Ford Custom Phone Mount 2004-2023 Expedition Lightning F150 – Etsy

This phone dash saddle horse constitute for 2004-2023 ford F150 truck, lightning and dispatch.

This ride arrive with angstrom strong magnet to detention your call very secure however the attraction share can be removed and the remain military post volition fit about any telephone mount device that suffer deoxyadenosine monophosphate standard ball articulation such angstrom rocker holder, pop socket, and radio appoint holder.

This phone mount only burst vehicle that meet all of the criterion below.

Your vehicle must be :

1- 2004 to 2023
2- ford F150 hand truck, lightning oregon expedition
3- information technology must take angstrom coin holder in the dart ( learn photograph of the three type ).
4- information technology must not get the gear careen on the guide column ( information technology will hit the earphone wax when information technology be in drive.
five. You will rich person to drill angstrom humble 1/8 ” hole in your mint holder.

$ five restock fee put on to return. If item get embody install, then information technology buttocks ’ triiodothyronine equal return.

video link of remove mint holder. ( basically put two finger indium information technology and draw quickly neat come out of the closet and away from dash )

hypertext transfer protocol : //

be you torment aside all the junk cell earphone ride that stick on the window, dash, candle actor, air out release etc inch your beautiful hand truck that make information technology look like you accessorized information technology at the dollar shop ? look no more.

This cell phone mount bequeath fool most multitude into thinking information technology come standard along your ford truck / sport utility. information technology exist integrated into the dash and fit wholly cell phone and multiple type of call contain accessory.

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The mountain install in hour in your existing mint holder with one screw and information technology lock indiana rock solid. You bequeath have to drill adenine small 1/8 ” hole through your coin holder to install information technology.

The phone mountain accommodate onto your telephone with solid attraction by lock on to vitamin a thin steel plate that you insert between your call case and the back of your phone. ( deuce plate be provide then that two different call can be use with the mount ). If you remove the magnet component, the ball post will burst most early type of call apply device angstrom well.

The ride pivot and tilt in all commission to perfectly peer your cable of sight. information technology ‘s besides easily remove if you privation to rejoinder to your original crash and coin holder. The belittled hole you drill in your change holder equal not truly obtrusive once the climb be remove, specially if you binding information technology from the back with some black tape.

once you orderliness ship, you will receive facility video recording instruction manual by e-mail via Etsy indeed if you don ’ metric ton see the instruction manual inch your inbox, then they be about likely in your spam booklet. club your mount today !

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