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23 Executive Interview Questions (With Example Answers)

By indeed Editorial Team

Updated May 31, 2022 | Published April 3, 2020 Updated May 31, 2022 Published April 3, 2020TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail Preparing for an interview for an executive function requires you to review the potential questions related to leadership that employers might ask you. By taking the clock to prepare your answers, you can present yourself as a desirable campaigner for a senior management status. In this article, we define executive interview questions and provide you with 23 example questions and sample distribution answers. Related : 7 executive Titles To Know : Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

What are executive interview questions?

Executive interview questions are the questions a lease coach uses to weigh the qualifications of a job campaigner for an executive placement. These interview questions help highlight a campaigner ‘s leadership, communication and management skills angstrom well as their conflict resolving power tactics. Related : A Guide to Executive Core Qualifications

23 executive-level interview questions and answers

here are 23 executive-level interview questions for you to review ahead of your senior leadership interview american samoa well as sample responses to help you create your own :

1. What are your strongest traits?

An interviewer asks this wonder to establish how you view yourself as a leader. example : “ My strongest traits are empathy, communication and conflict resolution because I value people, positive interactions and working to find solutions. ”

2. How would you describe our company?

An interviewer asks this question to determine what research you have completed on their ship’s company. exercise : “ I would describe your company as a successful, multi-million-dollar operation rooted in family-run values that contribute to treating every customer like syndicate. ”

3. Why do you want to be a leader in our company?

Your answer to this interrogate helps an interviewer sympathize whether your professional values align with the values necessary to lead the company. exercise : “ I want to be a drawing card at this caller because I admire its eco-friendly mission and want to continue to contribute to its clean-up programs in the Gulf of Mexico. ”

4. What is your management style?

An interviewer asks this wonder to learn more about how you view yourself as a leader and how you plan on managing your employees. example : “ I would describe my management style as democratic because I respect the input of my team. ”

5. Can you describe your last supervisor? What traits of theirs did you admire?

This question helps an interviewer determine what traits you admire from your past employers and what leadership traits you uphold. exemplar : “ My stopping point supervisory program constantly made a point to ask how their employees were doing. They helped make each employee feel valued and understand. For exercise, when I got nauseated, they allowed me to work from base and made a point to ask how I was feeling. ”

6. Did you ever have a negative experience with a supervisor? What caused it?

When an interviewer asks this question, they want to hear what you learned from the experience and how you use it to cultivate a better leadership dash. exemplar : “ I once had a supervisory program who would leave the office randomly and take days off at the death minute, leaving my team and me with heavy workloads and no means of communicating with upper management. We soon found out it was ascribable to a personal family issue. It taught me that communication is all-important when you are in a leadership function. ”

7. Can you give me an example of a time you had to motivate your staff?

An interviewer asks this question to figure out whether you have the right skills and methods to motivate your stallion staff. model : “ When I was a coach for a sales department, I created an incentive program that improved my team ‘s daily sales numbers by 10 %. ”

8. What would you want to accomplish within your first six months of employment?

An interviewer asks this question to see how your plans align with the company ‘s while besides seeing what you already know about company procedures. example : “ The first thing I want to do is implement a functional communication distribution channel to help connect departments and branch locations. I besides want to establish an electronic file system to reduce paper waste and limit the total of time spent searching for wallpaper copies. then, I want to turn my focus towards customer relations to review the current customer serve procedures, gathering stimulation from employees and customers alike before implementing an update system to increase customer atonement. ”

9. What is your strategy for increasing company revenue?

Your answer to this wonder helps an interviewer determine whether you have the skills and know to generate company gross. case : “ My strategy for increasing caller tax income includes working with the marketing department to create a crusade that will strengthen our visibility both in digital and traditional forms of media. I besides believe that we should combine the efforts of the sales and marketing staff by encouraging a partnership between the two departments. ”

10. What do you think our company is succeeding at? What do you think needs to be changed?

An interviewer asks this question to see what you know about the company. exercise : “ I believe that this company is successful in terms of market and customer military service. however, I do think we can strengthen the company even more by focusing on workplace polish and structuring it towards the party ‘s deputation statement. ”

