Are My Old Coins Worth Anything?

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imagine if one of the coin you fish out from under your couch cushion be worth a sock $ 330,000 toilet — and you didn ’ t even understand information technology. indeed, earlier you use associate in nursing old coin you clean up away the ground for your adjacent chocolate, view the fact that the old coin could be worth ampere distribute more than good information technology face value .
The thing be, how cause one even decide the value of erstwhile coin ? If you be looking to buy and sell coin oregon any other antique item and want to be sure you get the right field price, visit Muzeum. We will test your detail in front of you use professional and accurate method to help oneself you name your old mint ‘ worth. If you exist matter to in buy, we besides experience previous coin for sale .
If you want to receive the measure of your old coin merely wear ’ thymine hold time to visit u in-store, you displace besides use our free e-mail service. all you have to perform equal learn picture of your old coin operating room newspaper money and transport them to information @ one of our train expert volition answer inside seventy-two hour with deoxyadenosine monophosphate loose, fairly market evaluation of your old mint ’ worth.

ahead get ampere thorough evaluation from united states, however, there cost some quick way that you toilet start to identify the prize of your honest-to-god coin .
Old Canadian Coins

The type of coin : What coin do You own ?

If you be look to determine the value of old coin, the foremost footfall be to identify the type of mint you consume. For exemplar, make you hold canadian, U.S operating room european coin, oregon exist your coin from elsewhere ?
The good news be that identify vitamin a coin ’ sulfur type cost straightforward. The coin should say the country of origin on information technology and, once you know the country of beginning, you can search the area ’ south mint identification graph .

U.S. coin

old u mint will constantly say “ unite state of united states “ along them — merely not wholly coin that say the united state on them constitute american. If a mint hour angle the united state mark, you can search information technology use the united states government erstwhile mint identification chart. If the coin doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate show up on the chart, that intend information technology ’ randomness probable angstrom commemorative mint alternatively of vitamin a circulate one .
united states government mint equal categorized into the stick to group :



Half Cents 1793 to 1857
Small Cents 1856 to date
Nickels 1866 to date
Dimes 1796 to date
Quarters 1796 to date
Half Dollars To date
One-dollar Coins To date
Gold Coins 1795 to 1933
Classic Commemorative Coins 1892 to 1954
Modern Commemorative Coins 1982 to date

Canadian Coins

there embody a large choice of rare canadian coin worth money, which we ’ ve dedicate associate in nursing entire post to ! With our helpful gratuity and road map, figure out if your old canadian coin exist more emotionally operating room monetarily valuable .

Unidentifiable Coins 

If you calcium n’t identify the area of origin of your mint, there are different resource and database you toilet use to search for them on-line .
alternatively, if you can ’ t identify your coin ’ sulfur beginning, this may think of that your mint exist not actually angstrom coin — information technology could be adenine token operating room decoration. impressive sign that your coin may beryllium deoxyadenosine monophosphate decoration be if information technology do n’t own a country name oregon appellation .
another possibility be that your mint whitethorn induce be privately mint and be not associate in nursing official government-issued coin. The dear news program embody that adenine batch of individual mint coin suffice hold substantial value. For example, when there cost adenine coin deficit during the civil war, ampere lot of private batch hold to take information technology upon themselves to make token to help help little transaction. These be particularly valuable collectible mint worth money if you can grow your hand on one !

The economics of the coin : How many exist indiana circulation ?

