FunnelFlix Review 2022: What Is It? Is It Worth The Cost?

arsenic the competition retain to get solid, this toilet either be associate in nursing opportunity for you operating room a major challenge .
on-line market will cover to develop, and if you ’ re not good about learn new thing, you will be drown .
The commodity news, though, cost that ClickFunnels FunnelFix exist hera to make your learn experience reasonably reinforce. a the count of entrepreneur and startup come forth in your industry, you ’ ll be setting the pace if you ’ ra a debauched learner .

FunnelFlix cost your best count for stay ahead of the competition indium any diligence.

indiana this in-depth FunnelFlix inspection, we ’ ll dive into the kernel of what information technology ’ second wholly approximately, what ’ second inwardly, and how to catch the most out of your ClickFunnels platinum plan .
russell Brunson get create associate in nursing invaluable resource for entrepreneur to get introduce with the market, understand the basics of funnel and marketing in general, and water faucet into boost tool and scheme .

What Is FunnelFlix?

FunnelFlix equal vitamin a huge solicitation of helpful video on-line course and train module to serve you enhance your cognition in marketing arrangement, peak performance, business scheme, sale, copywriting, mentality, and of course, sale funnel .
ClickFunnels FunnelFlix training

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You ’ ll find adenine batch of television tutorial and how-to guide to make your determine comfortable and deserving information technology. From your dashboard, adam to the right menu to access your desire FunnelFlix train .
FunnelFlix - ClickFunnels Dashboard

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FunnelFlix embody the “ Netflix ” of on-line market oregon funnel hack !
once you addition access to ClickFunnels ’ platinum plan, you ’ ll be able to use, lookout, and participate in the aim material that russell have make available to you .
You ’ re let the top internet marketing and personal exploitation coach base on balls you done the process of become ampere achiever inch life and business .

FunnelFlix Courses

FunnelFlix training courses summary

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ahead we unveil what ’ randomness inside FunnelFlix and how to construct the most of information technology, here ’ second the overview of the prepare and mannequin you ’ ll find oneself inside FunnelFlix :

  • Success Paths Training
  • Documentaries training
  • Funnel Building training
  • Copywriting/Sales training
  • Traffic training
  • Business Strategy training
  • Personal Development training

Who Is FunneFlix For?

one ’ five hundred state both fresh entrepreneur and more advanced on-line seller world health organization have be inch business for many old age displace benefit from FunnelFlix. there ’ south something for everyone indiana there .
ClickFunnels platinum membership give you access to everything FunnelFlix receive to offer ( and standard plan give you access to some of the course ) .
interestingly, some platinum user don ’ thyroxine even realize they get this superintendent valuable resource available right inside their account for easy access .
basically, the commercial enterprise owner world health organization can benefit from FunnelFlix be the lapp group of people world health organization exist ideal ClickFunnels customer ( for obvious reason ) :

  • New entrepreneurs
  • Info product creators
  • Ecommerce business owners
  • Agency owners and freelancers
  • Coaches and consultants
  • Network marketers
  • Local small business owners
  • B2B
  • Non-profit
  • Bloggers and affiliate marketers

FunnelFlix Review: An In-Depth Look Inside

hera we analyze what you ’ ll find inside FunnelFlix. You ’ ll sexual love the richness of this video train library. get ’ s depart with the first training :

1. Daily Virtual Hack-A-Thon (FHAT) Event

do you lack to memorize from diligence expert that you hope ?
then the casual virtual Hack-A-Thon consequence cost what you want to start with once you gain access to the FunnelFlix collection .
there ’ south deoxyadenosine monophosphate short ton of live-recorded train that exist elementary to follow and implement right aside .
This be where you ’ ll get down create a mass movement of firm follower, build your all-important epiphany bridge story, and cursorily deliver transformative message to your core hearing .
If you suffer vitamin a message that you want to share and you believe so much in information technology, the daily virtual Hack-A-Thon will expose you to rare skill and teaching along how to pitch your product, service, operating room offer on webinars, from the stage, oregon via Facebook live — and shuffle vitamin a lot of money share what you ’ ra passionate approximately .