11. How would you approach an employee about poor work performance?

This question helps an interviewer determine how you would motivate an employee to improve. exemplar : “ I would meet with them one-on-one and start by outlining the cause for the touch. however, I would then aim to turn it into a positive feel by highlighting their strengths and introducing them to a performance improvement plan. ”

12. How would you reward your employees for adequate work?

An interviewer asks this question to learn about how you would reward your employees, as a reward is an authoritative separate of productivity. exemplar : “ For individual efforts, I would acknowledge their contributions in front of their peers. For group efforts, I would acknowledge their contributions along with an incentive such as buying the team lunch or allowing them to leave early on a Friday. ”

13. What metrics do you consider the most important when conducting performance evaluations?

This wonder helps an employer understand what traits you value in your employees. example : “ I would want to focus on performance metrics such as productiveness, optimism, quality of work and honesty. ”

14. What is the most challenging aspect of the job for you as an executive?

This question allows you to explain how you overcome the challenges of leadership. example : “ The most challenge aspect for me is terminating employees. however, sometimes it has to be done, and I try to remember my duty to the overall needs of the caller. ”

15. Can you tell me about the most difficult experience you encountered as a leader?

This question asks you to describe a specific incidental that challenged you as a drawing card. exemplar : “ Upper management told me they were considering merging another branch, intend I would oversee double the employees and department size. There was besides the work of employee onboarding and helping existing employees adjust to a new situation. I dealt with this by keeping an open line of communication throughout the process, listening to new and existing employee concerns and coordinating weekly meetings with department heads. The results included a successful onboarding process and integration of new staff who are now amply adjusted to their new study environment vitamin a well as existing employee atonement. ”

16. What areas do you believe you could improve in?

An interviewer asks this question to learn more about your leadership qualities. exercise : “ I know I can improve in active listen, which is why I completed a naturally on communication and management a few months ago. I find I am more aware of my non-verbal cues and how they can affect other people. ”

17. How would you increase communication across departments?

Your answer to this question helps an interviewer memorize more about how you handle particular incidents that contribute to caller productiveness. model : “ I would start by sending out a view to gain perspective from department heads and employees company-wide. then, using those suggestions, I would meet with the other IT department to create a company-tailored communication channel that could connect departments, company locations and outback workers. ”

18. How would you sell an idea to your team?

opinion is an authoritative separate of leadership, so your interviewer wants to see how you would approach a situation where persuasive skills are needed. example : “ I would take the time to inquiry the likely benefits of the mind before putting together a presentation to help convince them of its importance. ”

19. What is the most satisfying thing about being in a leadership role?

By asking this question, your interviewer wants to understand more about you as a person and why you enjoy being a drawing card. exemplar : “ The most satisfy aspect of working in a leadership character is feeling like you are making a dispute, whether it ‘s company gross, customer or employee atonement or all three of those factors. ”

20. What would you do to help improve workplace culture?

An interviewer uses this question to learn more about your leadership strategies. exemplar : “ I would meet with the HR department to implement a new employee onboarding operation and besides create a trail course of study for existing employees, which helps realign them with the company ‘s goals, mission statement and values. ”

21. What leadership roles do you assume outside of the workplace?

This wonder helps an interviewer understand more about you as a person outside of the workplace. exemplar : “ I volunteer as a community organizer at an animal rights constitution. normally helping coordinate adoption events and fundraisers. ” Related : A Guide to Executive Business Titles

22. How would you address employee complaints about company procedures?

An interviewer asks this motion to determine whether you can adequately resolve employee issues. model : “ I would meet with the employee who voiced the complaint to learn more about the issue they encountered. then, I would meet with their supervisor to address the return and start working to find a solution. ”

23. How would you ensure a successful employee onboarding process?

This question helps your interviewer determine how you would help new employees adjust to caller life. example : “ I would work with the recruitment team and HR department to create an onboarding program that combines team-building activities with caller facts, history lessons and meetings about company values. ”

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