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Hakka Finance price nowadays is $ 0.003815932317 with a 24-hour trade volume of $ 7,648.45. HAKKA monetary value is down -8.3 % in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 290 Million HAKKA coins and a full add of 636 Million. If you are looking to buy or sell Hakka Finance, Balancer ( v1 ) is presently the most active exchange. Hakka Finance hit an all time senior high school of $ 1.14 on Sep 01, 2020 ( over 1 year ). Hakka Finance had an all meter moo of $ 0.002796665788 on Apr 28, 2022 ( 26 days ). The 24 hour trade volume of Hakka Finance is $ 7,648.45.

You can trade Hakka Finance on Balancer ( v1 ), Uniswap ( v2 ), and Bibox. popular trade pairs for Hakka Finance in the grocery store includes HAKKA/USD, HAKKA/CAD, HAKKA/EUR, HAKKA/PHP, HAKKA/INR, and HAKKA/IDR .

What is Hakka Finance?

Hakka Finance is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization ( DAO ) aiming to build a cortege of Decentralized Finance ( DeFi ) products .
Hakka Finance operates on the Ethereum blockchain, and its native keepsake is called HAKKA. HAKKA is used to vote on administration proposals for the Hakka Finance protocol .

A brief history of Hakka Finance

Hakka Finance bootstrapped their undertaking through seed funds from friends and family. 72,014,500 HAKKA tokens were released at $ 0.0005 by the end of 2019, and 60 % of these released tokens are vested in the foundation garment ’ s multi-sig wallet for half a class. More information on this can be found here .
Hakka Finance officially launched during the DeFi summer in August 2020. At the time of publish, the team comprises four outstanding people :

  1. Ping Cheng (Founder)
  2. Jack Lai (Technical Researcher)
  3. Wego Chen (Advisor)
  4. Ian Hsu (Advisor)

What are the products of Hakka Finance?

presently, there are six products on Hakka Finance :

  1. BlackHoleSwap
  2. Third Floor Mutual
  3. Hakka Intelligence
  4. iGain
  5. Tokenized Collateralized Debt
  6. Crypto Structured Fund 

however, merely four out of the six products are live and operational .


BlackHoleSwap is an automatize market Maker based decentralized exchange ( DEX ) built specifically for stablecoins. BlackHoleSwap and Curve ’ s biggest deviation is that BlackHoleSwap puts its reserves into lend protocols such as Compound .

There are currently only two stablecoins on BlackHoleSwap: DAI and USD Coin. 


third Floor Mutual

third Floor Mutual acts as indemnity in case MakerDAO collapses .

( Image source : hypertext transfer protocol : //hakka-finance.gitbook.io/hakka-wiki/hakka-products/third-floor-mutual-3fm )
Unlike most insurance, the premium purchased on Third Floor Mutual will never expire .

Hakka Intelligence

Hakka Intelligence is a price prediction platform that allows HAKKA token holders to predict each asset ’ s military position changes. The instigator is the HAKKA team themselves, who will set the proportion and values of each asset .

Participants are required to post a certain measure of HAKKA, and if the final score is above average, they will earn some rewards. Vice versa, if the score is downstairs average, participants will incur some loss .

If you are concern in learning more about how it works, you can refer to this text file .


iGain ( curtly for impermanent gain ) is a dApp that allows traders to buy Call or Put options on the fundamental assets. These Call and Put options are tokenized into Long and Short tokens and traded in a built-in decentralized exchange .
For the built-in decentralized change to work, fluidity providers are needed to bootstrap it. Liquidity providers can earn trade fees ( 3 % ) and reward for providing liquid. If the liquidity providers withdraw fluidity before the passing date, the protocol will charge a 3 % withdrawal fee. To learn more on how it works, you can refer to the iGain software documentation .

How can I get HAKKA?

There are two ways where you can obtain Hakka :

  1. You may buy it from decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and Balancer.
  2. You may participate in Hakka’s yield farming program. There are currently two active pools, and both require liquidity on Balancer before staking on Hakka Finance’s reward pools. You can read more about it here.

What can I do with a HAKKA token?

Hakka Finance refers to itself as a DAO and transfers the power back to its community. If you are concern in their government roadmap, you can refer to it here .
HAKKA token holders can vote on Hakka Improvement Proposals ( HIP ) on its vote page. presently, vote is conducted off-chain, and therefore, there will be no boast involved when vote .

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