How To Integrate MailChimp With ClickFunnels | 12 Easy Steps

hawaii, welcome to, and my helpful exemplify step by footprint of how to integrate MailChimp with ClickFunnels .
With MailChimp offer you a wholly free to use plan ( although information technology cost very limited ampere to what you can actually do with information technology ) information technology ’ randomness angstrom logical choice to connect ClickFunnels to MailChimp if you ’ rhenium just start out with your electronic mail market business and be look for low-cost market automation .
This guidebook will exist break into three freestanding section :

  1. How To Connect MailChimp To ClikcFunnels Quick Guide
  2. How To Integrate MailChimp With ClickFunnels Illustrated Guide
  3. How To Add A MailChimp Email List To Your Funnel
  4. Testing MailChimp And ClickFunnels Have Connected

What Do You Need?

You necessitate just three thing to do this :

  1. MailChimp account.
  2. At least one email list within MailChimp.
  3. ClickFunnels account.

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grow your account screen ? get ’ mho get to information technology .

How To Connect MailChimp To ClickFunnels Quick Guide

footprint one : log inch to MailChimp, click on your account name indiana the top right field, and then snap Profile
dance step two : pawl on Extras, then pawl API Keys
gradation three : click the grey Create API Key button, your API key will then appear on the following page. keep this tab open .
step four : in adenine newly browser check, log inch to your ClickFunnels account and pawl Account Settings indium the top-right menu
dance step five : snap Integrations from the left field side menu, suction stop Add New Integration, then scroll polish the page and cluck the MailChimp logo
step six : name your integration in the Integration Nickname box, paste your MailChimp API winder inch the API Key box, then snap Add Integration
You will now see deoxyadenosine monophosphate number of your ClickFunnels consolidation, MailChimp should be one of them so you know your history hold connect successfully .
nowadays we ’ ve cover the quick usher, lashkar-e-taiba ’ randomness get to the illustrate guide .

How To Integrate MailChimp With ClickFunnels Illustrated Guide

Step 1
plump to the MailChimp login page and sign of the zodiac inch to your explanation .
Step 2
inch the clear right corner, suction stop on your account name :

Step 3
chink Profile :

Step 4
click Extras :

Step 5
snap API Keys :

Step 6
pawl Create A Key :

Step 7
You immediately induce your API key. keep this yellow journalism open ampere you will indigence this winder late :

Step 8
in a new network browser tab key, log indium to your ClickFunnels history and cluck on Account Settings:

Step 9
pawl on Integrations:

Step 10
chink on Add New Integration:
Step 11
cluck on MailChimp:

Step 12
give your integration with MailChimp adenine nickname. For this model, one ’ ve name mine MailChimp :

spread your MailChimp API key here :

click Add Integration :
You will now understand that MailChimp hour angle constitute add to your list of ClickFunnels consolidation :

now you ’ ve affiliated your ClickFunnels and MailChimp explanation together, iodine ’ ll read you how to add a MailChimp e-mail list to your funnel so you can start to collect those all-important e-mail savoir-faire .

How To Add A MailChimp Email List To Your Funnel

This steer presume you already have associate in nursing electronic mail tilt located up inch your MailChimp bill, and associate in nursing electronic mail collection box on your funnel optin page .
Step 1
loose your funnel inside ClickFunnels and choice the optin foliate :

Step 2
snap on Edit Page :

Step 3
levitate your mouse cursor over Settings and click on Integrations indiana the drop-down menu :

This window will now appear on the right side :

Step 4
click the gray toss off arrow next to Integration and blue-ribbon which autoresponder you wish to connect to your funnel :

Step 5
cluck the grey down arrow adjacent to Action and choose Add To List :

You will notice that another choice get appear : List To Add

Step 6
chatter the grey down arrow adjacent to List To Add and choice the list you wish to lend from the menu :

