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  • What is wooden family sign
    -look tile ?
    Wood-look tile is ceramic or porcelain tile that is designed bự have the appearance of real wood. It often comes in planks, lượt thích real wood, but is also available in chất lượng shapes more common mập tiles .
  • What are the benefits of wood tile ?

    The strength and durability are the biggest selling points of wood-look tile. You can achieve almost any look you would with real wood and, with quality shapes and colors, many more on top of that. A wood-look tile floor or wall lasts so sánh long ( and often costs less than wood ) that is worth it in the long run. Additionally, your wood look không bao giờ has béo be refinished ( perfect for homes with pets ! ), and it can be heated or get wet .

  • Where can I use wood-look tile flooring ?
    It depends on each tile, but some wood-look tiles can be used on floors, walls, in showers and even outdoors. This is one of the perks of using faux wood instead of real wood — it can get wet without compromising its durability. Just make sure the tile you want is approved for its intended use .
  • What looks good on the wall with wood-look tile on the floor ?
    What pairs well with wood-look tile depends on the shape, the màu sắc, the look you want bự achieve and, of course, your personal taste. If you are afraid of the kiến thiết getting too busy, we would not recommend using a heavily patterned faux wood on the floor with another intricately patterned tile on the walls. The patterning of wood-look tiles varies from collection bự collection, however, so sánh you can usually find the perfect one béo pair with another tile .
  • Can you wax wood-look tile ?
    You don’t need bự wax your tile floor if it is already glazed, which most ceramic and porcelain tiles are. If you bởi vì decide you want lớn add some extra shine lớn your floor with wax, make sure it is one that is safe for your tile. Also, consider that adding wax mập a tile floor requires additional maintenance, and added shine may make your faux-wood floor appear less lượt thích the real thing .
  • How bởi you clean wood look tile ?
    We recommend cleaning your wood-look floor or wall with one of The Tile Shop’s ceramic and porcelain tile cleaners that is safe for your tile .
  • How durable is wood tile ?
    When it is installed and maintained correctly, wood-look tile is very durable. It won’t scratch or need refinishing lượt thích a hardwood floor .
  • Does wood tile or real wood cost more phệ install ?
    A wood floor is not cheap. The cost of tile varies so sánh much that it is hard béo estimate an average cost. However, since there are so sánh many choices, there is always a tile for every budget. Generally, a tile floor costs less than hardwood flooring and will last longer .
  • What màu of grout bởi vì you use with wood tile ?
    If you want your tile installation phệ look as close Khủng real wood as possible, match the grout as closely as you can lớn the màu of your tile. The Tile Shop has dozens of different grout colors so sánh you can always find a great match .
  • Is there wood tile without grout ?
    Installing tile without grout is chưa bao giờ recommended. As the framework of your home page expands and contracts due Khủng temperature and weather, a grouted tile kiến thiết will stay stable and move with your trang chính without breaking .
  • What is the best layout pattern for wood-look tile flooring ?
    Most wood floors have a staggered plank layout. Recreate this pattern Khủng get a similar look. However, there are other patterns, lượt thích herringbone, that can make your tile floor more modern and interesting. Just make sure your tile is approved for the layout you choose, and follow the 1/3 rule of staggering your planks. This means you should arrange two tiles placed side by side Khủng overlap 1/3 of their lengths instead of aligning them in a brick pattern that overlaps half of each plank .
  • Is wood look tile too trendy ?

    Absolutely not. We believe that wood-look tile is a current trend because it does NOT create a trendy look. Wood floors are timeless, and the tiles that recreate this look are, too — which is perfect because your faux wood floor is going béo last you a long giây phút !

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