How to Find Cent Items at Dollar General and Save Big – Tips and FAQ

Cent Items at Dollar General: How to Find Them and Save Large

What are Cent Items at Dollar General?

Cent items point to commodities that have been stopped or are nearing their expiration dates. Dollar General transfers these products to its clearance segment, where they are valued at just a single cent. These items can incorporate anything from food and beverages to household and personal care items.

Locating Cent Items at Dollar General

Cent items at Dollar General are frequently problematic to discover, but with some endurance and tenacity, you can strike gold. Here are some recommendations to support you in finding these elusive commodities:

1. Search for Items with Lemon Dot Stickers

Dollar General practices lemon dot stickers to indicate clearance items. Look for items with a lemon dot sticker and scan them utilizing the DG app to glimpse if they are a cent item.

2. Inspect the Final Caps

Final caps are the shelves at the end of each aisle. These are frequently where clearance items and cent items are situated. Keep an eye out for lemon dot stickers on these shelves.

3. Utilize the DG App

The DG app is a marvelous tool for cent item scavengers. Use the app to scan items and glimpse if they are a cent item. You can also utilize the app to verify the stock of your regional store.

4. Inquire Staff

Dollar General staff can be a marvelous resource when it proceeds to detecting cent items. Don’t be frightened to implore them for assistance or to verify the inventory for you.

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Deciphering Cent Item Codes

Once you’ve discovered a potential cent item, you’ll necessitate to decode its code to verify that it is, in fact, a cent item. Here’s how:

1. Search for Products with a “01” Ending in the Item Number

Most cent items have a UPC code that culminates in “01”. This indicates that the commodity is discontinued or marked for clearance.

2. Inspect the Price Tag

If a commodity has a lemon clearance tag and culminates in “01”, it’s likely a cent item. However, not all cent items will have a lemon tag.

3. Scan the Item Utilizing the DG App

Scan the commodity utilizing the DG app to glimpse if it is a cent item. If the app indicates that the commodity is no longer in the system, it may be a cent item.

What to Do if You Can’t Discover Cent Items

If you’ve browsed high and low for cent items but haven’t discovered any, don’t lose hope. Here are some options:

1. Search for Other Clearance Items

Just because you couldn’t discover any cent items doesn’t mean you can’t score a magnificent deal. Keep an eye out for other clearance items with discounted prices.

2. Sign Up for DG Rewards

DG Rewards members get passage to exclusive digital coupons and deals. Sign up for DG Rewards and be the first to know about cent items and other magnificent deals.

3. Shop Online

Dollar General’s website suggests a broad selection of discounted commodities. Shop online and have your commodities dispatched directly to your door.


Q1. Can I utilize coupons on cent items at Dollar General?

A. No, Dollar General’s coupon policy does not permit the utilization of coupons on cent items.

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Q2. Can I acquire multiple cent items at once?

A. Yes, you can acquire as several cent items as you want, as prolonged as they are in stock and within the store’s limit.

Q3. Can I return cent items?

A. No, cent items are last sale and cannot be returned or interchanged.

Q4. Will all Dollar General stores have cent items?

A. No, cent items are not assured at all Dollar General stores. They are frequently obtainable at stores with a high turnover of commodities.

Q5. Can I implore Dollar General personnel to hold cent items for me?

A. No, Dollar General does not permit staff to hold cent items for customers. Cent items are first-come, first-served.


Cent items at Dollar General can be a magnificent way to save large on everyday essentials. With a little perseverance and persistence, you can score some astounding deals. Remember to always verify for lemon dot stickers, utilize the DG app, and inquire personnel for assistance. And if you can’t detect any cent items, don’t worry – there are plenty of other clearance items and deals to be discovered at Dollar General. Happy hunting!

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