Flight Attendant Interview Questions

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Flight Attendant Interview Questions

Question : During your survive flight with an airline, how did you feel about the cabin crew and the sour they did ?
Explanation : This is a general interrogate whose function is to confirm you are companion with the duties of an airline crew and learn your opinion about what well performance looks like. The interviewer may follow up on your answers to dive deep into the topics you discuss. You can use this interview to guide the interviewer toward topics which you are comfortable discourse .
Example : “ I recently flew on this airline during a slip between Los Angeles and Boston. Since I ‘m matter to in a career as a flight accompaniment, I paid careful attention to the activities and actions of the gang. What impressed me was their attention to detail, their courtesy to passengers, and the emphasis they placed on the safety of both the crew and the passengers. No count what occurred during the flight, the crew remained calm and effectively addressed the emergence. ”

Question : Can you provide me a few examples of what you consider to be good characteristics of a escape attendant ?
Explanation : This is another general question which the interviewer uses to learn what you think makes a quality trajectory attendant. Again, the interviewer wants to make sure you ‘re mindful of what it takes to perform this job. You should focus on the speculate requirements and characteristics detailed in the job posting which attracted you to this placement. Make sure your answer align with the qualifications the company outlined in the station .
Example : “ I believe the identify characteristic a flight attendant should possess is professionalism in everything they do. The first duty of the cabin crew on any airline is passenger condom. next, they are responsible for ensuring the passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable flight. They accomplish this by being attentive to the passengers ‘ needs, providing the serve items the passengers ‘ request, and politely answering any questions the passengers may have. If an consequence arises during the flight, the crew should be able to address it with minimal dislocation to the passengers or the condom of the escape. ”
Question : What do you imagine is a distinctive day for a cabin crew member ?
Explanation : The interviewer is asking this operational motion to make certain you have a realistic mind of what this caper entails. Most people ‘s perception of a trajectory attendant is what they see during the flight. however, there ‘s a fortune more that goes into this job, including train, preflight cooking, post-flight operations, and personal travel before and after a day of flying. Hopefully, you become aware of this during your train and can answer the interviewer ‘s questions directly and succinctly .
Example : “ A typical day for a flight attendant begins with travel to the airport where the flight will originate. This may be local, but the attendant may need to take a hop to get to the orient of origin. adjacent, the crew meets to get its assignment, discuss the specifics of the flights they will be taking that day, review the manifest, and take care of any other duties before boarding the aircraft. once on the airplane, they chat with the flight deck crew to see if they have any specific requests. adjacent, they prepare the plane for boarding in conjunction with the crunch gang. They dining table the passengers, provide a base hit brief, take care of in-flight needs, and prepare the plane for landing. They then help the passengers disembark and prepare the plane for its adjacent leg. This summons is repeated until the final fledge. The gang will then shuttle to a hotel for an overnight stay. The march is repeated the follow day until the crew ‘s assignment is accomplished and they return to their home base. ”
Question: What especial skills or capabilities do you bring to the speculate of a flight attendant ?
Explanation: By asking this wonder, the interviewer is matter to in what differentiates you from other people applying for the speculate. Everyone has unique skills and capabilities which may not be apparent in the resume. You should be able to easily discuss these in the context of how the airline will benefit .
Example: “ In addition to the skills and feel detailed in my sketch, I have several competencies and characteristics which will be useful in the function of a escape attendant. First, I am bilingual and talk both English and Spanish fluently. future, I spent ten years in the cordial reception diligence, so I ’ megabyte sensitive about taking the time to understand people ’ mho needs and providing services to help meet those needs. ultimately, I worked as a paramedic while going to school. This enables me to provide aesculapian aid beyond what we were trained in at the academy. ”
Question: What do you consider to be the most challenging aspect of being a trajectory attendant ?
Explanation: This is an functional question in which the interviewer is seeking to understand what you find challenging and may have difficulty with if hired as a flight attendant. The best way to answer this type of question is to identify the challenge and then department of state how you would address or overcome it .
Example: “ I believe the most challenge aspect of being a flight attendant is dealing with indocile or disobliging passengers. not alone do these types of fliers make the flight less enjoyable for the early passengers, but they can besides present a condom gamble. During my train, I was teach several ways to handle this along with the techniques to use to de-escalate situations involving disruptive passengers. I ’ meter convinced that with my natural ability to communicate with people and the train I received, I would be able to handle these situations professionally and effectively. ”
Question: Why did you choose to apply to our airline, and have you submitted applications to some of the early carriers ?
Explanation: An interviewer will ask this question to make sure you are committed to working with their organization or to determine how significant this function is to you. Airlines, like other businesses, prefer employees who have a love for what they do and can country this clearly. Your pre-interview research should have provided you with the data you need to describe why you are committed to this especial carrier and would like to work for them .
Example: “ When I decided to become a flight attendant, I besides determined the criteria I would use when selecting the airline I wanted to fly with. These included the carrier having international routes, a high passenger rat, a plus work culture, and opportunities for progress. While researching your constitution, I found that it met and exceeded each of the criteria I set for myself. additionally, I ’ ve flown with you on several occasions and witnessed firsthand the professionalism of the escape crew. There is no question in my heed that I will fit in well with this organization. ”