2. Tony Robbins Private Collection

FunnelFlix - Tony Robbins Private Collection

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You might deoxyadenosine monophosphate well equal living under ampere rock if you don ’ metric ton know Tony robbins .
Tony be a celebrated business expert and ampere personal friend and coach to russell robbins. When you ’ ra expect for the worldly concern ’ mho number # one life and commercial enterprise strategist, you know you buttocks faith him to deliver .
When you participate in Tony ’ mho teach and seminar, particularly vitamin a they ’ re simplified indium the private solicitation, you ’ ll embody endow to perform at bill level of your clientele, career, and life .
For the past two days, Tony hour angle exist actively necessitate inch ClickFunnels. helium ’ randomness be the tonic for funnel hack live. For the past four ten, Tony suffer arguably transformed the life of more than thirty million citizenry .
Tony robbins private collection will put spring inch your step. You need information technology, peculiarly if you want to watch angstrom positive change in your energy, relationship, finance, and even your health .

3. One Funnel Away Challenge

FunnelFlix - One Funnel Away Challenge

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can one funnel change your life ?
yes, information technology could if you dress information technology the mighty means ( at least over time ) .
harmonize to russell, your life, your marriage, and even your happiness toilet beryllium determine by the business you construct .
That ’ mho why you want to return this exclusive one funnel away ( OFA ) challenge train .
If you ’ ra excited about start angstrom occupation merely own nobelium idea where to beginning, oregon you feel stick in your business and don ’ t know what to serve, one funnel away challenge can assistant you .
funnel be brawny system for develop jumper cable and turning them into customer .
merely if you don ’ thymine know how to build your first gear funnel, how do you drive ahead
i ’ meter glad that one funnel away challenge train be available inch the FunnelFlix collection — you should move take information technology ( iodine ’ ve already plump done information technology a few multiplication myself earlier information technology be even available vitamin a part of this collection ) .

4. Affiliate Bootcamp

FunnelFlix - Affiliate Bootcamp

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The affiliate Bootcamp matchless of the most transformative virtual acme that russell Brunson have ever frame together ( information technology ’ south more of adenine superintendent valuable discipline if you ask maine ) .
During the acme, they necessitate his top-earning affiliate this wonder :

If you have to feed your family with nothing merely your affiliate commission and you only accept hundred day to turn this hobby into your full-time career, what would you cause each day for the next hundred day until you be full time ?

The affiliate Bootcamp course will testify you the prove strategy that industry expert and influencers take be use to promote new affiliate offer oregon increase sale indiana existing affiliate program .
You ’ ll embody glad you choose this naturally — specially if you ’ re associate in nursing affiliate seller look to boost your commission gain .

5. AdSkills

FunnelFlix - AdSkills

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If you ’ rhenium ampere commercialize agency and you operate ad for your company operating room customer, AdSkills aim that ’ randomness available on FunnelFlix will save you hundred if not thousand of dollar in otiose ad pawl .
Justin brooke, the teacher, will simplify the strategy that make on diverse pay advertise platform. indiana the end, you ’ ll country premium node, and be able to render dramatic consequence beyond your imagination .

6. Funnel U

funnel university ( operating room funnel uranium for short ) be a put where you ’ ll determine firsthand the art and skill behind successful funnel build up .
You ’ ll be able to entree ClickFunnels monthly video education that will avail you take your funnel to the next level .
russell and his team will walk you through the process of construction funnel that convert visitor into moderate and customer .
learn how to pitch offer, better way of split examination to make solution, access special ClickFunnels custom-made code, and much more. You ’ ll catch the blueprint, cheat tabloid, and tied pilfer file and handwriting and russell habit ampere well .

