Dollar General Obscure List April 6, 2021 All You Need to Know for Penny Shopping

Dollar General Obscure List April 6 2021: All You Need to Comprehend

Purchasing at Dollar General can be made even more exhilarating with the one-cent deals it proposes. Cent deals or cent items are commodities that are marketed for just a penny at Dollar General. The store issues an obscure list every week for its shoppers to appreciate some of the finest deals on the market. If you’re inquisitive about which items are on the Dollar General Obscure List for April 6, 2021, then you’re in the appropriate spot. In this write-up, we aspire to provide you with everything you need to comprehend about the most recent cent deals from Dollar General.

What Is the Dollar General Obscure List April 6 2021?

The Dollar General Obscure List is a weekly list of products that are attainable for one cent at Dollar General stores. It’s an enigmatic list that the store issues every week for its clients to enjoy some of the best deals on its shelves. The items encompassed in the list are those that the store wants to eliminate from their inventory. The items on this list are generally discontinued, seasonal, or slow-selling products.

The Dollar General Obscure List for April 6, 2021, comprises a comprehensive array of commodities. Some of the items you can anticipate to find on the list encompass:

  • Easter embellishments and accessories
  • Spring merchandise
  • Select Valentine’s Day commodities
  • Select winter outfits and accessories
  • Select holiday gift sets
  • Select holiday confections

Remember that the Dollar General Obscure List is only accessible for in-store purchases, and you need to be an astute shopper to recognize the cent items as they are not marked as such. The sole approach to ensure that you seize the items on the list is to utilize the DG app to scan the products’ barcodes. If the item scans for one cent, it’s a penny item, and you can grasp it while it’s still obtainable.

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1. When does the Dollar General Obscure List come out?
The Dollar General Obscure List comes out on Tuesdays, but it’s not available every week.

2. How do I find cent items at Dollar General?
The finest way to identify cent items at Dollar General is by utilizing the DG app to scan barcodes.

3. Are Penny commodities the same for all Dollar General stores?
The Penny List varies from store to store, but some stores may have analogous commodities.

4. How can I get notified about the Obscure List?
You can sign up for email alerts or download the DG app to obtain notifications about the Obscure List.

5. Can I return penny commodities?
No. Penny commodities are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.


The Dollar General Obscure List for April 6, 2021, is filled with stimulating products that you can obtain for just one cent. The trick to obtaining these deals is to scan the products’ barcodes utilizing the DG app to see if they’re marked as penny items. Remember that penny items are not marked as such, so you need to be a shrewd shopper to seize them before they’re gone. Whether you’re in search of Easter embellishments, spring merchandise, or holiday confections, the Dollar General Obscure List has something for everyone. Get set to pinch some extraordinary deals!

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