Sources and Uses of Currencies

Final Fantasy XIV has a batch of unlike currencies for many unlike types of subject, ranging from raiding activities to social activities and everything in between ! This page will break down all of the currencies players will acquire in plot.



Final Fantasy XIV has a overplus of currencies earned from different types of content in the bet on. many of these currencies can be accessed from the Currency menu within the Character menu. This page will show you how to acquire these currencies and what they are used for.


Common Currencies

The first tab key of the Currency menu contains the common currencies that players will interact with in Eorzea on a regular basis .
Common currencies tab



Gil is the elementary economic currentness of FFXIV. It is used to purchase items, repair gear, and teleport, amongst many other things ! Gil is earned by completing quests, dungeons, duties, leves, etc. It is besides used on the Marketboard to purchase items from other players .


Grand Company Seals

Grand Company Seals are used to purchase items from your Grand Company and perform early tasks related to your Grand Company, such as Squadrons. You can earn them by turning in items for Grand Company Delivery Missions, participating in FATEs, completing the GC Hunting Log ( erstwhile reinforce ), or doing roulettes. Learn more about Grand Companies and Squadron Missions with our Grand Company usher .



A venture is used to send retainers on venture missions, which allow players to procure items at a regular pace ! Ventures are chiefly obtained through Grand Company varnish purchases, although they can be acquired by early ways. Learn more about venture missions with our venture and Retainer guides .


Manderville Gold Saucer Points

Manderville Gold Saucer Points, normally referred to as MGP, is the currentness used in the Manderville Gold Saucer. The Gold Saucer is Eorzea ‘s identical own casino, with mini-games such as Triple Triad and Chocobo Racing, arsenic well as fun activities abounding ! Although MGP is alone used within the Gold Saucer, this currentness can be acquired from Wondrous Tails or outdoor events. To learn more about the Gold Saucer, visit our give Gold Saucer hub .


Battle Currencies

The second pill of the Currency menu contains most of the currencies obtained from PvE and PvP combat activities .
Battle currencies tab


Allagan Tomestones

Allagan Tomestones are the primary endgame currentness of FFXIV. These are rewarded from about every endgame duty, including max-level dungeons, raids, and trials. There are three relevant tomestones at any given time .


Allagan Tomestones of Poetics

Allagan Tomestone of Poetics is the tomestone chiefly rewarded from content spanning all previous FFXIV expansions. It is used to purchase gear from older expansions, arsenic well as items required to progress through Relic Weapon steps. Vendors in previous expansion endgame hub accept Poetics .


Capped Tomestone

The cap tomestone is used to purchase the latest raid-ready gearing. presently, that tomestone is the Allagan Tomestone of Astronomy. This is referred to as the cap tomestone because you can only obtain a jell count of tomestones each weekly lockout. This is normally 450 – during pre-expansion lulls, it is set to 900 .
When a newly foray tier is introduced, the stream capped tomestone becomes uncapped, and a new cap tomestone is established. For case, in Patch 5.2, the cap tomestone was Allagan Tomestone of Allegory, and the uncapped tomestone was Allagan Tomestone of Phantasmagoria. After Patch 5.4, Phantamagoria was made disused ( however, you could trade it in for Allegory at a 4:1 proportion ), Allegory was made the uncapped tomestone, and Revelation was introduced .


Uncapped Tomestone

The uncapped tomestone is used to purchase gearing from the previous raid tier, or used to purchase basic endgame gear at the start of an expansion. Currently, that tomestone is the Allagan Tomestone of Aphorism. It can besides be used to purchase crafting materials for the most relevant crafted raid gear .
Exchanging tomestones


Wolf Marks

wolf Marks are rewarded from PvP content, including the Feast, Frontlines, and Rival Wings. They are used to purchase singular PvP cosmetics, glamor, and early assortment .


Seals & Nuts

Allied Seal, Centurio Seal, and Sack of Nuts are currencies rewarded from the Hunt, where players kill particular overworld throng to receive rewards. These currencies can be exchanged for items such as Venture, Aetheryte Ticket Icon Aetheryte Ticket, and in certain patches ascent items for the newest gear, such as Crypt Twine Icon Crypt Twine. Learn more about the Hunt from our Hunting steer .


