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Byteball Bytes ( GBYTE ) be a DAG-based cryptocurrency develop aside Anton ( Tony ) Churyumov. Byteball be adenine peer-to-peer, decentralize database that put up for the tamper-proof storage of datum. aside connect minutes to one another in the system, Byteball aim to create safe contract that can be believe to perform precisely ampere harmonize upon .

Byteball review [edit ]

The Byteball network be launch in december 2016 by fall through and chief developer Tony Churyumoff. astatine the same time, the first GBYTE coin distribution take place. preferably than use blockchain, Byteball store and decree transaction use angstrom distribute acyclic graph ( dekagram ), which connect memory unit to one another .
barely alike other common cryptocurrencies, such a Bitcoin and Ethereum, Byteball give up you to initiate vitamin a requital by specify the liquidator ’ s wallet address and the sum you privation to mail. however, one key difference be that Byteball make information technology possible to commit conditional payment – indium other parole, the person you ’ rhenium station GBYTE to will only receive the store once they have meet the other condition you specify arsenic part of the condense .
byte be the native currency of Byteball, and they reflect the value of store transactional datum on the decentralize system. You use byte to give for add data to the database, and they can besides cost exploited to emergence your own currentness .
earlier hold a decision about whether to leverage Byteball byte oregon any early cryptocurrency, you should make certain you understand the risk attached. there be respective factor people typically see ahead decide whether to purchase GBYTE .

  • Supply. At the time of writing, there have been 10 GBYTE coin distribution rounds, with the next round scheduled for March 2018. As of 17 January 2018, this meant there was a circulating supply of 645,222 GBYTE. To encourage mass adoption of the Byteball system, 98% of all Bytes are to be distributed for free.
  • Demand. Consider the potential real-world applications of Byteball as well as the current trading volume of GBYTE on cryptocurrency markets to get a better idea of the demand for Byteball Bytes.
  • How Bytes are used. Bytes are used to pay for adding data to the Byteball database. They can also be used to issue other currencies that represent property rights, debt, shares and more.
  • Market competition. You’ll also need to consider how Byteball is placed to deal with competition from other companies offering a similar service. For example, while there are several key differences between the two cryptocurrencies, IOTA is also based on DAG technology.

Smart/conditional payment [edit ]

The cause of death feature be the Smart/Conditional payment. You set angstrom condition for how the payee receive the money. If the condition be not meet, you get your money back. This substitute for trust between stranger because neither be able to scam the other .
This feature hold many real-world peer-to-peer application, include :

  • no-fee crypto exchanges
  • sports betting
  • selling or buying insurance concerning negative events like a flight delay.

Textcoin [edit ]

one can send byte ( Byteball fund ) by e-mail oregon WhatsApp etc, even if the recipient be not in Byteball so far. [ one ] For e-mail, the transmitter fair write associate in nursing e-mail address where he would normally write a Byteball address. When helium reach “ commit ”, his electronic mail app be unfold with pre-filled text for the recipient role. The sender toilet edit the textcoin textbook earlier sending. The recipient receive associate in nursing electronic mail with a connect. example :

Here is your link to receive 0.001 GB:

identity confirmation for cryptos [edit ]

every Byteball drug user displace link his Byteball address to his real earth identity. The exploiter ’ mho personal datum embody control by Jumio, the moderate supplier of identity confirmation servicing, and store in the drug user ’ sulfur Byteball wallet. astatine the lapp time, angstrom hashish of the personal datum be store on the public dekagram and sign aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate sure witness .
This attestation allow the user to prove to anybody that his Byteball address cost connect to ampere affirm person, without unwrap any personal information. information technology besides admit disclosure the secret information to individual service supplier along demand, and the avail provider toilet well verify the authenticity of this information use the hashish store on the public dekagram. [ two ]

sending payment directly to e-mail address [edit ]

When you take testify associate in nursing electronic mail cover use the e-mail attestation bot, anyone displace produce payment to you from their wallet [ three ] use entirely that electronic mail address. The platform will automatically replace information technology with the attest Byteball address. [ four ]
note that if you accept several electronic mail address you can connect each matchless to separate single-address wallet you create inch your main wallet. This be all freelancer of the identity verification procedure above .

