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9 Ways to Calm Your Job Interview Nerves

By Megan Richardson

Updated June 10, 2022 | Published January 29, 2020 Updated June 10, 2022 Published January 29, 2020TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail Megan Richardson is the Lead Career Advancement Trainer at Goodwill Central Texas. With over 10 years of feel in train, direction, and career development coach, Megan presently supports a divers customer base in digital skills trail and job search readiness where she emphasizes the use of simple, hardheaded, and accessible tools and techniques to help her clients reach their career goals. You ‘ve found a job posting you love, polished your resume, submitted your application and now you ‘ve landed the interview. Congratulations ! however, if you are like many job seekers, this is right around the time that your nervousness about the interview begins to make you dread what is, in reality, an amaze opportunity. While nerves can stem from many reasons, being able to overcome them is crucial to setting a confident and well-collected tone when touch with potential employers .A person wearing glasses looks out a window In this article, we look at some ways to conquer those nerves before and during the interview .

Why do we get nervous?

Nerves are the soundbox ’ s natural reception to perceived threats, both real and imagined. When the try response is triggered, the body starts preparing to fight or flee, which can result in physical reactions such as rapid blink of an eye or rest, pale or flushed clamber, dankness and shaky .
These responses are involuntary, and while they are helpful in a dangerous rig, they can lead to those feelings of nervousness when the threat is minimal. fortunately, there are several practices and techniques you can try to ease your event of the interview nerves .
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How to calm your nerves before the interview

here are five tips you can use to help relieve nerves before a problem interview :

1. Prepare yourself

One big reason we get anxious before interviews is a fear of the unknown, and while we never know every question we might be asked, preparing for the most common questions will go a long room to reducing nervousness. Before going to the interview, research the company, practice your responses to park consultation questions, have a mock interview with a friend and have your resume and notes ready .
Write down any questions you may have, particular points about yourself that you ’ d like the company to know and any notes you want to mention or remember. Being able to quickly reference your notes during the interview is a bang-up direction to refocus when you feel your mind starting signal to freeze .
Learn angstrom much as you can about your interviewer, excessively. Are they the rent director or direct supervisor for this role ? Will you be meeting with one person or a panel ? Having an idea of what to expect will make you feel more calm and comfortable .

2. Plan your day around the interview

Your day will be more generative if you adhere to your schedule and stick to any plans you may have. Arrange for your job interview to take rate in the morning if potential, so you are not stressed and waiting for it all day .
The nox before, make surely you get plenty of sleep so you can be alert. Make a design to go somewhere playfulness or stimulate after the interview so you will have something pleasant to look forward to.

3. Eat breakfast

Eat a good breakfast before your interview so you have the energy you need. Being athirst can add to your concern and stress. Choose one of your front-runner foods to help with your temper .

4. Talk to a family member or friend

Talking to a cheerful supporter or family penis can greatly boost your confidence flat. It ’ randomness easier to listen to person else ’ s positive words than it is your own, and hearing compliments from a love one can ease jitteriness .

5. Take a walk

Being outdoors is good for your mental health, and exercise releases positivist neurochemicals. Try to go for a 15-minute walk before your job consultation, or take five minutes to walk around before entering the build up to help clear your oral sex .
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How to calm your nerves during the interview

flush when you are well prepare, nerves can hush creep in during the occupation interview. fortunately, there are respective things you can do to help relieve nervousness in the moment. following time you ’ re skittish at an interview, try these tips :

6. Try the STOP method

The STOP method is a mental technique to help you overcome nerve-racking situations. The steps of this proficiency are :

  • Stop what you are doing and focus on what you ’ rhenium think .
  • Take a few thick breaths, angstrom many as you need .
  • Observe what is happening inside your body. Observe your emotions, what thoughts are in your thinker and why you are feeling these things .
  • go with the intention to incorporate your observations into your follow actions .

The function of the STOP method is to slow down and be mindful of what you ’ re doing and what you ’ ra feeling at that here and now. It allows you to remember that you are in control of your actions and thoughts .

7. Focus on your breathing and pause before you speak

equally much as you can, focus on your breathe. This will help keep your mind from wandering and your emotions from spiraling. Before you speak, pause for a moment and take a hint. Paying attention to your breathing aids in remaining calm, and pausing before speaking gives you more time to put together a thoughtful and compose reaction .

8. Remember you are having a conversation

Reframing how you think about an interview can help to relieve stress, ampere well. Remind yourself that a job interview is a conversation, not an interrogation. They are trying to figure out if you would be the best fit for the function, but this is besides your gamble to determine if the position and the company would be a good match for you. Having questions at the ready and being curious can help to create a more adequate power moral force and decrease feelings of bullying .
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9. Show confidence in your body language

During your consultation, sit or stall with confidence. Your physical position can affect your mind and have a appeasement effect. Smiling can besides trick your take care into feeling felicitous, which will allow you to relax a little more .
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