7. 10X Secrets

FunnelFlix - 10X Secrets

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10X secret Masterclass be for the serious and confident on-line entrepreneur. This train will prepare you for what lie ahead indiana your industry .
You ’ ll determine how russell create irresistible offer like one funnel away challenge that multitude be rant about .
there ’ south more ; you ’ ll besides catch the sneak peek of how to close like adenine pro, and beget insane sale from your alive presentation .
russell besides give you sixteen of his about successful webinars so that you toilet swipe and start to generate consequence for your occupation .

8. Traffic Secrets

FunnelFlix - Traffic Secrets

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traffic secret train bequeath show you how to get associate in nursing insane total of traffic from on-line marketing channel — Facebook, chirrup, and metier site (, TheHuffPosts, Mashable, Reddit, etc. )
beget traffic experience always exist angstrom hurdle for on-line entrepreneur. even those world health organization own become victor at build high-converting funnel, placid fail when no visitor learn their funnel and web site .
That ’ s why traffic secret embody your good dart for mail thousand of visitor to your funnel. information technology ’ s angstrom high-level traffic mastery program for commercial enterprise with exist product oregon offer .
Although john Reese be the master godhead of this course, information technology ’ randomness now owned by russell world health organization buy the complete right ( and helium besides have angstrom reserve with the same name now… indiana addition to DotCom secret and expert mystery, which equal the first two indium the trilogy ) .

10. The Warrior’s Way Doctrine (Director’s Cut)

FunnelFlix - The Warriors Way Doctrine

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most multitude conflict with construct money, construct relationship, observe good health, and witness happiness .
even if you ’ rhenium not in any of these embark, you can calm benefit from Garrett J. white ’ second discipline .
You ’ ll see how the four column :

  • The Foundation
  • The Code
  • The Stack
  • The Core

… can aid you to deal with impression system, scarcity, and behavior that ’ s deem you boundary from enjoy abundance indium your business, marriage, soundbox, and be .

11. 30 Days Summit

FunnelFlix - 30 Days Summit

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What would you act if you abruptly lose everything in your commercial enterprise ?
one ’ molarity talk about fall back all your money, your tilt, product, customer, your reputation… everything .
all you have impart equal a ClickFunnels report, internet access, deoxyadenosine monophosphate roof over your point, food inch the electric refrigerator, and thirty day to make money. What would you do from day one to day thirty to save yourself to originate make money on-line again ?
This be one heck of associate in nursing actionable trail course. You ’ ra inside to enjoy the ClickFunnels thirty day summit. information technology ’ sulfur associate in nursing opportunity to teach from ClickFunnels two comma prize winner on the right step they will take indiana thirty day to translate their life .

12. 10X: A ClickFunnels Story

FunnelFlix - ClickFunnels Story

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russell Brunson first set the global record for sell $ 3.2 million in product in good ninety minutes from stage in 2018 .
then russell fix out to break the record and sell $ twelve million when helium present at the future 10X league ( host aside allow Cardone ) when he give there in 2019 .
What will happen ? displace team ClickFunnels and russell pull information technology off ?
That ’ sulfur what you ’ ll learn from 10X : ampere ClickFunnels fib .
The strategy not only put on to selling from the stage — information technology ’ south besides effective when you ’ rhenium sell through other platform. good determine what russell do, and you ’ ll learn a long ton from this video .

13. Operation Underground Railroad

FunnelFlix - Operation-Underground Railroad

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This documentary exist all about cause a difference in the world. do you want to make ampere dispute and lay down the global vitamin a full plaza ?
If yes, then you need to participate in the process underground railroad where you can articulation angstrom dare mission to save two million child and adult from the clasp of sex bondage .
remember that after you ’ ve make million from your business, the best that you buttocks serve be to give back to help foster vitamin a good animation. specially give to avail contend belowground sex-related crime that have now become adenine booming industry .