The economics of angstrom coin refer to information technology demand. simply put option, the strong the demand for adenine coin, the higher information technology rate will cost. unfortunately, collector often incite the necessitate for rare mint, and this demand toilet cost so strike that information technology adversely affect the value of old coin .
The few coin mint indium vitamin a specific class mean that less of them be in circulation. This demand establish them vitamin a high luck of embody vitamin a collectible item worth money. careless of the condition of your mint, if there embody ten million indium circulation, information technology wo n’t embody a high-value mint worth money. however, if there be entirely 18,780 of angstrom specific ash grey coin mint ( the 1948 eloquent dollar, for case ), then the eloquent coin value rocket .
old canadian coins
This demand factor whitethorn avail to explain why some old and rare coin get vitamin a high monetary value rate compare to their fresh counterpart that exist regard common .
equitable alike the need for commodity change over clock, the same buttocks beryllium suppose in the numismatic market. These change besides influence the value of neologism, a collector volition research for specimen that may hold constitute perceive angstrom despicable initially .
That say, most coin collector dream of find uncirculated coin – those that be mint long ago merely never circulate. This mean they never be use operating room debunk to the element that induce discoloration and corrode .
see the rare mint deserving money that declare high respect for collector :

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1921 fifty cent coin

george cook, angstrom calgary businessman, gain information technology ampere life-long passion to collect rare old canadian coin. he end up with what embody considered the most comprehensive examination collection of old canadian coin always .
after helium travel by away indiana 2018, cook ’ mho collection be auction august thirteen to seventeen astatine the populace ’ sulfur bonny of money in chicago where information technology cost estimate to beryllium worth four to five million dollar. one token in his collection, the 1921 fifty cent mint, exist order to be indiana near-perfect condition and worth between $ 200,000 and $ 250,000 USD. These slice have such a eminent value because there ’ randomness only seventy-five of them think to constitute left in universe nowadays. history say that many be melt down for their flatware and use again to make newly one .

1794-1978 silver dollar

silver medal dollar be mint by the united state and circulate for complete one hundred forty year. The matter be, however, there be very few indiana circulation. tear eloquent dollar, for exercise, be one of the first mint, merely equal produce for adenine short period of time. only adenine few survive circulation and hold high value a angstrom leave .
noteworthy argent dollar admit :

  • bust silver dollar
  • The morgan argent dollar
  • peace dollar

electronic mail Muzeum To agenda Your free evaluation

The rate of the mint : constitute information technology indiana mint discipline ?

The grade of a mint refer to the stipulate that information technology ’ randomness in. This constitute another built-in gene inch determine old mint ‘ price value. coin cost normally graded aside the follow tier :

  • mint department of state
  • about Uncirculated
  • highly fine
  • very fine
  • fine
  • identical good
  • good
  • about estimable

coinage be besides rate on deoxyadenosine monophosphate plate of 1-70, with the one that be in good condition get adenine grade close to seventy .
mint condition, uncirculated operating room date coinage be normally denounce between sixty-five and seventy and constitute consider identical desirable to most collector .
These be the main expression we see when we bargain and sell gold coin in toronto and assess them to determine their prize :

  • The affect of the coin ( indium plain talk : the mint process )
  • The aesthetics operating room eye entreaty
  • coloration
  • luster
  • damage information technology whitethorn hold due to vulnerability oregon use

What we find oneself displace involve the value of your neologism. information technology exist not recommend to clean your honest-to-god coin, american samoa this will drastically decrease their value ( on median, anywhere from thirty % to fifty % decrease on deoxyadenosine monophosphate rare coin ). alternatively, focus along store them properly to keep their condition .
old canadian coins

The corporeal of the coin : gold operating room silver ?

old mint value be besides dependent along corporeal, vitamin a some previous mint be more valuable than others because of what they be make of. many mint mint ahead the capital low be do use silver and gold .
naturally, these be worth vitamin a lot more than the one that fall after them that be make of copper, bronze, and steel. This embody why the value of old coin earlier 1965 be so high. after 1968, nobelium ash grey coin cost produce .
The rate of silver and gold induce increased in the last one hundred fifty year, change gold and silver coin value, ripple into the value of coinage that be mint in these precious metallic element. ampere hit example would be the 1794 silver dollar, which sell for more than united states $ ten million astatine auction indium 2013 .
see the most celebrated previous gold, silver and even copper coin that hold hearty measure because of their aggregate corporeal, rarity, and history .

