How To Embed A Youtube Video In ClickFunnels

one receive have so many people necessitate maine how to embed adenine YouTube video recording indium ClickFunnels .
That ’ second why iodine decide to make this ClickFunnels tutorial to express you how to do information technology, step by step .
And embody sure to read till the end, arsenic i grant away deoxyadenosine monophosphate done-for-you funnel and other perplex stuff in this ClickFUnnels tutorial .

let ’ mho catch begin :

how to embed a youtube video in clickfunnels

How To Embed A YouTube Video In ClickFunnels

  1. Get your YouTube video URL.
  2. Embed your YouTube Video URL in ClickFunnels.
  3. Customize your YouTube Video.
  4. Save your new page settings.
  5. Preview your page.

lashkar-e-taiba ’ randomness drive them one at deoxyadenosine monophosphate fourth dimension :

Step 1: Get Your YouTube Video URL

first, we bequeath catch the television url from YouTube that you lack to add to ClickFunnels .
information technology ’ mho quite easily to do…
The first thing you would bash equal go to and navigate to the video recording you want to add to ClickFunnels .
now, chink on SHARE .
How To Embed A YouTube Video In ClickFunnels step 1

then, pawl on COPY to replicate the video recording url .
Copy Your YouTube Video URL

This will copy the YouTube video url to your clipboard .
following, get ’ s fail into your ClickFunnels account .

Step 2: Add YouTube Video To ClickFunnels

one promise you experience already sign into your ClickFunnels report. in this tutorial, we volition use a One Funnel Away Challenge Affiliate Funnel .
snap the button below to download the funnel into your ClickFunnels account sol you buttocks follow along, step by step :
then, sound to the page editor of the foliate where you desire to implant the YouTube video recording .
hover over ELEMENTS at the top navigation menu, then suction stop on ADD ELEMENT .
ADD ELEMENT - ClickFunnels tutorial

deoxyadenosine monophosphate menu bequeath pop out on the correct side of the filmdom .
on the right pop up menu, haul and drop the VIDEO to where you want to put information technology .
future, chatter the television component oregon the gear icon at the lead right corner of the orange element to edit the video mise en scene .
How To Embed A Youtube Video In ClickFunnels [2023] ᐈ Passive Secrets

now, choice the  VIDEO TYPE. You will see batch of option, include YouTube, Vimeo, Wista, EasyVideoSuite, and HTLML5 television that you can embed .
choose YouTube .
How To Embed A Youtube Video In ClickFunnels [2023] ᐈ Passive Secrets

then, paste your YouTube video url into the YOUTUBE URL box .
besides, scroll down, and paste the url to the second YOUTUBE URL  box astatine the bottom .
then SAVE.

while however inwardly the page editor program, let ’ randomness customize your video .

Step 3: Customize Your Video

there cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate few choice ClickFunnels give you to custom-make your YouTube television .
i will rede you to meet around with these mount so you toilet determine how to arrive your video to the room you want use the choice ClickFunnels give you .
AUTOPLAY : You can set your television to looseness mechanically immediately subsequently your visitor land on your web site. BUT this set bequeath not ferment on mobile device .
CONTROLS : You can turn off the YouTube restraint sol your web site visitor will not be able to pause operating room ahead the video recording. one practice not commend keep this on, demur you wish to habit the UNMUTE LABEL feature .
BRANDING : here, you toilet shroud the YouTube logo stigmatize on your television. This feature will only exploit when the CONTROLS are on .
BLOCK PAUSE : You can change state on blockage pause so your viewer volition not be able to hesitate the video while watch. note that if you auction block hesitate, the YouTube brand and command will not show .
UNMUTE LABEL : With this, you can set ampere speaker icon to show on top of the video on the page. This merely work with AUTOPLAY, and when BLOCK PAUSE and CONTROLS exist off .
OPTIMAL WIDTH : here, you displace set the width of the video recording .
OPTIMAL HEIGHT : here, you toilet plant the acme of the video recording .
OVERLAY TEXT : This kind of work like the Unmute label. rather of vitamin a speaker icon, here, you displace set information technology to read ampere text sheathing alternatively. This feature of speech only works with BLOCK PAUSE and be by and large use for automated webinars .
YOUTUBE URL : hera, you can tuck your Youtube video url again .
TITLE : here, you can insert the championship of your video recording .
BG COLOR : here, you toilet change the setting color of your video recording .

Advanced Style Settings

You toilet besides custom-make the stylus of your video far with the Advanced Style setting yellow journalism :
FULL WIDTH : You toilet set the width of the video recording to be either be full width, 3/4 width, operating room half-width .
STICKY ON SCROLL : With this, you displace choose if you privation the television to stand by to vitamin a share of the screen door angstrom the viewer scroll down the page .
PADDING : here, you can attention deficit disorder embroider space to the side of your video .

Advanced Animation Settings

You toilet besides customize your video far with the Advanced Animation place setting tab key :
TIMED DELAY : You set your television to display only after your spectator have exhausted associate in nursing sum of prison term on your page. You can determine the video animation to either slice in operating room languish indium with scale .
TYPE : hera, you can put the type of liveliness you need for the delay you set .
remember to save your work immediately after you be do with paste your video url and customize your television .
then preview your page therefore you can be sure everything works the way you want information technology .

conclusion on How to implant ampere YouTube video indium ClickFunnels

information technology be nobelium news that add deoxyadenosine monophosphate video to your funnel can increase engagement, confidence, and overall conversion .
And a you can determine, ClickFunnels make information technology identical easily to lend and customize video recording in your funnel .
then with so many high-converting script for video recording that you toilet use in the Dotcom secret book, create deoxyadenosine monophosphate high conversion funnel induce never be easy .

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