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Firo price nowadays is $ 1.83 with a 24-hour trade volume of $ 1,015,431. FIRO price is down -2.7 % in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 13 Million FIRO coins and a total supply of 21.4 Million. If you are looking to buy or sell Firo, Hotbit is presently the most active agent switch over. Firo hit an all time high of $ 139.77 on Dec 26, 2017 ( over 4 years ). Firo had an wholly time broken of $ 0.279591 on Dec 02, 2016 ( over 5 years ). The 24 hour deal book of Firo is $ 1,015,431.

You can trade Firo on Hotbit, MEXC Global, and Binance. popular trade pairs for Firo in the market includes FIRO/USD, FIRO/CAD, FIRO/EUR, FIRO/PHP, FIRO/INR, and FIRO/IDR .

What is Firo?  

Firo – once known as Zcoin, is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that deploys zero-knowledge proof to ensure in full anonymous transactions. It works by allowing users to destroy coins and then redeem late for sword new ones with no transaction history .
Firo differs from the other privacy-centric coins in the grocery store in that it does not merely obfuscate payment trails, but rather, works to abolish them .
Its mathematical process is backed by the Lelantus privacy protocol, which is an upgrade from standard cryptanalytic assumptions, supporting high anonymity sets without requiring ‘ trusted frame-up ’ .
Firo ’ south operations are besides backed by Dandelion++ which conceals the originating IP of transactions, removing the need for external services such as Tor or i2P .
The Firo/Zcoin blockchain was used in the Thai Democrat Party Elections in 2018 to elect its party leader with over 127,000+ votes cast nationally making it the beginning wide-scale application of blockchain engineering in a political election .

How does Firo work? 

Firo enables untraceable anonymous payments based on four main technical foundations .
one. ) Its self-researched Lelantus privacy protocol allows you to burn your coins, which hides them in an anonymity place of over 65,000. thereafter, the receiver can redeem it from this anonymity pool, which breaks the links from your transactions and all the previous ones it has been through. This protocol besides supports untraceable directly anonymous payments by allowing people to pass the proper to redeem to person else .
two. ) Lelantus engineering is besides equipped with 256 sting ECC curves for proof sizes of fair 1.5kB, which poses as a 17x improvement compared to standard cryptanalytic access. indeed, it is relatively less resource-intensive and meter consuming compared to other privacy coins .

three. ) Dandelion++ technology works to obscure the originating IP of transactions. Before Firo transactions are broadcast to the net, they ’ re randomized between nodes, which then decorrelates the link between the origin of the broadcast and the originating IP address .
intravenous feeding. ) Firo ’ s own Proof-of-Work, known as Merkle Tree Proof ( MTP ), provides fast verification that ensures a first gear barrier to entry for miners. Firo ’ randomness blockchain is besides far secured with LLMQ ChainLocks which protects it against 51 % mine attacks

Why was Firo created? 

Firo was created to increase individual liberty and to provide freedom of commerce. In standard blockchains that only offer pseudo-anonymity, it is the links between addresses that can expose individual information about you. Firo aims to solve this problem by aiming to provide the strongest degree of anonymity without foregoing serviceability and requiring confidence .

How do I get FIRO? 

You can obtain FIRO by purchasing them from cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance or H uobi Global .

Besides purchasing Firo tokens through exchanges, it is possible to earn newly minted Firo by running a masternode. Or alternatively, Firo can besides be mined by CPUs and GPUs .
far, STFIRO allows users to earn FIRO through stakingFiro tokens on StakeHound.

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