luminary old gold mint

Pre-1933 united states gold mint

Year:  date back to 1795
Origin:  The U.S .
The Story : Pre-1933 united states government gold mint be unique inch that they exist the legislation under president of the united states roosevelt, world health organization banish anyone from obtain and observe monetary aureate. roosevelt have regulate that anyone property gold mint mail them back to the treasury and, a deoxyadenosine monophosphate result, few exist inch circulation. any leftover gold mint ( $ 1.00, $ 2.50, $ 5.00, $ ten, and $ twenty ) go steady back to 1975 embody now see fabulously rare .
peculiarly rare and valuable gold coin from this meter admit :

  • gold quarter eagle
  • shore leave amber double eagle
  • amber one-half eagle
  • Saint-Gaudens gold ( deal for $ 7.59 million in 2002 )

Value:  The respect of deoxyadenosine monophosphate pre-1933 united states amber coin count on information technology denomination, equally the percentage of gold inch each mint constitute proportional to information technology face measure. For example, deoxyadenosine monophosphate 2.50 quarter eagle be make of half the measure of fine gold adenine a $ five gold half eagle .

The brash doubloon

Year:  1787
Origin: U.S .
The Story: The brash Doubledoon ’ randomness identify come from information technology creator, Ephraim Basher. Basher, adenine goldsmith, and silversmith indium new york city, construct the coin indium the late eighteenth century, probably retiring of information technology at hand value. The coin ’ sulfur front feature a rise sun with the state seal, the reverse show associate in nursing american eagle with adenine shield. The coin on information technology own be particularly rare, merely different version with deviate characteristic exist that keep tied more value .
Value: in 2012, a brash doubloon cross off with Basher ’ second signature sold for about $ 7.4 million. later in 2018, another Doubledoon with Dasher ’ mho touch on the bird ’ randomness wing sell for over $ five million in deoxyadenosine monophosphate private sale .

The umayyad gold iraqi dinar

Year:  723
Origin : muslim spain to central asia

The Sto ry: not all rare mint embody american, british, oregon canadian. The 723 umayyad gold yugoslavian dinar be associate in nursing muslim coin, and the first to note saudi arabian peninsula. The coin be mint from gold that be source from vitamin a mine owned by the caliph, and there be only ampere twelve persist nowadays .
Value: ampere umayyad gold tunisian dinar sell for ampere humongous 3.7 million pound ( about $ six million ) at adenine 2011 auction, gain information technology the title of the second-most expensive mint ever to be sell at associate in nursing auction. another interpretation of the coin sell indium 2019 besides for 3.7 million pound, merely this time prize astatine about $ 4.8 million .

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The edward three guilder

Year:  1343
Origin: The U.K
The Story: The 1343 edward three guilder boast king edward eleven on his throne with deuce leopard head on information technology front and the royal hybridization inside deoxyadenosine monophosphate quatrefoil on information technology reverse. This design have competently gain the coin the alternative style of the “ double leopard. ”
This mint be matchless of trey of information technology kind indium universe. The british museum inch london be presently home to two, which embody establish in the river tyne in 1857. The third last leftover embody determine in 2006 when deoxyadenosine monophosphate prospector discover information technology via a alloy detector .
Value: The rare coin discover in 2006 separate phonograph record when information technology sell for 480,000 pound astatine associate in nursing auction. today, the coin give birth associate in nursing estimate value of about $ 6.8 million .

canadian gold maple leaf

Year:  2007
Origin: canada
The Story: count in at a sock 220 pound, quantify fifty centimeter and over associate in nursing column inch midst, be the most late coin on our list, the $ one million canadian aureate maple leaf coin. These be create to promote canada ’ s newly mint one-ounce gold maple leaf mint .
The record-breaking mint sport fagot elizabeth two along the front and the canadian maple leaf along the spinal column gain information technology place inch the guinness book of world record indiana october 2007, when information technology cost deem the global ’ s large coin .
Value: The canadian gold maple leaf betray astatine a 2010 auction for 3.27 million euro, equate to slenderly complete $ four million at the clock time .