Question: Why do you think you will be a good fledge attendant ?
Explanation: Again, the interviewer is asking you to be slightly introspective and provide them with the key characteristics you possess that will make you a good flight attendant. This will besides indicate to them that you know what is required for this problem and have the characteristics needed to be successful. finally, they will besides learn more about your communication style since this is important for anyone who works with the public .
Example: “ I ’ meter confident I will be a good flight attendant because of my people skills, professionalism, ability to remain calm during a crisis, and my concentrate on providing capital customer experiences. I ’ ve always considered myself easily to get along with, so I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate expect encountering any conflicts I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wield during a flight. I am attentive to detail which will help me provide the flush of overhaul passengers expect. If an emergency were to occur during a escape, I know that I ’ vitamin d remain calm and play along protocol to resolve it to everyone ’ s satisfaction. ”
Question: How would you handle a site when two passengers were arguing and disturbing the rest of the travelers ?
Explanation: This is a behavioral question the interviewer presents you with as a barrier and asks you to describe the steps you would take to resolve it. behavioral questions are good answered using the STAR framework. This stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Results. You can either describe something that happened to you during a previous job or explain what you would do it the position were to occur in the future .
Example: “ If I were faced with a situation where two passengers were arguing and disturbing the rest of the travelers, I would first assume an authoritative carriage. I ’ five hundred then explain to the passengers that I would like to help them resolve the situation, but I need them to be calm and help me to work through this. I ’ d ask one passenger about the challenge, cautiously listening to their reception. I ’ vitamin d then do the lapp with the second passenger. once I was familiar with the specific issue, I ’ five hundred make a recommendation as to how we could resolve it. In most cases, this would be the end of the issue. however, if it weren ’ triiodothyronine, I ’ d request aid from other gang members and the pilots if necessary. ”
Question: How would you react if there was a passenger on the flight who claimed to be extremely ill and demanded an emergency land ?
Explanation: This is another behavioral question that uses a scenario a escape attendant will typically meet. It requires you to balance the wellbeing of the passenger with the operation of the flight. Again, use the STAR format to organize your answer and walk the interviewer through how you would address and resolve this topic .
Example: “ If a passenger were to indicate they were experiencing a medical emergency, I would remember that I need to address their needs while besides allowing the flight to proceed to its intended finish in a safe manner. I ’ d first assess the passenger ’ s condition based on their description of what they were experiencing and my train to provide checkup aid. If I felt the flight could proceed, I ’ five hundred solve with the passenger to calm them down and assure them they would be fine until we reached our destination. If, on the early hand, I determined this was a veridical hand brake and the plane needed to be diverted, I ’ five hundred communicate this to the trajectory deck using the protocols established by the airlines and the FAA. I would besides seek to identify extra medical resources available on the aircraft from either the crew or other passengers. ”
Question: How would you respond if you were asked to fill in for another attendant who had become ailment after a interfering week when you were looking forward to some meter off ?
Explanation: The interviewer will ask this behavioral doubt to determine how commit you are to the position and whether you would put the airline ’ randomness interests ahead of your own. however, they are besides looking to see if you would answer this question honestly. Your answer could involve either doing what ’ sulfur best for the airline or taking caution of your personal needs and explaining how this would besides benefit the airline .
Example: “ While I am always volition to take on extra responsibilities when required by the airline, I have to be honest and say that my answer would depend on how I was feeling both physically and emotionally at the time. If I were to commit to taking the excess shifts, I would want to make certain I was in a condition to perform at my very good. If I weren ’ thyroxine able to do this, I ’ five hundred explain to the scheduler why I thought that taking the assignment may not be in the best interests of the airline or its customers. ”

Additional Flight Attendant Interview Questions

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  • If you are mid-flight and a original asks you to do something you are not authorized to do, how would you respond ?

  • What would you do if a passenger was extremely overturn and angry ?
  • How would you handle a passenger you can not understand because of a clear language barrier ?
  • How would you deal with a passenger who has anxiety on a flat ascribable to turbulence ?
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