How to Decline a Job Interview Gracefully

Most of the time, getting an interview request is excellent news when you ’ ra looking for a new job, and it can be a surprise when you ’ re not actively looking for a job. however, you may know for certain that the speculate you ’ five hundred be interviewing for international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate a well catch, and in these situations, it ’ south better to decline the request than to waste everyone ’ south time. hush, it ’ s essential to do it respectfully and professionally when turning down an interview opportunity .
Anyone who has gone through an consultation process knows that it can take longer. even an initial phone interview requires taking time out of your day so that you can focus on the conversation. then, if you make it past the initial discussions, interviews typically only get more drawn-out and acute. Suppose you show up to an consultation for a caper you know you are n’t concerned in pursuing, which would well be aweless of the interviewer ‘s meter, or, worse—if you accept the interview out of obligation and then ghost by just not showing up. You ’ re not entirely relaying the message that you don ’ metric ton regard this person ’ second prison term, but you ’ re besides potentially closing the door to working with this company and or this individual erstwhile in the future because they ’ ll remember this behavior. If you know that you ’ re not concerned in a job, it ’ south better for everyone if you merely withdraw your campaigning .
Ghosting international relations and security network ’ t an excellent way to take yourself out of the function for a job, so what is the right manner to decline an interview ?

When to Decline a Job Interview

A blanket explanation for why you would want to turn down an interview request is because you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want the occupation that ’ s up for catch. so, what are some reasons you might not want the job ?

The most likely rationality you may not be matter to in a speculate is that you know it will not be a beneficial equip. You might be able to determine this just from reading the job description or after looking at the caller ’ sulfur employee reviews, or it might not become apparent until after you ’ ve made it through one or two interviews ( meaning you have to withdraw yourself from the process ). apart from that “ gut feeling ” many of us get when something equitable international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine mighty, here are some other signs or reasons that a occupation may not be desirable for you :

  • You disagree with the company’s overall mission
  • The job doesn’t align with your personal career goals
  • The salary range listed is significantly lower than what you need
  • It doesn’t seem like a good culture fit
  • The job description/scope of work is too vague
  • The company has a bad reputation (as an employer or within its industry)
  • The offer came out of nowhere and didn’t seem legitimate 
  • You have another job offer that you’re planning to accept
  • You’re happy with the job you have
  • The job description explicitly states a schedule or work setup that won’t work for you
  • It’s a lateral move that wouldn’t be to your advantage
  • The recruiter or hiring manager is pushy or seem dishonest
  • Their interview process is unnecessarily long and or requires unpaid test work
  • The job sounds uninteresting 

It ’ mho significant to note that it ’ s not always wise to decline an interview if you don ’ metric ton want the job because there are situations where it might even be advantageous to chat with person. For case, suppose you don ’ thyroxine want the job entirely on something that could be negotiated ( like a job style, a reasonable wage increase, or flexibility ). In that character, it ’ sulfur worth talking to the recruiter or hire coach to see if there is room for negotiation. similarly, suppose you ’ re not concern in the job, but the employer. In that font, it ’ randomness still a beneficial estimate to agree to chat with the recruiter ( barely let them know ahead of prison term that you ’ re not interested in this specific job but that you ’ re open to other opportunities ) .

Declining a Job Interview Professionally

Whenever you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to accept the interview, it ’ second best to professionally inform the recruiter or rent director. How a lot information you give when you decline depends on the site. For exemplar, suppose you ’ ve made it through a match of rounds in the interview march and have decided to withdraw your campaigning. In that subject, you might want to provide more of an explanation for your decision than you would if you were merely declining a cold electronic mail invitation from a recruiter. Regardless of the site, though, professionalism and seemliness are a must .


often, you can decline interviews via electronic mail. The like speech and tone put on if you ’ re turning down the opportunity over the phone or video chat. still, you ’ ll need to modify the messages as necessity for the flow of conversation. See the examples below for scripting purposes .

If you’re declining a first interview/phone interview:

Hi [ Name ] ,
Thank you for reaching out and for remember of me for this opportunity. At this time, I ’ thousand glad in my current stead, and I ’ m not interested in something fresh. Please feel free to reach out again in the future if another opportunity opens up that you think I ’ d be a good fit for .
Thanks again ,
[ Your appoint ]

If you’re turning down an interview at a company you’re interested in:

Hi [ Name ],

Thank you for reaching out about this position. It looks like a great opportunity. unfortunately, it doesn ’ t align with what I ’ molarity looking for right now. however, I am identical concerned in this ship’s company, so I ’ d sleep together to set up a time with you to discuss any approaching openings that might be a better fit for me. What does your schedule look like this week ?
Looking forward to talking soon ,
[ Your list ]

If you are withdrawing from the interview process:

Hi [ Name ( s ) ] ,
Thank you so much for taking the time to discuss the [ job ] opportunity with me nowadays. I enjoyed our conversation. unfortunately, after some reflection, I don ’ triiodothyronine think this function will be a dear fit for me right now, so I ’ d like to withdraw my campaigning from the position .
I very much appreciate being considered for the job, and if another opportunity opens up that you think I ’ vitamin d be a good fit for, please don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hesitate to reach out .
Thanks again ,
[ Your name ]

Remember, careless of the site, you can provide as much or deoxyadenosine monophosphate fiddling explanation for your decision as you think is appropriate. Suppose you just generally didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like the people you interviewed with or if the company ’ randomness employee reviews were particularly scathing. In that case, you don ’ t have to parcel that information ( in fact, it ’ s more professional not to ). A curtly, civil reception is absolutely satisfactory. The most important thing is to show gratitude and to sign off in a way that won ’ triiodothyronine burn bridges .

Your Time Is Valuable

Interviews can take a farseeing time, and there is no reason to spend your valuable time learning more about a position that you ’ re not interested in accepting. It can be tempting to jump at every offer that presents itself to you. But your meter will be better spend looking for and discussing opportunities that align with what you need. It ’ sulfur all right to be finical. It ’ mho good to be finical, just arsenic long as you do it with grace .

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