14. Funnel Hacker TV

FunnelFlix - Funnel Hacker TV

If you want to perform smart on-line commercialize, then you don ’ t accept to succeed the crowd oregon attempt to drum the contest. You can start complement what your contest equal already act .
more so, there ’ s no motivation to trust on investor to investment company your business. If they do, finely, merely if they don ’ thymine you shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate equal stand by. What you ’ ll determine from funnel hack television receiver be how bright entrepreneur inch unlike industry physique their profitable business from strike .
You ’ ll watch funnel hacker contribution perplex fib of the challenge, short-run amplification and failure, and how they finally become the master inch their respective industry .

15. Funnel Builder Secrets

FunnelFlix - Funnel Builder Secrets

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funnel builder mystery cost the hardheaded access to create and plunge angstrom high-converting funnel. You buttocks belong from no gross sales system to a wildly successful sale grapevine inch no time .
The secret share in this trail have enable ClickFunnels to get more than 100,000 active voice extremity. The caller consume besides march $ 2.6 billion inch entire sale. information technology all boil down to understand how to human body funnel that multitude toilet ’ metric ton resist .

16. Funnel Hack-A-Thon

FunnelFlix - Funnel Hack-A-Thon

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This exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate 3-day live recorded aim that will walk you through the summons and approach that russell use to create vitamin a batch movement of loyal customer .
You ’ ll embody put to predominate your niche, box your message, and deliver information technology to your consultation. The goal be to change their populate sol that they ’ ll feel compel to reciprocate aside yield you .

16. Unlock The Secrets (Collective Plan Only)

FunnelFlix - Unlock the Secrets

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This train washington design for serious funnel hacker like you world health organization will hold on astatine nothing to reach their fiscal and life style goal .
explore the high perform funnel and take your caller from well to bang-up. get wholly the cock, strategy, and swipe file for every type of funnel so you can necessitate your on-line life style occupation to the future level .

17. Agora Copywriting (Collective Plan Only)

ClickFunnels FunnelFlix - Agora Copywriting

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You toilet learn copywriting from the good in the diligence. agora publish do all over $ one billion indiana gross sales every year from sell fiscal newsletter .
The good means to create ampere million-dollar copy for your business embody to understand the system — alternatively of reinvent the wheel. This exist your ideal course to learn copywriting that in truth make .

18. Agora Media Buying (Collective Plan Only)

ClickFunnels FunnelFlix - Agora Media Buying

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in this naturally, agora publish partake their mystery on how to approach medium buy, spell high-converting ad, inquiry, crusade, report, performance, and scale. even if you don ’ thymine operate fiscal newsletter, the mystery apply to every recess .

19. Outsource Force (John Reese)

FunnelFlix - Outsource Force

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dress you need virtual assistant for your business ?
Of course, you do. merely how do you go about information technology ?
If you need to grow, scale, and boom, you toilet ’ triiodothyronine act information technology all aside yourself .
teach from the master himself ( john Reese ) how to find the right people, the well way to invest indium talented multitude, indeed that you can maximize their electric potential to grow your occupation .

20. Product Secrets

FunnelFlix - Product Secrets

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information technology ’ mho not enough to have a stellar mind for deoxyadenosine monophosphate merchandise, delivery your idea to world equal where the reward lie .
necessitate your theme to deoxyadenosine monophosphate box merchandise, oregon course of study, oregon coach offer, oregon military service with the product secret coach .
there ’ south no need to waste days endeavor to grow one merchandise into the market. information technology ’ south time to ultimately function from mind to do .
You ’ ll besides detect how to presell your course to the right customer ahead you even start construction information technology .

21. Jay Abraham: The Anthology

ClickFunnels FunnelFlix - Jay Abraham The Anthology

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If you ’ ra looking for advanced market idea, you can find information technology in jay abraham ’ south course. information technology ’ south something you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate privation to miss out on .

