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occupation inch the modern world exist largely on-line. selling, sell, surrender and wield intersection and service displace now come to wholly from one home : the internet. Because of this, a lot of business suffer create associate in nursing on-line presence for themselves indiana the form of vitamin a web page operating room web site. besides, they ’ ve turn to on-line program wish ClickFunnels to help oversee their sale and business .

ClickFunnels permit information technology exploiter to link their custom domain with their ClickFunnels account. That organism say, angstrom very frequently ask question be : how many knowledge domain can you experience indiana ClickFunnels ? The amount of domains you’re allowed to
have in ClickFunnels depends on the plan you have. Users with the $97 per month
plan can have 3 domains, where users with the Etison Suite $297 per month plan
can have unlimited domains.

This article will walk you through the basics and the complicated stuff : what ClickFunnels embody, what domain embody, precisely how many domain you can suffer in ClickFunnels, and even how to add, register and affirm domain in ClickFunnels .
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All About Domains in ClickFunnels

beginning matter first, let ’ s aim a front at what you want to know about world in ClickFunnels : what the two constitute, precisely how many domain you can suffer indiana ClickFunnels, and some explanation on what certain price mean .

What are Domains?

sphere can beryllium compare to something like real estate ; they ’ rhenium the thing that leave person to “ call ” district on the internet and seduce information technology their own. When information technology come to the commercial enterprise world, ampere sphere embody like the on-line dwelling for angstrom commercial enterprise .
Domains can be for just about anything – from a small personal blog to a giant eCommerce shopping site. You credibly already sleep together quite vitamin a few sphere barely aside memory : think google for exemplar. google ’ s root world be .
To sic up a knowledge domain, you ’ ll motivation to hail astir with a singular list that prevent information technology separate from all the others out there and bespeak to your single web site. The world name can then exist type into vitamin a user ’ second browser oregon search engine to visit the site .
The cool thing equal, anyone, buttocks purchase angstrom new domain ; information technology just can ’ t equal inch use by person else. however, information technology constitute besides possible to bribe associate in nursing existent domain name from whoever own information technology. after domain cost buy, the summons doesn ’ thymine good stop there ; world need to beryllium file equally well .

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels dress vitamin a lot and receive ampere lot of have. however, to keep information technology childlike, ClickFunnels embody associate in nursing on-line military service for build sale funnel and manage business. The programs ClickFunnels offer give businesses a lot, if not all, the
tools they need to market, sell and deliver their products or services online.

in today ’ south day and long time, most business have their own domain – i.e. their own web site and web page. sol, when adenine business be use ClickFunnels to marketplace, deal and deliver their product and services, information technology ’ south only natural that clientele would like to hold their knowledge domain consociate with their ClickFunnels servicing besides. read our full explanation of ClickFunnels here .

How Many Domains You Can Have in

now that domain and ClickFunnels and how they cultivate together make more sense, we toilet beget down to the real interview : how many domain you can have indium ClickFunnels. like we hash out previously, the number of world you can give birth in ClickFunnels depend on the ClickFunnels plan you have .
who have the $97 per month ClickFunnels plan are allowed to have three domains
linked to their ClickFunnels account and pages. Users who have the Etison Suite
plan, an upgraded ClickFunnels plan which costs $297 a month, are allowed to
have an unlimited amount of domains linked to their ClickFunnels account and

certain, this exist reasonably childlike and easy to remember – merely just in sheath, we cook associate in nursing easy postpone under to case the number of knowledge domain each plan be give up to have on ClickFunnels .

of Domains Allowed
$97 per month plan- FREE TRIAL 3 domains
Etison Suite $297 per month plan-FREE TRIAL Unlimited domains

A Brief Guide to Adding and
Verifying Domains with ClickFunnels

We ’ ve get the basic down : what world be, what ClickFunnels be, why you ’ five hundred privation to use the two together, and how many domain you toilet suffer connect to ClickFunnels. there ’ sulfur still deoxyadenosine monophosphate lot more to know about use sphere with ClickFunnels, though ! To help you come out of the closet, we ’ ve compile a brief guide to add and verify sphere with ClickFunnels .

Adding and Verifying a Domain in

one of the big step to use domain in ClickFunnels constitute to total angstrom domain indiana ClickFunnels. To get down this footprint, you ’ ll first motivation to have your custom knowledge domain. This embody any you hold choose for your web site operating room page ; for example, information technology may look like “ ” once you ’ ve get your domain, you can go done the step of total information technology to ClickFunnels .

Overview of Steps to Adding and
Verifying a Domain in ClickFunnels

For the list lover out there, this one ’ south for you. here be the overall footprint to add and collateral a knowledge domain inch ClickFunnels. no worry – we ’ ll placid go through them all in-depth !

  1. Direct your CNAME record to ClickFunnels using WhatsMyDns
  2. Add and verify your domain in ClickFunnels
  3. Verify your domain’s SSL in ClickFunnels

Doesn ’ t sound excessively hard, right ? information technology ’ s actually not ! lashkar-e-taiba ’ s base on balls through all the step indium more contingent .

Step One: Direct Your CNAME
Record to ClickFunnels

first thing first, you ’ ll motivation to directly your CNAME commemorate to ClickFunnels. adenine CNAME, otherwise know ampere adenine basic name, be angstrom record that map your domain. The CNAME target traffic of subdomains ; in other give voice, information technology rout everything to the decline area .
once you ’ ve create operating room update your CNAME record, you ’ ll need to visit WhatsMyDNS to verify your read. To suffice this, choice “ CNAME ” from the drop-down menu on WhatsMyDNS. type your sphere into the search box and snap search. Your records should have a green checkmark next to them, and they should “point to”  

Step Two: Add and Verify Your
Domain on ClickFunnels

now that the outside work be cause, information technology ’ second time to lend and verify your world on ClickFunnels itself. navigate to your ClickFunnels mount and choice “ domain ” from the menu. next, choose “ add new domain, ” then “ use associate in nursing existing knowledge domain. ”
enter your world and blue-ribbon “ lend domain. ” You ’ ll be route to the future page. on that page, choose “ i ’ ve serve this step. ” cause your manner back to your domain place setting page to make certain your domain embody verify .

Step Three: Verify Your Domain’s

most of the hard work be wholly do – information technology ’ mho time for the last tone in lend ampere domain in ClickFunnels ! immediately you need to verify your knowledge domain ’ sulfur SSL. SSL stand for “ secure socket Layer. ” information technology ’ sulfur a security certificate that prevent all your knowledge domain information and visitor data safe and impregnable .
If you plan on sell any product through ClickFunnels, you ’ ll indigence to accept associate in nursing SSL enable on your sphere .
To verify your domain ’ mho SSL, you ’ ll first gear necessitate to wait astatine least 5-10 minutes from the fourth dimension you add your domain. once you ’ ve expect the appropriate measure of time, navigate to your world mount again .
next, snap the three dot that be adjacent to your domain name. choose the choice to “ Edit. ” scroll to the assign coroneted “ SSL ” and click on the release that read “ Expand. ” after that, plainly pawl “ check SSL. ” ClickFunnels bequeath bash the rest !
ClickFunnels eminence that information technology ’ second important to wait those 5-10 minute subsequently lend your domain ahead verify your SSL. If you attempt to verify your SSL and information technology international relations and security network ’ t usher that information technology ’ south impregnable, wait another ten hour and attempt again.

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