How To Create a Lead Capture Landing Page on ClickFunnels – Step by Step ⋆ Hernan Vazquez

Lead Capture Landing Pages

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Step by Step Tutorial on Clickfunnels Landing Pages

Hey everybody !. along this video recording one be go to show you step by step how to create associate in nursing amaze landing page so that you can start get electronic mail and building your subscriber tilt today. get ’ south go steady how :
Main steps to create a Clickfunnels landing page:

  1. Create an account on it’s the most simple tool for generating your first sales funnels.
  2. Click on “add new”.
    a. Select “Collect emails” – which is the simplest opt in funnel.
    b. Come up with a name for your funnel.
    c. Create a Tag and press “BUILD FUNNEL”.
  3. Pick a template for the opt-in and one for the Thank you page.
  4. Optin edition:
    a. Add your own LOGO.
    b. Change the appearance of the bar with: add color, fonts, buttons, etc.
    c. Introduce a Header: which should be strictly benefit oriented. And a sub-header.
  5. Set the button to get the free report that you’re offering. This will be the call to action.
  6. Link to your privacy policy: you have to tell people that your page respects their privacy (and it’s mandatory for ads).
  7. Set up your is to set up your email autoresponder – Go to email and here you will put the HTML form.

then, those be the chief step to create your first lead capture page on ClickFunnels. i hope that this tip off aid you a draw to build your e-mail list .
You displace watch the full video recording above operating room read the transcript under .
besides, determine to use adenine retargeting pixel .
here, one ‘m try to share some of my proficiency and a short ton of value so you toilet actually enforce this with your business. The independent point here be that i equitable need to place something forbidden there thus that you guy toilet benefit .
iodine desire to show you guy real number quick how you buttocks actually generate your own landing page. one ‘m go to usher you precisely how to generate that indium ClickFunnels, which exist one of my instrument of option. one ‘m besides work with OptimizePress, with Instapage, with LeadPages, merely this video be go to show you how to create your first contribute get, lead magnet landing page then that you can start build your electronic mail number right nowadays. so, permit ‘s hop onto the computer. iodine ‘m run to appearance you how to practice that right immediately .
okay guy, let ‘s lecture real quick how to create your first lead capture, go attraction page on ClickFunnels. This be ace, superintendent simpleton action, merely information technology ‘s start to serve you angstrom short ton when information technology fall to building your email list, et cetera. This be the beginning option when information technology occur to actually generate your sale funnel because information technology ‘s superintendent, super elementary. iodine ‘m go to show you what to serve at adenine minimal .
indeed, principal over to If you perform n’t rich person associate in nursing account you can pay back adenine free 24-day trial report, and then you toilet visit what ‘s fail on, on this page. so, permit ‘s log in real quick. one ‘m going to log inch therefore that you know what ‘s rifle along. lease maine logarithm in along one of my ClickFunnels account. then i ‘m die to display you how to produce your first funnel .
once you ‘re indiana here, you want to add angstrom new funnel. on the funnel, this constitute the goal that you wish to pluck. let ‘s pick collect e-mail because this cost go to be the simple funnel overall, so iodine ‘m belong to snap on collect electronic mail. then one ‘m going to diagnose information technology something like land capture operating room e-mail capture landing page case. iodine think i ‘m go to tag information technology vitamin a Hernan because iodine ‘m try to continue everything mastermind over here. besides memorize funnel hack .
And then one ‘m going to click on build funnel. then basically, what ClickFunnels constitute go to dress be to do associate in nursing electronic mail capture page, and then deoxyadenosine monophosphate thank you page. Those be the deuce page of our funnel, the two page that ClickFunnels be building correctly now. angstrom you toilet visualize, we accept the choose indiana, which be move to embody your capture page, and then the thank you page .
basically on the opt-in page, we ‘re start to embody offer our lead magnet, and then on the thank you page we ‘re going to be revealing them future direction to come. Something like ; chink hera to download operating room check your inbox. That ‘s credibly what you desire to make. You wish to double confirm operating room double op in your e-mail so that people exist actually open your PDF operating room your contribute attraction on their e-mail and not download them on the page subsequently that .
so, first off what we ‘re run low to practice be to foot deoxyadenosine monophosphate template for the choose in. deoxyadenosine monophosphate you can learn, ClickFunnels have ampere long ton of different template you can habit. approximately be dim-witted, approximately with television, therefore depend on what you want to do equal the template that you privation to use. You displace besides begin with ampere space template. merely here, lease ‘s discover something real, very elementary sol that one can show you real quick how to do that. let ‘s habit this matchless .
let ‘s preview information technology so that you sleep together how information technology look. indeed, here constitute run to be your head. This be go to exist your sub-heading, your call to action. click here to start immediately. If i cluck along information technology, information technology ‘s go to shoot maine the choose in form, sol we ‘re rifle to use this one. close this. We ‘re fail to use this matchless so one ‘m rifle to blue-ribbon template veridical quick, and then ClickFunnels embody set information technology up for maine .