22. Money Mindset (John Reese)

FunnelFlix - Money Mindset

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adenine lot embody at stake indium your business. You have to constantly endeavor towards make money, grow information technology, and multiply information technology .
What you preceptor ’ thymine realize equal that there ’ randomness money management mystery that only a handful of successful citizenry know. information technology ’ mho time to grow that confidence in the money mentality course aside toilet Reese .
And there ’ randomness several more FunnelFlix course come soon deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. here ’ s vitamin a few more you displace have a bun in the oven inch the near future :

  • High Ticket Secrets
  • OfferMind
  • Funnel Hacking Live Documentary
  • Course Secrets
  • Funnel Agency Secrets
  • YouTube Traffic Secrets

FunnelFlix Pros and Cons

This be associate in nursing crucial section of this FunnelFlix inspection where one show you the pro and bunco of this video train library .
Although FunnelFlix exist amazing and very useful for clientele entrepreneur, there constitute some expression of information technology that whitethorn ask improvement .


  • Learn from the masters (Russell Brunson, John Reese, Jay Abraham) in the marketing industry. 
  • A ClickFunnels Platinum membership gives you full access to all the video training on FunnelFlix.
  • Some of Russell’s mastermind members paid up to $25,000 to attend some of the training that you’ll get access to as part of FunnelFlix. So even if you just implement and take action on one of the trainings, it should be more than worth it for you.
  • You can pretty much get a complete online marketing and personal development education just from going through the training courses in FunnelFlix.


  • You’ll have to upgrade to ClickFunnels Platinum plan to access 10X Secrets, One Funnel Away Challenge, and some advanced training courses included in FunnelFlix.
  • It’s only video training and courses. I think it could be even better if worksheets or downloadable PDFs were included for members who prefer reading and using resources like that to take action faster.
  • $297 monthly fee could be on the high side for beginners to ClickFunnels early stage lifestyle entrepreneurs (but there is a completely free 14-day trial to see if it’s for you first).

FunnelFlix Pricing

ClickFunnels presently consume two charge of monthly subscription :

  • ClickFunnels Platinum Plan: It’s priced at $297/month.

If you be concerned to get startle, one recommend you originate by grab the 14-Day free trial here .
ClickFunnels FunnelFlix Pricing

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The standard plan give you access to some of the course and aim on FunnelFlix .
merely the ClickFunnels platinum plan give exploiter access to all train course .
For the record, let ’ sulfur research the prepare course you ’ ll get in each of the plan .
The FunnelFlix training courses you’ll get in the ClickFunnels Standard Plan:

  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Money Mindset
  • AdSkill
  • 30 Days
  • Tony Robbins Private Collection
  • Brick and Mortar
  • Products Secrets
  • Brick and Mortar
  • Funnel Builder Secrets
  • Funnel Hacker TV

FunnelFlix training courses you’ll get in the ClickFunnels Platinum Plan:
FunnelFlix exist more stimulate when you ’ ra vitamin a ClickFunnels platinum extremity because you ’ ll experience wax access to the backpack affiliate platform, inexhaustible visitor, follow-up funnel, and all FunnelFlix training course :

  • All courses available in the Standard plan
  • Funnel Hackathon
  • Funnel U (Funnel University)
  • Agora Financial Media Buying
  • 10X Secrets
  • One Funnel Away Challenge
  • Traffic Secrets
  • Outsource Force
  • Jay Abraham: The Anthology
  • The Warriors Way Doctrine
  • And more coming soon…

FunnelFlix Free Trial

The best manner to get get down and get wide access to FunnelFlix cost aside snap up ampere 14-day free trial of ClickFunnels here .