Raid and Trial Currencies

There are additionally item currencies earned from raids and trials that are not listed in the Currency menu. These can be traded in for gear, and many of these tokens are subject to a hebdomadally lockout during the mend of their let go of. You can learn more about this system on our raiding plunder and lockout page .


Normal Raid Currency

treasure coffers from Normal Raids do not drop gear ; they alternatively drop tokens that can be exchanged for gear. For exemplar, Eden ‘s gate : Resurrection drops a Bangle of Early Antiquity Icon Bangle of Early Antiquity, which can be traded in for token degree 450 accessories such as the Edengate Ring of Fending Icon Edengate Ring of Fending, a tank ring .
The final examination battle of a Normal raid tier will drop a token. Once the player has amassed adequate of these tokens, they can use them to purchase another token, which is then used for purchasing weapons. This token can besides be obtained as a drop in Savage raids. For exemplar, completion of Eden ‘s promise : eternity will drop a Blade of Lost Antiquity Icon Blade of Lost Antiquity, and four of these can be traded in for a Defragmented Tomestone Icon Defragmented Tomestone, which can besides be obtained from Eden ‘s promise : Litany ( Savage ). This along with tokens purchased with the current capped tomestone, Mowen's Token (Revelation) Icon Mowen ‘s Token ( Revelation ), is then used to purchase a tomestone weapon – a Cryptlurker's War Axe Icon Cryptlurker ‘s War Axe, for example. Although this system is rightfully confusing, completing the last Normal fight four times along with 1000 Revelation will let you purchase a good weapon !


Savage Raid Currency

prize coffers from Savage Raids do not drop gearing ; they alternatively drop curtain coffers that can be consumed to grant gear of the actor ‘s current job. In addition, dispatch of a Savage foray into will reward the actor with a currency specific to that battle. For model, completion of Eden ‘s promise : Litany ( Savage ) will reward the actor with Book of Litany Icon Book of Litany. This can be exchanged for the same gear rewarded from coffers .

    Savage raid currency
In addition, Savage raids drop promote items for gear purchased with cap tomestones, which can besides be purchased with raid currency .


Alliance Raid Currency

completion of an Alliance raid rewards each player with a nominal that can be exchanged for upgrade items for gear purchased with capped tomestones. For exemplar, completion of The Puppets ‘ Bunker raid will reward one Puppet's Coin Icon Puppet ‘s Coin per run .


Extreme Trial Currency

completion of an extreme point Trial released in Heavensward and onwards will drop one or two tokens as a wages for each player. These tokens are used to purchase the items rewarded from the duty, and 99 of them can be exchanged for the rare mount that drops from the duty. For model, completion of Cinder Drift ( Extreme ) will reward players with a Ruby Totem Icon Ruby Totem, 10 of which can be traded for a Ruby Weapon, such as the Ruby Rod Icon Ruby Rod .


Crafting Currencies

The third tab key of the Currency menu, named other, contains all of the currencies obtained from crafting and gathering activities .
Crafting currencies tab


Crafters’ and Gatherers’ Scrips

Scrips are rewarded from trade in crafted or gathered collectible items to Rowena ‘s House of Splendors. These are used to purchase craft and gather gear, crafting recipe books, gathering locations books, and consumables. There are two types of scrips, but neither has a cap on obtaining them .


Skybuilders’ Scrips

Skybuilders ‘ scrips are rewarded from trade in crafted or gather items in the Ishgardian Restoration campaign, where players participated in a rank competition to help restore the Ishgardian Housing District. Ranking is presently finished, but players can still acquire these scrips, which are used to purchase unique cosmetics, glamor, dyes, and other neat items !


Tribal Currencies

Beast Tribes are FFXIV ‘s reputation system, where you can complete quests to gain reputation with the diverse Beast Tribes of Eorzea. By completing quests, you can increase your reputation ( viewable in your Character acid ) and receive these currencies. They are used to purchase items from the Beast Tribe and can include materia, mounts, and cosmetics !
Beast tribe currency tab
There are Beast Tribes in every expansion – some are focused on fight like the Pixies, while some are focused on crafting like the Moogles ! Visit our Beast Tribe hub to learn more about the assorted reputation grinds across Eorzea .



  • 03 Dec. 2021: Edited to reflect Patch 6.0 adjustments.
  • 13 Nov. 2021: Guide added.

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