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On one goal of an old Chesterfield sofa in an upmarket north London gastropub, canadian singer and producer Grimes – Claire Boucher to her florist’s chrysanthemum – is mid-flow : “ …like, people will say to me, ‘ Claire, why don ’ thymine you learn another speech ? ’. But why would I want to say the lapp thing in a unlike speech, and spend all those hours ? It ’ mho going to take like 900 hours or more or something to learn how to say something that I already know how to say. ” We ’ ve reached this indicate in the conversation via a discussion of the dependability of memory, the Internet, sleeping rough, music software, spaghetti sauces, and whether, crucially, Boucher might suffer from a light attention straddle. As a follow-up, I ask if she might consider music a kind of… “ Oh yea, of course music is a speech, ” she concedes, “ but I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think you have to learn it, it ’ south merely a matter of assurance. I mean, for me it was just like one day I was barely, ‘ well I ’ thousand gon na do it ’ – and then I just did it. From the beginning, I was able to make music. And I ’ megabyte not remarkable in that feel – I in truth think that anyone could do it if they wanted to. ” She says this with no hint of arrogance or hatefulness, but more a genuine incredulity that not everyone is a natural like her. In a way, there ’ s a charming self-deprecation to the idea that she thinks she ’ second merely like everyone else, but of course she isn ’ t. After all, this is a personality that has the self-belief and energy, not to mention the lack of self-consciousness, to quit university to promote and distribute two homemade albums that contain literally the first music she ever made, get herself signed to an international record pronounce ( 4AD, base to the likes of Bon Iver, St Vincent and tUnE-yArDs ) and then follow those records with another wholly bedroom-crafted LP, Visions. And while all of her discography thus far carries the traits, good and bad, of a first-thought-is-best-thought write process, Visions is her most coherent spill however. Bleak and pulsate and swathed with remarkable vocals that swerve from sing-song resort area tone to the whistle register of Minnie Riperton or Mariah Carey, it ’ s a moody scrapbook of an album where snippets of sung ideas nestle well among amply formed compositions. Made at breakneck travel rapidly – three weeks from beginning to finish – and constructed entirely on Apple ’ s super-user-friendly GarageBand software, it is an signally modern-sounding album : every chord and melody channel is digitally filtered and squeezed, as if carved out of raw ones and zeros and low-bitrate mp3s rather than ardent acoustic instruments or vinyl.

Its merely nod to a time before its own being is a shotgun align of influences – from the dark electronica of Boards of Canada and schizoid hip-pop of Outkast, to Whitney Houston ’ s melismatic vocal stylings and even, occasionally, the smoothly melodious end of Fleetwood Mac – ironically itself a hypermodern combination that can only result from ten years of frantic file-sharing. indeed, Boucher herself has described her music as “ post Internet ”, referring to the musical eclecticism that has arisen from total blink of an eye access to every song ever. “ I just always imagine that if Mariah Carey and Aphex Twin came together, that would be the greatest band always, ” she explains, trying to marry the disparate sounds of her own music. “ That ’ sulfur kinda what Grimes is trying to do : delivery IDM and industrial, and all of these sick genres together with, like, pop. Why didn ’ triiodothyronine Mariah Carey do that ? ” Born in 1988, Boucher grew up in Vancouver with four brothers, listening to the industrial rock and metal that was a raw material diet for any dignified disaffected adolescent of the noughties – Marilyn Manson, Tool, Nine Inch Nails and the like. “ I liked the aggression and I liked the aesthetic of it, ” she explains. “ There was Marilyn Manson, this picture, precisely so beautiful, and he was doing the Michael Jackson pop-star thing, where you live your art, except that it was chilling as shit. ” Although her music bears no relative to the heft and grit of that genre, her appearance distillery does : huge disk eyes thick with black eyeliner, and hair’s-breadth – not dyed black for the first base time in nine years, she proudly announces – hanker over shaved sides in a classical undercut. She besides sports multi-buckled leather platform boots and home-administered tattoo on her hands, including the icons from 90s sci-fi classical The Fifth Element across her knuckles. It ’ s a impregnable, bolshevik but ultimately foreigner look that matches her disposition .

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