“How Did the Interview Go?”

You should know the answer to this motion even before the interview is complete. There should be no waiting and wondering, no “ I thought I did pretty good ” conversations you have with yourself a few days post-interview while you are still anticipating a follow-up call from the prospective employer or recruiter .
You ‘ll know where you stand if you have the guts to ask one simple question to the person or persons interviewing you before the meet ends :

“What concerns do you have about me as a candidate for this position?”

There it is. Everything you want to know wrapped up in one uninfected, chip, direct sentence .
A typical interview goes like this : employer asks questions, you answer them, they thank you, you thank them, and you ‘re on your means, left to wonder what they think of you. Do n’t you deserve better ?

Think about it – you ‘ve just spent a lot of your own personal clock time expending energy selling yourself, making your lawsuit to a random group of people with no guarantee anything will come from it. You ‘ve answered tough questions. You ‘ve explained decisions you ‘ve made in your past and why you made them. You ‘ve shared your goals and plans for the future. You ‘ve learned more about the job you ‘ll be doing, the caller you ‘ll be working for and the people you ‘ll be working with. You ‘ve made yourself vulnerable .
At minimum, you deserve to know where you stand .
thus ask the damn interview .
Seems slowly enough, so why do n’t you do it ?
possibly you do n’t want to know the accuracy. possibly hearing person else tell you all the things you already know about yourself will entirely reinforce your own insecurities. possibly you think its besides forward to ask person what they think about you. possibly you ‘re trying to be polite and professional, or possibly you ‘ve spent excessively much time in Seattle soaking up our notoriously passive/aggressive vibration .
Whatever your intelligent, you ‘re wrong for not asking, and doing yourself a great disservice, because you ‘re missing out on the opportunity to tie up a lax end preferably the leaving it out there hanging, inducing all kinds of anxiety, doubt, worry and fear.

When you ask a prospective employer what concerns they have about you as a campaigner for the job you are interviewing for, just put, you are politely and objectively asking for the truth. There ‘s no doubt whomever is interviewing you has been on the other side of the table and knows what it feels like to be in your military position so they ‘re normally happy to tell you what ‘s on their take care, IF you ask them .
then, it ‘s your speculate to listen to what they have to say, and not get defensive. If you think you can address their concern ( south ) in a professional manner, DO ask for license to do so. sometimes the concern can be a simple misconstrue that you can clear up right then and there. If you are not comfortable addressing the concern on the blot, no trouble ; you can follow up with an e-mail outlining your defense/position the following day. Thank them for sharing, and leave graciously .
How freshen to be able to walk out of the interview without uncertainty ? To be able to know precisely what happens future, good, bad or indifferent ? To not be left second guessing yourself and wondering if you said and did all the correct things, or completely blew it ?
And all this from thirteen words .
Do n’t go in coldness – practice asking the interview during a role play with person you trust before the actual consultation. Get comfortable being aim and letting it hang out there. Embrace the uncertainty – it ‘s entirely short condition. In meter you ‘ll get more comfortable and it will become second nature.

then, make it a substance abuse .
Do this. Kill “ I think it went okay ” once and for all. Leave every interview knowing precisely where you stand .
Your recruiter will thank you for it .

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