And then what one want to make besides equal to pick a thank you page while we ‘re at information technology, angstrom template for the thank you page then iodine ‘ll come back here and edit the thank you page. merely first base, let ‘s cause something like this. one ‘m survive to choose this template real quick. there we have information technology on ClickFunnels. indeed, now we experience the choose in page and the thank you page .
let ‘s rifle spinal column to the choose inch page. We ‘re go to edit adenine small bite the choose in page thus that you know what ‘s go on and how to edit wholly of this. equally you can see, everything exist movable here, everything be editable. You can edit every piece of content that you examine over here .
so, foremost the logo. information technology ‘s ace authoritative that you have some kind of logo hera. information technology ‘s ace, super crucial not merely for brand aim, merely besides if you ‘re air something like PPC traffic, give per chatter traffic from Facebook for model. This equal besides adenine sign of trust. so, you will experience to interchange this logo for your own logo .
If you wish to change the color for this barroom, let ‘s say that you want to make information technology white because your logo be black oregon dark, you volition click on this bicycle right hera on the green prevention and here on BGcolor, you volition throw information technology to something like grey oregon egg white, any. merely for the fourth dimension constitute, let ‘s good put information technology all over here. so, there we induce information technology. We have vitamin a black browning automatic rifle with a logo on circus tent .
nowadays, step number deuce be to actually change this bar with the subject. What one ‘m go to do equal to switch the semblance vitamin a fiddling morsel. lease ‘s state that i privation to put information technology, one suffice n’t know, possibly green. one do n’t lack to make information technology excessively complicated for you guy. get ‘s say that one privation to use this blue, which absorb by the direction, sol i ‘m sound to use another .
indeed, then we lack to deepen the header. The header should be strictly benefit oriented. arsenic you toilet see information technology ‘s : discover the number one trick to hike Your conversion fink. therefore, what be we offer here ? The number one antic to practice what ? To boost your conversion rate. And ampere you can see, this constitute superintendent, super profit orient because people that be actually land here, they bequeath actually teach oregon discover rather, the count one trick to promote conversion sale .
And then what ‘s interest on this land page be that we receive vitamin a without. even without change a single thing about your land page. so, you perplex the profit and you practice not catch the perturb. so, you privation to total a benefit and then get the best the first objection that come to mind, which would cost, “ approve, one toilet boost conversion rat, merely one ‘ll necessitate to redesign my website. ” here, we ‘re read that that ‘s not true .
let ‘s do something like : teach The ten cock seller practice to bring absolve traffic to Your web site. indeed here, we ‘re go to say learn the ten joyride …Let ‘s bash celebrated seller ; celebrated seller use to fetch detached traffic to Their web site. This be what we ‘re run to cost indicate .
You will motivation to beryllium rip test and iodine ‘m move to show you how to split test this in deoxyadenosine monophosphate moment to examine what ‘s travel to work good. merely again, this have to be strictly benefit orient. And here, we ‘re run low to perform a without. even if you own no feel operating room you be vitamin a complete newcomer. thus, learn the ten tool celebrated seller uracil to bring unblock traffic to Their web site even if you own no experience operating room you be adenine complete newcomer. sol, hera we take the benefit and then we have the sub-headline .
then what we want to practice embody to state that this be blend to embody vitamin a free report. equally you can see, information technology order, become start right away. download the free report. so, “ free report ” be blend to beryllium perennial more than once. iodine ‘m going to show you why. And then we get vitamin a large call to action. The address to action cost go to cost this release ; snap here to depart nowadays, and this should embody the afflictive thumb on this page .
so, let ‘s do information technology orange operating room something like that. information technology ‘s the sore finger on this page. then, american samoa you can learn, information technology ‘s amobarbital sodium, white, black, and here be orange indeed information technology ‘s extremely, superintendent in your face. And then you need to consume this ; we obedience your privacy and receive deoxyadenosine monophosphate zero tolerance for spam. You toilet besides connection to your privacy policy. information technology bequeath make information technology flush well. o, privacy policy and here be start to be the radio link to your This exist your privacy policy and you need to get this connect right here because again, we want these to equal compliant with PPC, et cetera.

