Easy Guide on How to Change Your Mobile Wallpaper

Have you ever been bored of your present mobile wallpaper and wished to switch up the look of your device? Don’t worry, changing your mobile wallpaper can be an easy and exciting venture if done correctly. But how does one go about changing their wallpaper? Well, here we will go over the steps and processes necessary to be taken in order to obtain a wallpaper that resonates with you and your device.

We understand the stresses of trying to find the perfect wallpaper that not only looks visually appealing, but functions properly with the size and capabilities of your phone. That’s why we’ve outlined and elucidated the procedure so that you can quickly find a wallpaper that best fits your needs.

What is Mobile Wallpaper?

Mobility wallpaper is a digital image or design set as the background on a mobile device or tablet. It is displayed on the device’s home or lock screen. Usually, device users have the option to choose an image from the built-in choices or research and download a wallpaper from an external source. After the preferred wallpaper is downloaded, users have to set it as the home-screen or lock-screen in order to be displayed on the device.

What Are The Types of Wallpapers?

There are a vast variety of wallpapers available on the market, as well as readily available online. Different types of wallpapers also adhere to different types of devices. Here are a few examples:

Abstract Wallpapers

Abstract wallpapers are art historically-rich visuals that come in various shapes and designs, many of which seek to challenge and inspire the viewer. They can feature anything from surrealistic patterns, vibrant colors, and detailed elements.

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Plain Wallpapers

Plain wallpapers are often seen as minimalistic and feature either a color or combination of colors to serve as the background of the device. Many plain wallpapers feature a single-color with a tinge of depth, making it aesthetically pleasing but not difficult to look at.

Surrealistic Wallpapers

Surrealistic wallpapers are those that often feature dreamscape elements such as surreal environments, imaginary characters, unexpected or disparate objects, to name a few. Often times, surrealistic wallpapers inspire thought and evoke emotion, making them popular throughout the years.

Textured Wallpapers

Textured wallpapers are wallpapers that offer a different layer of texture. The texture usually consists of a grainy wall that often appears to have a 3D effect. The picture background can often be of different colors and designs depending upon the user’s preferences.

Changing Your Mobile Wallpaper

After deciding upon the type of wallpaper for your device, it’s time to make the essential switch. Depending on the type of phone you possess, the changing operative might differ, but the process may be the same on most cell phones.

Android Phones

1. First, open the Settings of your device. The icon should look like a ⚙️ icon. Click it.
2. Select Display.
3. Select Wallpaper and click it.
4. Find the photo gallery and select the photo you want to install.
5. Click set wallpaper.

iOS Phones

1. Go to Settings on your device and click it.
2. Click Wallpaper
3. Select Choose a New Wallpaper
4. Select Photos
5. Select the photo you want to install
6. Click Set
7. Select Home Screen or Lock Screen

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In summary, changing mobile wallpapers is an uncomplicated affair as long as the appropriate steps are followed. As tutorials like this one help to elucidate the pertinent information, all that’s left to do is to familiarize yourself with the steps and find a wallpaper that precisely caters to your device’s size, capability, and preference. Whether you’re expatiating the look of your phone or giving it a refresh, follow these steps to obtain a wallpaper that meets your needs and desires.

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