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Having started its activity in 2000, based in Portugal, PARTTEAM GROUP & OEMKIOSKS operates in several areas, including multimedia synergistic systems, industrial production, graphic design and advertising, engineer and telecommunications, web based applications development, software development, etc. We are a head supplier and manufacturer of multimedia and synergistic kiosks, digital signage billboards and totems, serving all kind of industries as bank and insurance, industry manufacturers, education, tourism and cordial reception, sport and leisure, telecommunications, public government, logistics and transports, aviation, denounce and retail, ad, market and experiences, museums, exhibitions, construction, real state of matter and others. We know that achiever of a caller is actually connected to a strategic plan, that approach citizens to digital technologies, promoting experiences and communion, and thats why all ship’s company divisions participate and interact with each other so that a global harmony is achieved in every intersection or overhaul originate by our party. We make premium kiosks because … we are a booth manufacturer. You can go to our official company web site for a global display of our business, our products and all our portfolio

Reliabilty & Perfection
PARTTEAM GROUP | OEMKIOSKS selected a set of production lines,
mostly with the Quality System Management certification according
to ISO 9001:2008

To guarantee the maximal quality and preciseness of our equipments, our qualified tecnhical team assemblies every component and product in our facilities, and quality tests are performed before delivering to the node. We pride ourselves on producing equipment that most finish is done by hand, achieving unprecedented accuracy .

State of the art design

Our engineers and designers have taken wish to create solutions which in addition to innovative technology represents a distinctive commemorate in respect to the design, serviceability and ergonomics. We develop kiosks, totems and digital signage solutions ( hardware and software ) that can maximize the return of investing of our clients.

fast prodution times

With more than 15000 thousands of designs, we have a refined march of booth development and our in-house fabrication in concert with other manufacturing output lines allow us to leverage our resources, creating a flexible fabricate capability that enables fast reply to low or high volumes.

Experience & Technological Capability

several years has passed since our first booth production, and we are proud to continue manufacturing high quality equipments for indoor and for outdoor. We have more than 100 standard models and in some cases we are in the seventh coevals of our booth models, and each one an improvment on the last coevals .

Bespoke & Custom Engineering

Our in-house tecnhical and intersection design departments are able to develop any bespoke equipment with custom design to fit the demands of each customer and each specific project .

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