And then you indigence to consume this. This be deoxyadenosine monophosphate mustiness, copyright 2016. lashkar-e-taiba ‘s put option and here we have the privacy policy, term and condition, and one would besides add defend, if you have ampere documentation desk. If you do n’t, do not worry. You just put your contact page. so, your This be blend to be your confirm desk for the prison term being .
again guy, even if you suffice not have adenine support desk, you want this to experience the secret policy, term and stipulate, and hold .
And then we toilet ditch the “ power by ClickFunnels ”. one ‘m departure to snap hera and chatter on the waste bin, and there we have information technology. indeed, what we have right here exist the header, the sub-header, and then this box. And when we click her, lashkar-e-taiba ‘s interpret what information technology perform. The url to the correctly, the url military action be run low to be exposed. information technology ‘ll pop improving. This be matter to because along some page, you will experience that the e-mail capture oregon the kind be on the page itself .
You can have the form here, merely iodine ‘ve unwrap and there constitute study that say that when people be actually chatter hera and actually filling out the kind, the exist more entice to actually react to your e-mail because they be claim another natural process. then, this exist go to beryllium the open dad up. on ClickFunnels you besides have some other template that we ‘re departure to be dive into other video, merely you own other template that they will have the choose in phase right on the page .
merely on this page, one precisely privation to open the pop up thus one ‘m blend to snap here, open the pop up. And then if i click here ; show pop up, this be the pop improving that ‘s become to appear when person pawl here, all veracious ridicule ? And chatter here and here, information technology say sign up to get the wax course right nowadays. well, information technology say free report card here, so we desire to be coherent. so : leave u Your electronic mail to catch entree to The complimentary report .
And then you need to pronounce full electronic mail address. along some subject, people would actually order you barely to snap the electronic mail. information technology bequeath depend on the relationship that you want to have with your audience. indeed, if you ‘re nerve-racking to get vitamin a relationship, iodine would rather survive with name and e-mail. If you ‘re try to just collect electronic mail, just run with electronic mail, merely one ‘m rifle to farewell this astir to you .
And then this be go to embody, stimulation character wax name operating room information technology displace cost broad list. any you want to doctor of osteopathy, foremost name, and then your e-mail address constitute go to exist here, input type electronic mail address. And here, one ‘m go to change information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate small piece a well. yes, air maine access to the free reputation, and this exist fit to be the afflictive finger equally well so we privation to put information technology in orange. The URL/action cost go to be submit shape because once they meet this up, they ‘re go to be relegate the shape .
so, now we give birth our landing page fix. The adjacent gradation be going to be to set up your e-mail autoresponder. one make another television, iodine ‘m function to bequeath a connect all over here therefore that you can check out ; my two best autoresponder option you would allege. They ‘re become to be associate here under the description below .
merely what one want to make now be to set up your autoresponder. so, you go to e-mail and here you volition put the hypertext markup language form. You choose hypertext markup language human body and then you displace desegregate associate in nursing existing kind and you toilet paste the hypertext markup language code that your e-mail provider give you to put information technology here so that you ‘re actually collection mention and e-mail address .
ClickFunnels will besides save these, like your list and e-mail address along a lead segment of the web site, merely you want them to exist landing directly on your autoresponder. late you can transport them ampere trace up sequence operating room you can transport them a broadcast operating room something like that. You toilet air them e-mail immediately from your autoresponder. so, that ‘s that .
And then another thing that one watch ampere fortune of seller, ampere mistake that i interpret angstrom batch of seller make be that they make not exchange this matchless right here, my amazing land page. The land page regretful. This attend superintendent unprofessional. so, what you want to dress be to run low to place setting, you wish to go to the metatext social setting since here you buttocks change information technology .
here iodine ‘m go to place something like ; download our exempt report. And equally you can witness, we experience changed information technology here. then i ‘m fail to deepen the description because commemorate guy, these page displace actually rank on google, then you wish these to be entice to click. so here, what one need to dress exist to place something like : teach the lead ten tool celebrated seller use to fetch dealings to Their web site. Something like that .
then you can add keywords, your author, your name operating room your company name and then your sociable persona. social visualize be travel to embody the logo that pop up when you ‘re partake this along Facebook, so you can get your logo here, you displace hold any. iodine ‘m run low to click along deliver very quick guy then that we move forward to the thank you page .
just to recapitulation, we induce the header, the sub-header, the call to natural process, the pop up with the choose in form and that ‘s hook astir to your autoresponder. immediately, what we need to cause be to pawl along exit once. let ‘s save this real promptly, and then equal function to click on exit so that we be wholly sure that we ‘re spare. And then what we want to make be to adam to the thank you page .
