How to Penny Shop at Dollar General Tips and Tricks for Finding One-Cent Bargains

How to Save Big at Dollar General through Penny Shopping

If you’re scraping by or on the hunt for bargains, bargain stores are becoming increasingly trendy. At the front of this movement is Dollar General, with over 17,000 locations scattered across the United States. But, have you heard of the one-cent markdowns at Dollar General? Discover this best-kept secret with us and learn how to penny shop at Dollar General effectively.

What is Penny Shopping at Dollar General?

Penny shopping gives you a chance to buy products for only one cent when they become obsolete. Dollar General marks these products down with colored stickers, like yellow, blue, or similar, and the final markdown price is one cent! The best part? The penny items are often tucked away in various spots around the shop, adding to the hunting excitement.

How to Find Penny Items at Dollar General

Spotting penny items at Dollar General might pose a challenge. But don’t despair; below are some hints on how to find the one-cent bargains with ease:

1. Search for products with colored dots:

Marked down products at Dollar General come with colored dots on them. The color of the dot identifies different markdown prices, with the lowest being the final one-cent price.

2. Scan the items:

The Dollar General app can help you scan products in the store and see if they are on clearance. Once you’ve scanned the item, the app will show if it has a markdown.

3. Solicit assistance from employees:

Feel free to inquire from the shop attendants if they have any penny items, or if there are any around the store. Sometimes, they may offer tips on where to unearth the clearance stock.

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4. Research:

There exist several blogs and Facebook groups devoted to penny shopping at Dollar General. Subscribing to such groups can keep you in the know of the freshest penny finds and offer you insider tips.

Tips and Tricks for Penny Shopping at Dollar General

Now that you know how to spot penny items at Dollar General, here are a few tips and tricks to maximize your penny shopping experience.

1. Head out early:

Believe it or not, penny items are swept up fast, so it’s crucial to arrive at your local Dollar General early. Some penny hunters even get there before the shop doors open!

2. Be discreet:

Penny shopping is a clandestine shopping method. It’s best to maintain discretion and avoid sharing your finds on social media or telling everyone you know. This way, the penny items will still be available when you reach the store.

3. Arm yourself with patience:

Uncovering penny items is an arduous process, requiring energy and time. Sometimes, you will leave empty-handed, and other times only find a few items. It would be best to be patient and persistent to eventually succeed in claiming the jackpot.

4. Keep checking:

Dollar General regularly updates its inventory, so it’s essential to keep checking the store. You never know when new penny items will be released.


1. Are coupons valid for penny items at Dollar General?

No, Dollar General doesn’t allow the use of coupons on penny items.

2. What is the return policy on penny items?

Penny items are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

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3. Is there a specific day for penny shopping at Dollar General?

No, specific days exist. You’re likely to find markdowns any day of the week, so check in frequently.

4. Are penny items valid for gift card purchases?

Yes, you can use gift cards to pay for penny items.

5. Are penny items available at all Dollar General stores?

Yes, penny items are available at all Dollar General shops, although they may be out of stock.


Penny shopping at Dollar General is a thrilling way to bag items for only one cent. Armed with the right tips and tricks, you can have fun and score some bargains. Remain discreet, patient, and persistent during your penny shopping escapades, and you’ll succeed in your hunt. Happy shopping!

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