Getting Ready for the I-485 Interview

What to Expect at your Adjustment of Status Interview at USCIS

I-485 Interview First of all, don ’ t get anxious merely because U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ( USCIS ) sent you an appointment notice for an I-485 interview. Almost everyone must go through an interview during the adjustment of status process. In fact, there ’ sulfur reason to get excited. The I-485 interview is probable the last step in your application process. If all goes well, you ’ ll be a permanent resident ( green circuit board holder ) at the end of the interview. Interviews are a standard region of the summons after filing Form I-485, Application to Adjust Status. The I-485 consultation is about a certainty if you submitted an adjustment of status application on the footing of marriage. USCIS may waive the interview for some applicants with particularly straight forward cases with solid evidence. But this is the exception .

Who Attends Adjustment of Status Interview

USCIS will generally schedule the interview at an office dear you. In some areas of the nation, this may require a long driveway and an overnight stay. For family-based I-485 applications, USCIS by and large requires both the applicant and suer to attend the I-485 interview. They will make a decision to waive the interview on a individual basis. You can ’ metric ton request USCIS to waive the interview, and you should always expect one for marriage-based applications. In some non-marriage based cases, USCIS may require only the applicant to attend the adjustment of status consultation. however, USCIS does not require employers to attend interviews for employment-based I-485 applications.

derivative applicants should besides expect to attend. If you have a spouse and children that are applying for permanent wave mansion based on your eligibility, they are known as derivative applicants and must appear regardless of the file class .

Use of an Interpreter

An applicant who is not fluent in English may require the serve of an interpreter for the I-485 interview. besides known as a translator, the interpreter should be a disinterested party. In other words, the interpreter should not have a clean bias. For exemplar, the petitioner has a bias to see your lotion approved and is typically not a satisfactory interpreter. however, you don ’ thyroxine necessarily need to pay person to translate. An immigration officer may exercise discretion to allow a ally of the applicant to act as interpreter. If the military officer is fluent in the applicant ’ randomness preferable terminology, the officeholder may conduct the interrogation in that language without function of an spokesperson. The interpreter should take a valid, government-issued identity text file and a prepare Form G-1256 ( Declaration for Interpreted USCIS Interview ) to USCIS on the day of the I-485 consultation. The applicant and interpreter both sign Form G-1256 at the interview in movement of the policeman. The USCIS policeman may disqualify an interpreter provided by the applicant if the military officer believes the integrity of the interrogation is compromised by the spokesperson ’ s engagement or the military officer determines the interpreter is not competent to translate .

Items to Take to Interview

The USCIS appointment poster will include a number of items to take to your I-485 interview. Follow the directions on your date notice, but this list will get you prepared for the I-485 consultation. You should expect to take the comply items :

  • A government-issued photo identification such as a passport (even if expired) but can also be any other government-issued photo ID like a driver’s license.
  • Appointment notice (I-797C, Notice of Action) for your I-485 interview.
  • A complete copy of your adjustment of status application package. In addition to Form I-485, have available any other forms (e.g. I-130, I-130A, I-864, I-131, I-765) you may have submitted.
  • Originals of any supporting documents that you submitted to USCIS with the adjustment of status application. Especially important examples include birth, marriage and death certificates as well as divorce decrees (if applicable).
  • Your passport (unless you are in certain categories such as refugee/asylum).
  • Any other travel documents, for example your advance parole permit if you traveled while awaiting your interview.
  • Doctor’s report from your required medical examination on Form I-693 (if you did not submit this report with the original adjustment application).
  • If applying based on employment, an up-to-date employment verification letter from your employer, documenting continued employment at a specified salary.
  • If applying based on marriage, copies plus originals of documents showing your shared life, such as a joint lease or mortgage, joint bank account or credit card statements, children’s birth certificates, and so on.

The USCIS officeholder will probable ask if you have any liveliness changes that may affect your allowance of condition application. The policeman is looking for anything that may change an answer on your application. Some examples include the birth of a child, new employer, or new address. If your changes include an apprehension or other immigration issues, talk to an immigration lawyer before attending your I-485 interview. RECOMMENDED: Adjustment of Status Denial Due to Changes in Circumstances

Typical Questions at an I-485 Interview

The typical adjustment of condition interview lasts approximately 20 to 25 minutes. After introductions and swearing in, that doesn ’ t leave much time for questioning. It ’ s besides not necessity to memorize answers to any questions. For the most part, the USCIS will ask you questions about your application and ask you to verify or explain certain answers. If you ’ ve truthfully answer questions on Form I-485, there ’ s no reason to be nervous or anxious. For applicants that filed an alteration of status lotion based on bridal relationship, the questions may get slightly more personal. USCIS wants confirmation that the marriage is bona fide. In early words, they will scrutinize the application more to make certain there ’ sulfur no marriage fraud. But again, a long as you can be truthful, they are bare questions and answers .

Sample I-485 Interview Questions for Spouses
  • How, when and where did you meet your spouse?
  • Where and with whom did your spouse live when you met your spouse?
  • Who lives at your address now?
  • What is your spouse’s date of birth?
  • Where did your spouse work when you met him/her?
  • What type of work does your spouse do?
  • What is your spouse’s work schedule?
  • How much is your spouse’s salary?
  • Are both spouses’ salaries deposited into the same bank account?
  • What bank account do you use?
  • Did your spouse have a car when you met? What model, color, etc?
  • Are these the cars you and your spouse current drive?
  • If not, when did you and/or your spouse change cars?
  • If you now have cars, how much money is owed on them? How much is the monthly payment?
  • When did you and your spouse decide to get married? Was there a proposal? Who proposed? When and where did it take place?
  • Did you and your spouse live together prior to your marriage? Where and how long?
  • When did you and your spouse move in together?
  • When did you get married?
  • If you had a celebration, what food/beverages were served?
  • Did you and your spouse go on a honeymoon? If yes, where?
  • Who pays the rent/mortgage? How is it paid? (Do you mail it? Hand-deliver it?)
  • Where does your landlord live?
  • How many sleeping rooms does your home have?
  • Are all the sleeping rooms on the same side of the home?
  • What size bed do you and your spouse have?
  • Can you describe the pieces of furniture in your bedroom?

This is a belittled sampling of possible questions. In practice, USCIS may ask a wide variety of questions to help make a determination if you and your spouse have a bona fide marriage .

After the Interview

i-551 permanent resident stamp after i485 interview If everything goes well at your alteration of condition consultation, the USCIS officer will approve your I-485 application. In some cases the officeholder may be able to place an “ I-551 emboss ” inside your pass. Regardless, USCIS will process the new green poster and mail it to your address on record. however, not all adaptation of status interviews end with a decision. The USCIS officeholder may tell you that you will receive a decision in the mail. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be discouraged. This international relations and security network ’ metric ton unusual. It ’ s besides possible that a USCIS military officer can not approve your shell because extra evidence is required. If USCIS requests extra evidence, be certain to submit the software documentation requested by the deadline issued. USCIS will send you a decision by mail. If it ’ sulfur been 90 days since your I-485 interview and you still don ’ t have a decision, call USCIS at 1-800-375-5283 to schedule an InfoPass appointment. It ’ randomness authoritative to follow up.

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