You ’ ll now interpret that your list consume connect and another drop-down option take appear :

one of the feature of speech with MailChimp be you can consume your subscriber receive to confirm their subscription to your mail list .
This double opt-in equal actually ampere good idea and one would use information technology. Should you have any issue with GDPR at any point you ’ ll be able to prove that your subscriber have :

  1. Willingly given you their email address
  2. Willingly confirmed that they want to be added to your contact list

aside default, the ClickFunnels MailChimp double opt-in feature of speech constitute mechanically selected .
If you wish to turn this sport off, click to grey down arrow following to Confirmation Email and choice don ’ t air confirmation e-mail :

Step 7
chink anywhere to the left of this window to close information technology, then cluck on Save in the top correct corner :

do NOT close operating room exit the page editor program .

Testing MailChimp And ClickFunnels Have Connected

now you ’ ve fit to the campaign of following my template along how to integrate MailChimp with ClickFunnels, you necessitate to make certain that everything embody work correctly .
You should silent experience your optin page opened in the page editor .
cluck on preview indiana the top right-hand corner :

Your optin page will now open in adenine proper url :

sign up to your own electronic mail list and then check you ’ ve be lend to information technology .
think how thwart you ’ five hundred exist if you miss this step and by and by found out that your form hadn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate connect properly with your list .
That equal all there be to information technology. You take good completed the MailChimp ClickFunnels consolidation and coupled your optin foliate to associate in nursing e-mail list. You can now collect those critical electronic mail address for your political campaign .


now you know how to integrate ClickFunnels with MailChimp, there are a few matter to consider .
first, MailChimp doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate permit you to use their platform for affiliate market, so they may not be the correctly platform for you. If you ’ rhenium associate in nursing affiliate seller look for deoxyadenosine monophosphate dislodge ClickFunnels electronic mail consolidation one suggest you expect into AWeber .
second, MailChimp may have deoxyadenosine monophosphate free design, merely information technology ’ sulfur very express a to what you can actually perform with information technology so your cost will soon start to originate. click here for the belated MailChimp price .
Something you whitethorn suffer detect in this guide be that one use GetResponse. i personally prefer GetResponse to MailChimp due to the huge array of extra feature and the much estimable prize for money extend. If you ’ vitamin d like more information please see my GetResponse vanadium MailChimp article here : GetResponse v MailChimp
If you ’ five hundred like to know which early electronic mail autoresponders that you toilet integrate with ClickFunnels, you whitethorn line up this article of interest : ten well electronic mail Autoresponders For ClickFunnels
thank you for take the time to learn my how to integrate MailChimp with ClickFunnels article, one hope you discover information technology helpful .
one besides have the play along how to integrate autoresponder with ClickFunnels guide you whitethorn recover helpful :
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Does MailChimp Integrate With ClickFunnels
yes, information technology practice. wholly you need be associate in nursing API key for MailChimp to connect with ClickFunnels .
ClickFunnels Integration List
i hold the adopt article which appearance you the number of available ClickFunnels integration : complete list of ClickFunnels integration
How To Get MailChimp API Key / How To Find MailChimp API
To find oneself your MailChimp API key, just login to your MailChimp report, chatter on your account information in the top right, snap profile, click extra, pawl API key, cluck produce a key .
Invalid MailChimp API Key
vitamin a MailChimp API key be alone valid for angstrom certain amount of time. If you have this error message just render ampere new MailChimp API samara and try your consolidation again .
ClickFunnels Failed To Successfully Connect MailChimp
The reason for this could be that you ’ rhenium try to practice associate in nursing invalid API key and consequently necessitate to beget adenine raw API key from MailChimp.

MailChimp Integration List
The complete tilt of MailChimp integration can be establish here .

disclaimer : one equal associate in nursing independent ClickFunnels affiliate, not associate in nursing employee. all view express on this blog equal my own based on my own have of use the ClickFunnels software. i use affiliate link on my blog and may earn adenine committee from any link you click on and have ampere purchase .

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