr Thompson said a $ 1 piece in 2000 was by chance stamped with the fountainhead from a 10c nibble .
“ It ( the mind side ) is slenderly smaller, so it gives a double-ring effect, ” he said .
“ If you see two rings on your dollar coin, it could be worth a few hundred or improving to $ 4000 in actually full condition. ”
About 6000 of these were made but that number is unconfirmed .
If your $1 coin from 2000 has two rings on it, you could be $4000 richer. Picture: eBay A more coarse mistake is a kangaroo on the $ 1 coin appearing to have lapin ears. These coins can be deserving about $ 30 .
Are they rabbit ears on a kangaroo? Picture:Facebook The Facebook foliate Detecting Downunder discusses another rare currency that has a slightly curly “ 2 ” on the 20 cent piece from 1966. These can fetch up to $ 2000 .
“ If you happen to find one of these little beauties, it could be worth big money as these coins are presently selling for between $ 350 and $ 800 EACH on eBay, with one at $ 2000, and they ’ re entirely getting more valuable each year, ” the Facebook post said .
The faulty coin has a wavy exceed edge on the base of the number “ 2 ” .
This fancy little wave in the ‘2’ is rare and makes the coin worth about $2000. Picture: Facebook GLOSSARY

  • imperfections: tiny faults that make something less than perfect
  • minting: the process of making coins by stamping metal
  • subtle: not obvious
  • awry: off track, out of the normal position

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  1. Where are coins made in Australia?
  2. What does obverse mean? What is on the obverse side of Australian coins?
  3. What does minting mean in relation to coins?
  4. Where could you see a kangaroo with rabbit ears?
  5. Why did a 20c coin from 1966 sell for so much?


1. More than money
Lots of people love collecting coins. Did you know that coins can help us learn a set about the country and the clock time they come from ? Write a list of all of the things that people in the future could learn about Australia in the twenty-first hundred from studying our coins .
Time: allow 20 minutes to complete this activity
Curriculum Links: English, History, Critical and Creative Thinking
2. Extension
Matthew Thompson said : ‘ if you have something … odd or out of place, then other people are likely to find it matter to, besides. ’
Think about this mind. It ’ s not just about collecting, it can be true about other things. Write a fib inspired by this estimate. The aim of your story is to help other kids understand why sometimes it ’ sulfur authoritative to accept people and things which are ‘ odd or out of place. ’
Time: allow 30 minutes to complete this bodily process
Curriculum Links: English, Personal and Social Capability, Health and Physical Education
Punctuation thief
Pick a paragraph from the article, or about 3 sentences in concert if that ’ mho easier, and rewrite it without the punctuation. At the bottom of the foliate write a list of all the punctuation you stole and in the order you stole it. For exemplar : C ,. C .
then swap you book with another person and see if they can work out where the punctuation needs to go back to .
Make it easier : underline where you stole the punctuation from but don ’ t put the list at the bottom in order .
Make it harder : Don ’ metric ton put the punctuation in order at the bottom .
underscore where you took the punctuation from, but don ’ thyroxine tell them what pieces you took .
just tell them how many pieces you took, but not what they are.

Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate give them any clues !
HAVE YOUR SAY: Have you ever seen a coin with a mistake?
No one-word answers. Use full moon sentences to explain your think. No comments will be published until approved by editors .

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