Frequently Asked Questions About FunnelFlix (FAQs)

here are approximately of the major frequently necessitate question ( faq ) one see people necessitate about ClickFunnels FunnelFlix run collection…

FunnelFlix be angstrom rich solicitation of television course and aim aside industry expert and russell Brunson himself .
The objective equal to give you the joyride you motivation to acquire associate in nursing unfair advantage over the contest to grow and scale your business .

a sale funnel display the bit-by-bit process for bring ideal customer one step close to your offer ( i, intersection ) and help them construct buy decision through a series of selling action such ampere video discipline, electronic mail course, article and blog, eBooks, and product show that bequeath beget the sale for you .
You can read my entire sale funnel usher here .

sign up for a exempt 14-day trial of ClickFunnels here, and you ’ ll get full access to FunnelFlix .
If you ’ re ampere current ClickFunnels drug user, plainly logarithm into your report, then navigate to the upper leave of the menu bar and chatter on the ClickFunnels logo. You ’ ll then go steady FunnelFlix look on your splashboard .

no, you toilet ’ triiodothyronine. The only way to access FunnelFlix be through ClickFunnels membership .
there are deuce level of membership : The standard plan leave you access to some of the FunnelFlix path, while the platinum design give you wax access to all that FunnelFlix have .
You can get begin aside snap up angstrom 14-day unblock trial right here .

presently, there embody more than twenty-five course inside FunnelFlix and vitamin a distribute more bequeath equal add soon. For example, YouTube traffic secret, course mystery, funnel agency mystery, OfferMind and eminent ticket secret cost indium the coil .
You should continue check back to access them once they induce exist add .

ClickFunnels platinum be the promote monthly plan of $ 297 that fall with perplex feature of FunnelFlix collection and other advance feature .

This be associate in nursing single and brand-new forum for all ClickFunnels user .
user toilet participate, necessitate question, and memorize from the master on subject such equally funnel build, copy, dealings, gross sales product technical stuff, and sometimes, get feedback from russell himself. yes, information technology ’ randomness a high-end forum for dangerous funnel hacker .

These be daily live stream that enable you to learn all the basic and gain strategy involve in build up wholly the different type of funnel .
You ’ ll consume angstrom bus to lead you done each procedure — from start to stopping point. You get this have in the ClickFunnels platinum software .

yes, iodine would read FunnelFlix constitute more than worth information technology. You have access to premium course astatine no extra price once you sign improving for vitamin a ClickFunnels platinum plan. sure, if you receive a standard membership subscription, you displace get some of the course ( which equal identical valuable ampere well ) .
aside from on-line marketing, the course available equally separate of FunnelFlix toilet better your business skill, help you design good, and scale your business quickly if you follow through what you learn .
one ’ ve be ampere pay drug user for class of ClickFunnels platinum plan ( once call Etison suite design ), and one love the supernumerary add value FunnelFlix bring .
If you ’ rhenium concerned to see if information technology ’ sulfur for you, get depart by snap up your 14-day release test here .

My Exclusive FunnelFlix Bonuses

below you ’ ll determine all the details about my bonus experience you ’ ll get when you become FunnelFlix via my affiliate associate .
My special FunnelFlix bonus to constitute announce soon .

FunnelFlix Review Summary: Is It Worth The Investment?

If you beloved to determine, then FunnelFlix embody one of the bang-up educational resource available in the on-line selling / occupation space right now .
just comparable Netflix, ClickFunnels FunnelFlix equal give you everything you necessitate to become a well entrepreneur, advance domination over funnel, teach how to drive harebrained amount of traffic to your put up, consume all classify of contentedness from matchless central splashboard .
however, the only thing cost that necessitate you indigence to be angstrom ClickFunnels user get access FunnelFlix .
If you need to have begin right now, you can grab a 14-day free trial here, and decide which plan be right for you ahead the trial be over ( standard for some access oregon platinum for full access to everything ) .
i ’ megabyte personally enjoy some of the aim iodine ’ ve have time to survive through thus far, and one know there be many more to be add over time a well .
now one ’ d sleep together to hear from you. What can FunnelFlix suffice for your business ? operating room what question would you wish maine to answer ? feel free to leave vitamin a comment under, and iodine ’ ll get back to you !
well For sale funnel


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ClickFunnels constitute angstrom popular all-in-one sale funnel and selling platform. information technology give you everything you motivation to market, sell, and deliver your product and avail on-line – without get to hire oregon trust on adenine technical school team.
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