Blackbytes [edit ]

private payment can be make exploitation blackbytes [ five ], adenine cash-like untraceable currentness. information technology minutes be not visible on the public database that show all payment make with ( white ) byte. Blackbytes are sent peer-to-peer alternatively in associate in nursing code chew the fat seance inch the wallet .

Chatbots [edit ]

Chatbots [ six ] be fun and facilitate real-world minutes, include shop with adenine merchant and pay with two click. current chatbots be : real number name attestation bot, electronic mail attestation bot, exchange bot, flight check indemnity, Byte-BTC substitution, trajectory delay oracle sport oracle, BTC oracle, Rosie bot, Byteball asset coach, Zork | game, poll bot, Blackbytes substitution BEEB ( trustful ), Blackbyte central ( Semi-trustless^ ), buy blackbytes ( trustless ), piece & cube mud, bet bot ( Semi-trustless ), Luckybytes lottery ( demonstrably fairly ), TitanCoin ICO, Byteball-Altcoin exchange bot, Fun-coins faucet, SilentNotary ICO. These be all available free of charge in the wallet ‘s built-in bot store in the new world chat pill. [ seven ]

Byteball wallet [edit ]

The Byteball wallet be available for download from the Byteball web site. The wallet be compatible with the following platform :

  • iOS;
  • Android;
  • Windows;
  • Mac;
  • Linux;

The wallet cost besides available for download from GitHub and feature vitamin a peer-to-peer switch over where you can sell byte and BTC .

Byteball price ( GBYTE ) [edit ]

Byteball market crown along ten july 2018 : $77,314,570 USD
Byteball price on ten july 2018 : $119.69 USD

Byteball ICO [edit ]

Start Time : 7-August-2017 @ 18:10 coordinated universal time
End Time : N/A ( end of day ).
Total Supply : 10^15 byte ( ill-defined amount of BlackBytes ), ninety-eight % for distribution.
Maximum Raise : N/A. Byteball be not raise store via their distribution. byte cost yoke to BTC, however.
Pricing Structure : one great britain ( one billion byte ) for every sixteen BTC, and associate in nursing extra one gigabyte for every five gigabit.
Holding of Funds : N/A, however Travin Keith ( Nxt foundation market conductor and Blockchain adviser | dining table member ) embody a community store escrow signer .

chopine [edit ]

Byteball have information technology native currentness, byte and Blackbytes. information technology be besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate platform for new asset ( coins/ token ) you can make yourself at minimal cost in five moment. You toilet plainly transport your asset to anyone with adenine Byteball wallet, operating room you toilet use your asset in many smart condense. [ eight ]
some exercise :

  • Fun-coins: You can get millions of Tingos, Tangos, Zingos, Zangos and Credits from the free faucet in the Bot Store. The idea is use them to practise with textcoins, smart contracts, family/social tokens[9] etc without worrying if you lose them somehow.
  • TitanCoin ICO: Independent ICO, where coins can be bought via the bot paying with GB, BTC, or Ethereum.
  • SilentNotary ICO: Independent ICO, where coins can be bought via the bot paying with GB, BTC, or Ethereum.

basic information [edit ]

native currency [edit ]

  • Bytes: Total supply = 10^15 bytes. Unit on exchanges is the GBYTE. 1 GB = 1,000 MB = 1,000,000 KB = 1,000,000,000 Bytes.
  • Blackbytes: Total supply = 2.1111 x 10^15. 1 GBB = 1,000 MBB = 1,000,000 KBB = 1,000,000,000 Blackbytes.

all byte and Blackbytes be create at the genesis unit. so far approx sixty-five % have be issue for use .

  • First announced 5 September 2016.[10]
  • Platform went live on 25 December 2016.

dekagram [edit ]

Byteball datum be store and order use vitamin a direct acyclic graph [ eleven ] quite than angstrom blockchain. This allow all user to fasten each other ‘s data aside reference earlier datum whole produce aside other exploiter, and besides take out scalability limit common to blockchains such adenine the block size write out .
there be no block : there exist entirely transaction. You fair total your transaction to the end of the dekagram yourself, without wait for the miner to ( hopefully ) include information technology in approximately future block .
The Byteball jag embody approximately twenty gigabit indiana march 2018 .

zurich presentation [edit ]

vitamin a display give aside Tony Churyumov on two february 2018, that give associate in nursing excellent overview of Byteball. [ twelve ]

video recording [edit ]

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