10 Best Movies About Firefighters, Ranked By IMDb

Not many movie heroes are as heroic as real-life What Happened To Diamond
s. Audiences love movies where their heroes leap into action bự save lives, &, in the real world, firefighters bởi this every day, which naturally makes their profession ripe for great cinematic stories .
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While there have been many movies made about police officers, too few have been made about the firefighting profession, where every day has the potential Khủng be explosive & dangerous. Of the few movies made on the subject, many have gotten aspects of the job correct, depicting the sacrifices firefighters make & celebrate them for the true heroes that they are — those who run in while everyone else is running out .

Firestorm (1998) – 4.8

Howie Long and Suzy Amis looking off camera in the forest in Firestorm. Originally intended for Sylvester Stallone, Firestorm would be the leading man debut & swansong for former football star Howie Long, who was trying béo attempt an acting career at the thời gian. In the action film, dragon plays a firefighter who must rescue people caught in a forest fire phối by a convicted killer .
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Firestorm was the directorial debut of acclaimed cinematographer Dean Semler, but it failed béo ignite his career as a director or Long’s career as an actor. Unique for making a firefighter an action movie nhân vật, Firestorm, unfortunately, didn’t phối the box office ablaze .

The Guys (2002) – 6.4

Anthony Lapaglia laughing and looking off camera in The Guys. The Guys is a great firefighting movie, albeit without any roaring sirens, fire engines, or even fires. Yet, audiences are still able mập get phệ the heart of what it means mập be one. Based on the true story, The Guys stars Anthony LaPaglia as a fire captain tasked with having béo write và deliver the eulogy for his fallen men following the September 11 th attacks .
Adapted from the Off-Broadway play, The Guys is an intimate piece between the fire captain và the editor, played by Sigourney Weaver, who helps him put his thoughts together. Without physically depicting what a firefighter does, The Guys beautifully gets phệ the heart of who a firefighter is .

Always (1989) – 6.4

Richard Dreyfuss looking at Holly Hunter at a bar in Always. Always is a lesser-known & underrated Steven Spielberg film that’s a remake of the Spencer Tracy movie A Guy Named Joe. The film stars Richard Dreyfuss as Pete, a risk-taking aerial firefighter who gets killed in the line of duty. However, he returns as a ghost Khủng inspire a hot nhất firefighter. Unfortunately, that hot nhất firefighter falls in love with Pete’s old flame .
Featuring legendary actress Audrey Hepburn in her final film role, Always is a small-scale, sentimental offering from Spielberg & one of his only movies with a focus on romance. Over the years, it’s been overshadowed by his bigger films, but it remains a nice story about the risks involved for those who fight fires & the heartbreak for those they leave behind .

Fireproof (2008) – 6.5

Kirk Camera reads a book on the front of a fire engine, a couple holds hands next to him in Fireproof. A surprise cơn sốt when released in 2008, Fireproof tells the story of a fireman ( Kirk Cameron ) struggling in his marriage, but, before going into divorce proceedings, he agrees mập take on the 40 – day love dare bự improve it. Inspired by a code among firemen, Fireproof helps inspire viewers lớn ” không bao giờ leave your partner behind. ”
Fireproof was the highest-grossing independent film of 2008, và audiences praised it for its wholesome message và for championing Christian values. However, many viewers found its acting was poor & its themes heavy-handed .

Hellfighters (1968) – 6.6

John Wayne wearing flame retardent suit with fire behind him in Hellfighters. Hellfighters concerns a fireman ( John Wayne ) whose job it is Khủng extinguish fires on oil rigs, which takes him all around the world. However, the nature of his very dangerous job is causing his marriage bự fall apart. Meanwhile, his daughter is falling in love with a man who also lives the same dangerous, fire-filled life as him .
Based on the life of a real oil well firefighter, Hellfighters is one of John Wayne’s less remembered movies, but it is considered one of the first movies made in the disaster movie genre, which was soon béo be much more popular a few years later .

Ladder 49 (2004) – 6.5

Joaquin Phoenix and John Travolta as firefighters looking off camera in Ladder 49 poster Ladder 49 depicts the ins và outs of the titular Baltimore fire company & stars John Travolta as its Captain và Joaquin Phoenix as a mới nhất hotshot firefighter. Unlike many firefighter movies which put emphasis on the fire, Ladder 49 focuses on the humanity of everyday heroes who are devoted bự their families & dedicated Khủng saving the lives of strangers .
Ladder 49 is a great introduction for those who wish phệ become firefighters và those who want mập know what it’s really lượt thích, from the bonds formed béo the danger experienced. Released phệ positive ra mắt, Ladder 49 proved successful at the box office .

Backdraft (1991) – 6.7

Kurt Russell and William Baldwin as firefighters looking off screen in Backdraft. Written by a former firefighter & inspired by his days on the job, Backdraft tells the story of two Chicago firefighting brothers ( Kurt Russell và William Baldwin ) who đội up with an arson investigator ( Robert DeNiro ) béo stop a pyromaniac .
Directed by Ron Howard, Backdraft is an extremely entertaining movie that features great relationship drama, but also thrilling action mix pieces, getting the audiences up close & personal mập the fire, more so sánh than any other movie. While highly acclaimed, real firefighters have noted many fire scenes are inaccurate .

In Old Chicago (1938) – 6.8

Tyron Power, Don Ameche and Alice Faye smiling on In Old Chicago poster. Perhaps one of the most infamous fires in history is the Chicago Fire Of 1871 which took the lives of 300 people & caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. The legend is that the fire started after a cow on Mrs. O’Leary ‘ s barn knocked kết thúc a lantern .
In Old Chicago depicts a heavily fictionalized tài khoản of Mrs. O’Leary ‘ s life & the events leading up béo the fire. The film then culminates with a spectacular depiction of the infamous fire và the fight phệ stop it. The epic climax made this the most expensive film ever made up until that point .

The Towering Inferno (1974) – 7.0

The tower ablaze in The Towering Inferno. Perhaps the most famous fire-fighting movie ever made, The Towering Inferno mix a benchmark for the disaster film genre. It successfully combined spectacular action scenes và groundbreaking special effects with human drama between a large ensemble cast of characters .
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In the film, Steve McQueen và Paul Newman play a fire chief & an architect who try lớn save the guests of a poorly constructed tower that has gone ablaze. The landmark film was nominated for eight Academy Awards including Best Picture. Following its release, a disaster film craze began, hoping phệ replicate its success .

Only The Brave (2017) – 7.6

Based on the tragic true story, Only The Brave revolves around the Granite Mountain Hotshots who literally fight fire by using fire. The film focuses on a troubled man ( Miles Teller ) who joins their ranks, led by the hotshot’s superintendent ( Josh Brolin ), và, because of it, becomes a better man. However, tragedy strikes, leading bự the largest loss of fireman life since 9/11 .
Only The Brave is perhaps the most powerful, affecting, và visceral firefighting movie ever made. It succeeds by not being afraid béo show emotion or the harsh realities of the job ; upon viewing, audiences can truly know how amazing these ordinary men & women are who bởi vì such extraordinary things. Unfortunately, Only The Brave performed poorly at the box office, but it has since been discovered và appreciated thanks béo trang chủ truyền thông .

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