How to Reschedule a Job Interview (With Examples)

You have a job consultation scheduled but you ‘re nauseated, your car wo n’t start, you ’ ra stuck in a storm, you have technology issues, or you plainly ca n’t make it. What should you do ? We all know how authoritative interviews are, but sometimes circumstances arise that can require you to reschedule even the most significant job interview .

If you ’ rhenium not sure you can get there for any reason, it ’ mho better to try to reschedule in advance than to call from the road when you slipped off into a ditch during a blizzard, or are on your manner to the pressing care with a disgusted child .

There are allow ways to reschedule a caper interview to preserve a opportunity of getting hired, even though you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate make your scheduled interview. here ‘s how to reschedule a problem interview.

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Reasons for Rescheduling an interview

One of the most common reasons for rescheduling a occupation interview is when the applicant is ghastly. But, there are other reasons besides illness that necessitate rescheduling an consultation. Most companies understand that circumstances come up—a nauseated family member, a schedule conflict, car troubles, you ‘re interviewing remotely and have technology issues, and a diverseness of other reasons. It ’ s a thoroughly idea to be honest about why you need to reschedule, so make certain it ’ s a valid reason .

Most employers are sympathy, and will be glad to reschedule at a more convenient time. If they are n’t flexible, it could be an indicator of how they will be as an employer, and that could be a bless that this is n’t the best job for you .

What to Do if You Are nauseated

Showing up for an in-person job interview when you are nauseated is going to worry the interviewer, not impress them. If you have any respiratory or flu-like symptoms—including a cough, fluid nose, stodgy nuzzle, or a afflictive throat—do both yourself and the hire director a favor and stay home .

You will be spreading undesirable germs, and will not interview well if you ‘re disgusted. Your judgment may be called into motion as well. Do they truly want to hire person who is willing to put their colleagues at gamble ?

Interviewers don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to meet with nauseated candidates, so decidedly think about rescheduling if you are ill.

How to Reschedule an consultation

What ‘s crucial is to let the caller know in a seasonably manner that you wo n’t be able to make the consultation and to try to secure a new interview go steady when you talk to them. If you need to cancel an interview rather than reschedule, give the hire director as much comment as possible .

It ’ mho best to notify the person who scheduled the consultation by e-mail and telephone ampere well, to ensure that your message is received a soon as possible. Depending on the interviewer ’ randomness agenda, they may not see one or the early message until arriving in the function .

Let them know you can ’ thymine make it and ask if it would be possible to reschedule :

  • Apologize for needing to reschedule.
  • Suggest a day or two when you’ll be available if you email or leave a voicemail.
  • If you get an answer, ask when would be a convenient time for you to interview.
  • When rescheduling because of illness, make sure to give yourself some time to recover.
  • Be as flexible as possible, and try to accommodate their schedule to set another date for the meeting. They are giving you a second chance, so be gracious.

Request to Reschedule an Interview Example

Subject : Your name – Rescheduling Interview interrogate Dear Ms. Calibran, Would it be possible to reschedule the interview we had scheduled for the social media adjunct on August 17 at 10 ante meridiem ? unfortunately, I will not be able to attend at that clock. however, I would very much appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about the position. I ‘m available on any early day and time this week, whenever it is most commodious for you. Thank you very much for your consideration. Best, Tobie Myers

Provide as much Notice as possible

Whatever the reason, give the company vitamin a much notice as possible that you are n’t going to be there. Being considerate of the interviewer ‘s time will be appreciated .

Canceling at the death moment, unless it ‘s a genuine hand brake, may be held against you.

Contact the interviewer merely a soon as you know you wo n’t be able to make the interview. Interviewers and rent managers are human beings, besides, and they are most probable to understand and appreciate your being honest and giving them enough detect to adjust their own schedules .

Follow Up to Confirm the New Date

Send a thank-you eminence before your rescheduled interview to thank them for letting you reschedule. Let them know you understand that their schedules are busy and say you appreciate their accommodating your need to change plans. Confirm the date and time of the rescheduled interview in your message .

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