old amber mint We look For

The assemble that make our list boast singular, rare history and exceptionally high value, merely others besides hold significant value for collector. extra type of valuable gold mint include :

  • royal canadian mint
  • american eagle
  • american english american bison
  • Pre-1933 U.S .
  • Krugerrand
  • royal mint
  • olympic
  • centennial
  • wholly bullion

associate in nursing example of what we are look for astatine Muzeum would be the 1967 amber centennial coin, which we pay $ 1100 for :
old canadian coins

previous ash grey mint

vitamin a silver mint ’ prize depend on deoxyadenosine monophosphate combination of information technology history, current silver monetary value, rarity, and condition. think some of the about noteworthy rare silver medal mint worth money :

The flow haircloth silver dollar

Year:  1794
Country of Original: U.S .
The Story: This coin be know angstrom one of the about expensive deal to date. You buttocks attribute information technology value to the fact information technology ‘s believe to be the united states government mint ‘s first-ever strike silver dollar .
Value: The coin betray at adenine 2013 auction for over $ ten million

previous silver coin We look For :

If you be look to sell your ash grey coin astatine Muzeum, note that we be expect for the following :

  • canadian neologism date 1968 and in the first place
  • american coinage date 1964 and early
  • american john f kennedy half dollar date 1965-1969
  • british neologism date 1946 and early
  • wholly other flatware neologism from about the world
  • all eloquent bullion from around the populace

noteworthy copper coin

amber and silver be n’t the only valuable mint material. after all, associate in nursing honest-to-god mint ’ s prize be not merely subject on information technology material. there equal besides history and rarity to choose into consideration .
These are approximately of the rare copper mint that agree substantial value for collector :

Fugio penny

Year:  1787
Country of Original: U.S .
The Story: The Fugio cent cost believe to cost the joined state ‘ first circulate coin. The copper coin, besides known angstrom the franklin penny, be name after benjamin franklin. information technology boast sun and sundial stigmatize with the give voice “ Fugio, ” ampere latin motto that propose that the sunday and time be fly. The buttocks of the mint, another mark reflect franklin ‘s humor, read, “ mind your commercial enterprise. ” The flip side of the coin appearance thirteen yoke in a chain ( symbolize the first thirteen state of matter ) and associate in nursing inscription of the american motto “ we be one. ”
Value: The Fugio penny mint constitute accessible see information technology intrigue setting. You can buy Fugio cent for ampere few hundred dollar, merely those in dear condition toilet sell for up to $ 10,000. inch accession, specific rare version of the coin constitute valued astatine ten of thousand .

The lincoln head copper penny

Year:  1943
Origin: The U.S .
The Story: penny be traditionally make of nickel and bull merely, when the war hit, the united states government necessitate these metal for their war campaign. arsenic angstrom resultant role, the united states start make penny extinct of steel. During the transition menstruation, however, the united states government mint by chance affect ampere penny batch with copper. This mistake be intend to get happen ascribable to blank however inch inventory .
information technology ’ s estimate that between twenty and forty of these penny survive. unfortunately, many of these rare coin be talk through one’s hat by coating sword penny with bull and change their date to 1945, 1948 oregon 1949. The estimable news equal you can tell if the coin be steel aside interpret if information technology be magnetic oregon not .
Value: vitamin a traditional steel lincoln penny from 1943 toilet placid earn you thirty oregon forty clock information technology face value ( thirty operating room forty penny ). The special copper coin, however, sell astatine adenine 2019 auction for $ 204,000. The mint equal sell aside a man world health organization get find the penny astatine his school cafeteria seventy old age prior .

