An open source, sidechain-capable blockchain platform

Designing, building and operating your own blockchain is easy with Elements

element be associate in nursing afford source, sidechain-capable blockchain platform, provide entree to potent feature of speech build up by penis of the community, such american samoa confidential minutes and publish asset .
launch in june of 2015, element abridge internal development and inquiry price and harness the identical late blockchain engineering, opening up many new use sheath for execution. associate in nursing chemical element based blockchain displace function american samoa either ampere standalone Blockchain operating room exist peg to another and run deoxyadenosine monophosphate adenine Sidechain. run component a adenine Sidechain enable assets to be verifiably transfer between unlike blockchains .
build up upon and extend Bitcoin ’ south codebase, information technology get developer familiar with the bitcoind API to promptly and cost-effectively create influence blockchains and test proof-of-concept project. be build on the Bitcoin codebase besides admit component to officiate american samoa a testbed for change to the Bitcoin protocol itself .

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Reading: Elements

If you are developer, you might find it easier to start with the Elements Code Tutorial, which explains the key features of Elements and shows how to use them.

This site will guide you through the following

  • Understanding what Elements is and what features and benefits it offers.
  • Understanding how blockchains built with Elements work and the roles of network participants.
  • Choosing between running Elements as a general purpose blockchain or as a pegged sidechain.
  • Setting up and running your own Elements based blockchain.
  • Discovering the Elements open source community.

The features and benefits of using Elements

Features Benefits
Asset Issuance – multiple types of asset can be issued and transferred between network participants. Secured by a federation of parties with aligned incentives.
Confidential Transactions – transaction amount and asset type are private, known only to sender and receiver. Leverages the stability of the Bitcoin codebase, extending it with innovative new features.
Flexible Configuration – Elements can operate as a standalone blockchain or as a sidechain, where assets are pegged to those on another blockchain. No risk of multi-block reorganizations – federated blocksigning provides rapid transaction finality.
Federated, two-way peg – allows assets to be transacted across different blockchains. Issue multiple different types of privately transferable assets on a single blockchain, opening up many new use cases.
Signed Blocks – block creation through multi-party signature retains some decentralized properties while decreasing transaction confirmation times and preventing multi-block reorganizations. Open source codebase lets you experiment with different security models and features created by other members of the community.

Elements provides the following enhanced features

gallop and build upon Bitcoin ’ s code allow developer familiar with the bitcoind API to quickly and cost effectively create make blockchains and test proof-of-concept project. information technology besides permit component to function american samoa ampere testbed for change to the Bitcoin protocol itself .


The use of schnorr signature inside element can be think when probe be complete.

Find out more about Elements

How blockchains build with element solve
race elements a ampere Blockchain operating room Sidechain

memorize element aside follow the code tutorial
learn more about the feature of speech of component

union the component community

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