1 oz Don’t Tread on Me Eternal Vigilance Silver Round l JM Bullion™

Historic quotes are hard to accurately attribute to figures from the past. President Thomas Jefferson is frequently given citation for the quotation endless watchfulness is the price of liberty. Whether he said it or not, this alleged Jefferson quote rings true to early Americans who understood the want to remain on guard as the young state got on its feet. now, 1 oz Dont Tread On Me Eternal Vigilance Silver Rounds are available to purchase on-line from JM Bullion. Round Highlights:

  • Arrives with protective plastic flips, tubes of 20, or boxes of 500 rounds for packaging options!
  • Combined designs represent the American revolutionary spirit!
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.
  • Obverse field includes the coiled snake from the Gadsden flag.
  • Reverse side features an American bald eagle on duty in eternal vigilance.
  • Design from Thomas D. Rogers.

Dont Tread on Me was a democratic phrase during the belated colonial era in North America. As the american colonists became more enraged by their treatment at the hands of the ruling british, a sense of independence began to grow. As the calls for autonomous government and a release nation in the british Colonies grew, Dont Tread on Me became a rally cry. While the phrase Dont Tread on Me became popular in the 1770s and 1780s as the american colonies fought for independence from Great Britain, the coil snake that is much sport alongside the give voice actually arose in the colonies during the french and indian War of the 1750s. Benjamin Franklin created the coil snake design for a political cartoon in which it appeared alongside the idiom Join or Die, encouraging american colonies to join together with the british in the french and indian War.

On the obverse of the 1 oz Dont Tread On Me Eternal Vigilance Silver Round is the trope of the coiled snake that Franklin designed. The snake was finally used on the Gadsden flag of the South Carolina militia that fought against the british during the american Revolution. Inscriptions on this side include Dont Tread On Me and Established 1754, the year in which Franklins cartoon appeared.

The invert of Dont Tread on Me Eternal Vigilance Silver Rounds includes the image of american english bald eagle resting on a bundle of arrows with an olive branch in one talon. It includes portions of the popular quote with The Price of Liberty above and Eternal Vigilance below the eagle. Thomas D. Rogers, a former US Mint artist and engraver, created this design for this silver round. These 1 oz Dont Tread On Me Eternal Vigilance Silver Rounds are available to purchase today in brand-new circumstance. The rounds will ship in either protective flips, tubes of 20, or boxes of 500. We encourage JM Bullion customers to call us at 800-276-6508 with questions. You can besides connect with us online through our bouncy new world chat and e-mail address .

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