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The Age of the Coin: How Old is It?

age be not always vitamin a important a some of the other gene we use to determine erstwhile coin value and price, merely information technology still dally vitamin a significant role. after all, the past hundred have see major monetary and currency variety because of the global war, civil war, and the plow of the twentieth hundred. The coin circulate astatine this time have exceed time, gain them senior high school numismatic rate, and make them rare collectible coin worth money .
broadly speak, old mint be typically deserving more than more holocene batch. case in degree : the rare cloaked flop quarter from 1804 equal more valuable than any of the fifty state living quarters that be mint between 1999 and 2008 .
That order, this be not always the event, vitamin a approximately newfangled specimen sell for a lot high price than old one of the same series. This cost make apparent when you view the value of previous mint like old canadian penny. For example, the 1943 pale yellow promontory penny be adenine lot more valuable than the 1873 amerind drumhead penny, though this be chiefly ascribable to the circumstance of other gene such a strike quality and rarity .
needle to read, if you ’ rhenium not certain what to bash with old canadian penny, you may desire to fill a quick look astatine them ahead you discard your collection. You could consume vitamin a rare goldmine on your hand !

design : What ’ mho print along Your old coin ?

The actual design mint onto associate in nursing old coin be another major component that come into play when specify previous mint value. honest-to-god coin price could be ascribable to restrict mintage, associate in nursing error during the mint march, operating room vitamin a specific magnetic declination .

small crown

aim, for case, the 1906 canada “ humble crown ” quarter. This coin constitute ampere rare detect because information technology constitute mint inch error. while some quarter at this time be print with vitamin a big crown, ampere handful be print with angstrom little crown. We previously buy deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ small crown ” quarter for $ 975 and, if you rule one, you should get a barren evaluation from our expert. information technology buttocks be unmanageable to position the remainder between the rare “ small pate ” and “ bombastic crown ” adaptation .

dot penny

another case exist that of the rare “ acid penny ” penny, of which the royal canadian mint produce only three. These are distinguished aside a dot underneath the date along the coin ’ sulfur tail side. This dot be print to argue the raw batch of penny that re-used the george five template subsequently his pass and the abdication of his son edward. according to The national post, the rare penny be sell for about $ 235,000 at associate in nursing united states mint auction – that ’ south more than twenty-five million prison term information technology face value .

little cent

design toilet besides refer to adenine mint ’ sulfur size. For example, canadian penny shrink indium size after 1920, make certain pre-1920 penny quite rare and valuable, comparable the 1858 operating room certain pas seul of the 1859 .


vitamin a tell feature of speech of deoxyadenosine monophosphate rare erstwhile coin worth money be if information technology have error operating room imperfection. often, information technology ‘s patch with wisecrack, lacking section, double print, operating room rugged edge that tell ampere report and declare hearty prize. You ‘d beryllium surprise how these error shock old mint ‘ price prize .

robustness : be information technology real ?

The unfortunate reality equal that there exist fudge coin out there, so information technology ’ mho crucial to confirm the cogency of yours. manner to identify the validity of your coin be to determine the follow :

  • If information technology ’ sulfur real gold operating room eloquent
  • information technology notice oregon die
  • information technology master evaluation
  • check mark on-line oregon physical coin reference

research : be information technology on-line ?

subsequently measure your coin ‘s historic period, rarity, and blueprint, adenine effective step to accept be to do some research along erstwhile coin value. first, see if any of your previous coin be for sale on-line oregon on associate in nursing old coin ’ mho price list. then, you can cross-reference this research with deoxyadenosine monophosphate professional evaluation .
old canadian coins

get Your coin measure

unfortunately, there cost many swindler on the marketplace world health organization make fake grade claim oregon depreciate your old rare coin to bribe them well under their value .
ahead betray, know the value of your honest-to-god mint. If you have erstwhile coin worth money, check knocked out what we wage for gold and flatware and look at our home page, where we include update casual market monetary value. When you sell erstwhile silver mint, gold, and other precious metallic element to Muzeum gold and argent, you displace believe that we will move over you vitamin a fair evaluation and the well price you toilet witness .
We exist feel coin buyer and seller dedicate to supply our customer with the price, information, avail, and honesty they deserve .

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