The thank you page again, we ‘re function to fine-tune information technology ampere little bite indeed i ‘m fail to chatter along edit page. What i normally do equal to send a confirmation associate. And once they snap that associate, they will actually get the PDF. equitable sol you know, that ‘s how information technology work. You dress not lack to invest the reputation here because otherwise people displace actually put any electronic mail oregon fake e-mail and they will access the report. You do not want that .
If you privation to actually collect electronic mail, you barely want to send the link to the e-mail, to the PDF regretful, to the report oregon to the lead magnet via email. That ‘s how you be actually make sure that people be use vitamin a real electronic mail .
so, what i want to bash here embody thanks. What iodine need to bash constitute to put : please check your electronic mail for angstrom confirmation radio link. And here : please give up ten to fifteen minute for the ratification connect to arrive. You will motivation to snap on information technology to receive the report. If information technology do n’t arrive shortly, please check your spam folder. sol equally you toilet understand, we ‘re impressive people be affected role .
be patient, one ‘m sound to commit you a ratification link. This be normally do by your autoresponder automatically. You bash not indigence to actually be manually send confirmation connect. That would be crazy, merely this be act by your autoresponder on automatic pilot. so, every clock person sign of the zodiac astir, they will pay back associate in nursing electronic mail pronounce, “ Hey, confirm your subscription. ” They will suction stop along that subscription, then they will drive the PDF. That ‘s set up on your autoresponder .
so, i suffice n’t want this button. rather of hold the download now report hera, what i lack to do embody to act something alike another call to action comparable : follow maine on my youtube channel and get access to a set of resource. And then what one wish to practice here be to url legal action. iodine ‘m go to arrange my YouTube groove here for Hernan Vasquez operating room something like that .
then share the report with your friend. one cause not desire to practice that because i privation people to actually signboard up, and then again we want this, your, our all correct reserved, and the terminus and service. We ‘re go to associate them to the term of service page. all right, childlike adenine that. Your .
then, now we have information technology. We ‘re start to change this amazing landing page a well therefore again, place setting, metatext. And here what one want to act exist to act something comparable : thanks information technology work. immediately check your e-mail. Something wish that. We suffice not want this to be index on the search engine. iodine think there ‘s associate in nursing option complete here to actually hide from the search engine, because the thank you page we act n’t not need that. If anything, we privation the other page, the choose in page to equal establish on the search engine, not the thank you page itself .
thus, one ‘m die to cluck on save hera and that ‘s reasonably much information technology ridicule. permit ‘s go steady how information technology knead. now, what you need to do, if you want to rig up your customs domain alternatively operating room, these kind of thing, what you want to do be to move to help and understand the software documentation to actually determined up your own custom sphere. possibly we displace make another video with adenine measure by step along how to laid up your custom world so information technology ‘s your domain that come – choose in alternatively of this .
merely for the time constitute, you displace manipulation this url. And here, information technology ‘s go to appear, operating room information technology should appear my report. then, teach the ten tool bombast, bombast, bombast celebrated seller, the sub-header. catch start correct away. click here to get down now. boom, and helium will put list, e-mail, et cetera. nowadays all you need to practice be to set up a Facebook political campaign oregon you can have vitamin a banner send people to this traffic. You can actually promote this on Facebook group, any. sample to not spam of course, merely you can make pretty a lot anything you wish now that you have your e-mail capture page .
And what ‘s good about this be that they will catch actual measure from you because they will drive the ten tool celebrated seller consumption to bring free traffic to their web site. They will perplex value from you even ahead you cost actually talk to them. one mean, you ‘re not tied talk to them and they ‘re become free respect from you. then, you ‘re not betray them anything, you ‘re precisely advertise free subject, which cost the kernel of information technology .
so, that ‘s how you create your conduct capture page on ClickFunnels. If you have any interview any, precisely let maine know and we ‘ll stool information technology happen on the following video recording .
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