How to get epics in clash royale

In Clash Royale, Epics are powerful and rare cards that can greatly impact the outcome of a battle. To obtain Epic cards, follow these methods:

  1. Chests:
    • Free Chests (now replaced by Quests): In the past, you could occasionally find Epic cards in free chests.
    • Silver, Gold, and Crown Chests: Although the chances are low, you can still find Epic cards in these chests.
    • Magical Chests: These chests have a higher chance of containing Epic cards.
    • Giant, Super Magical, and Legendary Chests: These chests offer even higher chances of getting Epic cards.
    • Clan Chests (now replaced by Clan Wars): Participate in Clan Wars to earn War Chests, which can contain Epic cards based on your clan’s performance.
    • Draft Chests (from League rewards): These chests, earned at the end of a season, can contain Epic cards depending on your league ranking.
  2. In-game Shop:
    • Daily deals: Check the shop daily for offers on Epic cards that you can purchase using gold.
    • Special offers: Occasionally, the shop may have special offers that include Epic cards or chests with a higher chance of containing them.
  3. Quests:
    • Complete quests to earn quest points, which can be used to unlock various chests containing Epic cards.
  4. Trading:
    • Join a clan and use the Trade Tokens to trade cards with your clanmates. You can request an Epic card you need and give away one you don’t need.
  5. Challenges and Tournaments:
    • Participate in special challenges and tournaments that offer Epic cards or chests as rewards.

Remember, patience and consistent play will help you accumulate Epic cards over time. Good luck!

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