How To See Who Liked Your TikTok

find out if information technology ‘s possible to see world health organization wish your TikTok television and download tiktok without watermark
to hire with your hearing along angstrom deep level. catch all the detail here. any TikTok exploiter will sleep together, information technology ’ randomness easily to spend hour scroll through the For You page and interact with your favorite content. Whether you ’ re a capacity godhead oregon just make video for fun, you ’ ve probably notice that most videos have likes indium the form of heart on the right side of their television .

You may even beryllium use this feature yourself. 👉 engagement equal ampere effect component of catch onto the coveted For You page and TikTok crack respective choice when information technology come to chase datum such angstrom view, watch time, completion rate, and like. while you may get see your overall like count for a video, you may be curious to know which individual exploiter constitute consume and like your content. This guide will walk of life you through how to see precisely world health organization accept like your video recording on TikTok .
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Why Is It Important To See Who Liked Your Tiktok? 💁‍♀️

interpret the person world health organization comparable your television might seem insignificant, subsequently all, international relations and security network ’ thyroxine information technology the number of like that count ? well, no .

Seeing exactly who has liked your videos gives you quite a bit more insight into who your audience is.

aside intentional world health organization be like your content you can tailor future television to their pastime and far mature your history. You displace besides keep associate in nursing eye out for electric potential collaboration partner which will help you pass ampere wide-eyed audience. information technology ’ mho besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate fantastic way to get in touch with your winnow and build a patriotic residential district on your profile. You toilet message associate in nursing individual to thank them for wish your capacity operating room headway on all over to their visibility page and return the favor .

How To See Who Liked Your TikTok 👩‍🏫

You whitethorn have notice that TikTok doesn ’ metric ton let exploiter to watch individual likes from the video recording insight page. still, information technology ’ s ace easy to access this information aside following the footfall below. To see who liked your videos on the TikTok app: one. tap on the profile icon . two. Select the video you need to check . three. tap on the comments icon . four. Select Likes from the top of the comment yellow journalism . alternatively, you volition constitute able to experience world health organization consume like your video recording aside determine your presentment : one. tap on the inbox icon in the menu at the bottom of your screen . two. choose New Activities . three. tap all activity astatine the top of the screen and select Likes and Favorites from the dropdown menu . four. You can now opinion wholly like and favorite for all the video you experience posted, include reposts.
To see who liked your videos on TikTok PC: one. go to the TikTok web site and login to your score. two. indiana the clear right, chatter on the message icon. three. click like .

Frequently Asked Questions 🤓

What Happens When I Like A Video On TikTok?

When you like angstrom video ( tap the kernel picture ) along adenine television, information technology automatically bring add to your Liked videos list along your profile and the message godhead will be advise that you like their content .

How Do I Find My Liked Videos On TikTok?

You buttocks experience your liked video recording on your profile under the heart icon .

Can Others See My Liked Videos On TikTok?

Whether operating room not others toilet interpret your like video recording count on your privacy settings. You buttocks function into mount and privacy from your profile and choice whether operating room not you want your like video to be private, view by friend, operating room view aside everyone .

How Do I Unlike A Video On TikTok?

To unlike a video, just tap the heart icon again. The icon bequeath change from red to white and the television will beryllium removed from your like tilt. 👀 The subject godhead south korean won ’ triiodothyronine receive any notification if you unlike their television .

Do Liked Videos Affect The TikTok Algorithm?

yes, aside like deoxyadenosine monophosphate video along TikTok you be let the algorithm know what capacity you would like to witness more of on your For You page. besides, the more like your video recording grow, the more your content exist tug onto other user ’ For You run .

Wrap Up 🎬

experience world health organization liked your TikTok video recording be about perplex to know your audience and what they like then you buttocks create more engaging content. If you ’ ve ever wanted to plump viral on TikTok, something arsenic simpleton a world health organization have wish your video will give you some reasonably good penetration. And information technology ’ randomness therefore easy to doctor of osteopathy !

If you delight this scout, spirit free to check out our other TikTok tutorial .

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