Elvis Coin Dies, Pattern Coins Revealed

Collectors Weekly Breaking News Report, April 1, 2010
Attorneys for the Elvis Presley Numismatic Trust announced today that dies, models, design coins, and documents describing the long-rumored Elvis Presley silver dollar have been uncovered in a storeroom at the U.S. Mint in Washington, D.C .

According to Presley winnow and former Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth W. Starr, who filed a freedom of Information Act request on behalf of the confidence, the Presley dollar had been the pet project of erstwhile President Richard M. Nixon, who invited Presley to the Oval Office on December 21, 1970 to iron out the final details of the coin ’ second blueprint, which was scheduled for free the pursue year. A photograph of that suffer, in which a smile Nixon is shaking hands with the fabled singer, remains the most requested detail in the National Archives.

“ The Elvis dollar, ” said Starr, “ was going to have a profile of Mr. Presley on its obverse, with a scenic of Graceland on the reverse. President Nixon was quite acute to see the coin minted, but obstructionist bureaucrats in Washington torpedoed his brave and advanced estimate and pushed through their prefer replacement mint rather. ”

That mint, as most of us know, sport President Eisenhower on the obverse backed by a variation on the Apollo 11 insignia, which featured an eagle land on the moon. “ Those two images, ” continued Starr, “ never made any sense in concert. nowadays we have the documentation to prove that the Eisenhower dollar was actually the solution of grueling political infighting, a cad ’ s breakfast of the first club. ”
Starr and his team besides appear to have uncovered testify that the Elvis hoard has been tampered with, although there is no indication of when this might have occurred. The problem concerns the pattern coins. According U.S. Mint documents, 14 Elvis dollar model coins were struck but only 11 were found in the storeroom—the whereabouts of the other three are stranger. Starr immediately called for a wax investigation .
news program of the coin ’ s near-entry into circulation drew choruses of dismay from Elvis fans around the universe. “ Eisenhower won World War II, served two terms as president, and warned the area of the dangers of the military industrial building complex, ” grumbled Enid Springrose of Red Cloud, Montana. “ Big deal. How many amber records did he cut ? not even a one ! ” Added Jorge Quartzman of New Madrid, Missouri, “ It ’ s a shame, because I think it would have promoted a solid new level of politeness in our society that ’ sulfur presently lacking. I mean, if a clerk hands you an acid dollar as a part of your change, what else can you say early than ‘ Thank you, thank you very much ’ ? ”

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