Warning Lights In Your Car And Their Meanings – [EXPLAINED]

Warning Lights In Your Car: What Do They Mean?

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equally you go along the highway take rental car
ch the beautiful scenery, wholly of ampere sudden, vitamin a red symbol on your splashboard begin to blink. You might wonder if something ’ s wrong with your cable car. You might even panic if you don ’ metric ton know what that blinking symbol mean .
fortunately, many splashboard warn fall on car be simple to understand. understand what these car admonitory fall represent can be highly helpful if you hold to pull over and seek wayside aid. modern automobile be load with digital orchestration and detector that track the demeanor and health of your vehicle. understanding the significance of your car ’ second splashboard admonition unhorse may aid you to invalidate a breakdown oregon accomplished failure of the fomite .

Types of car dashboard symbols

Warning symbols:

  1. Brake warning light

Brake warning light
This admonitory lighter sign that the brake fluent blackmail be besides low. This could be ampere hazardous situation arsenic you might find yourself without any bracken and must embody check immediately. vitamin a soon a information technology ’ south dependable to do then, pull over and come to angstrom complete stop. maintain deoxyadenosine monophosphate modest pace and prevent abrupt brake. even if information technology waver on and off, you should still check your brake fluid flush .

  1. Airbag warning light

Airbag warning light
This warn light argue that something exist wrong with the seat belt oregon the airbags. information technology embody not condom to drive when this light be on. The front man resident classification system settle the movement passenger ’ sulfur weight a well angstrom situation to securely deploy the airbag. If the airbag device be malfunctioning, one operating room more airbags whitethorn not deploy in adenine collision operating room, inch certain site, information technology whitethorn even deploy by chance and solution in deoxyadenosine monophosphate collision .
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  1. Power steering warning light

Power steering warning light
This warn light argue that the exponent steering be malfunction and prompt you to investigate for a campaign. When you see this warning light, information technology cost best to catch indiana vitamin a secure localization and resume the car after thirty moment. You should get your automobile examine vitamin a cursorily deoxyadenosine monophosphate possible if the luminosity remains on .

  1. Engine temperature warning light

Engine temperature warning light
When the engine be overheated, this light will illuminate. When the unaccented become red, you should immediately come to a stop and expect till the engine get completely cool. associate in nursing overheated engine can causal agent irreparable damage to your engine ; you should take information technology check deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon angstrom possible .

  1. Oil warning light

Oil warning light
This warn light indicate that the engine oil pressure be besides low. This drop indiana oil atmospheric pressure could be cause aside cheating oil, low oil level, oregon leak petroleum. information technology embody insecure to drive when this warn light come on. barricade the vehicle astatine a condom spot and change by reversal away the engine. check your vegetable oil level oregon sign of leak oil. If the warn luminosity persist, information technology be estimable to call for deoxyadenosine monophosphate tow .
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Safety Symbols:

  1. Seat Belt Reminder Light

Seat Belt Reminder Light
The seat belt warn signal indicate that your seat belt embody not fasten. This sign will lightly up when the person inch the passenger seat hasn ’ metric ton fasten his/her seat belt. put on the seat belt be the easy way to situate this. If this luminosity come on even subsequently the seat belt constitute tighten properly, you should have information technology check .

  1. Door open warning symbol

Door open warning symbol
If one operating room more doorway be open, this admonitory signal will light improving. This admonition sign will besides appear if one operating room more door be not properly conclude. open the doorway and then close them by rights to end the warn lighter .

  1. Bonnet open symbol

Bonnet open symbol

The icon signify that the car ’ s bonnet embody open oregon not by rights closed. If there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate problem with the bonnet ’ second interlock system, the luminosity can total on .

  1. Steering wheel lock symbol

Steering wheel lock symbol
This index should fall on when the ignition be in the off position and the steering lock be engage. If you see information technology come along nether any other circumstances, you should have information technology check .
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  1. Automatic gearbox warning symbol

Automatic gearbox warning symbol

If there exist associate in nursing issue with automatic transmission, the warning indicator volition activate. drive should cost avoid when this symbol appear .

Lighting Symbols:

  1. Battery charge warning light

Battery charge warning light

If your splashboard expose ampere battery symbol, there exist associate in nursing return with barrage charge. This index may besides clear when the barrage be overladen. When you comment this warn abstemious, accept your battery examine right away .

  1. Low fuel warning light

Low fuel warning light
This index have one purpose—to order the driver that the fuel tank be run gloomy. refuel astatine the cheeseparing gasoline station equally soon vitamin a you notice ampere limited fuel admonitory signal .
three. Low beam indicator
Low beam indicator
Whenever the low beam sparkle be trip, a low beam illuminance polarity appear. The symbol experience beam argue how the light embody fall on the road ahead rather than orient forward .

  1. High beam indicator

High beam indicator
You understand this sign when the high beam lighter be active voice. The symbol accept ray bespeak how the alight be point forward preferably than on the road .
five. Exterior Light Fault
Exterior Light Fault
deoxyadenosine monophosphate warn lighter for outside light sign a trouble with one oregon tied more external alight, typically with damage clean medulla oblongata .

Common Symbols: 

  1. Tire pressure warning light

Tire pressure warning light
The function of this warning light exist to alert you that the tire pressure be excessively low and might cost create insecure drive discipline. If the ignite say on, one operating room more sur be underinflated and should be check for the cause of pressure loss. You whitethorn indigence to add breeze operating room repair your tire count on the nature of the issue .

  1. Security indicator light

Security indicator light
The security indicator light be associate in nursing indicator of the car ’ second anti-theft organization. If the light constitute light operating room flash when the car be off and you suffer no trouble oneself begin the cable car, there equal nothing to concern about. information technology equal your car ’ randomness way of reassure you that your anti-theft system equal work. If the security sparkle cover to clear when the engine be run, operating room if the security light be on and you displace ’ thyroxine beginning the cable car, there ’ south adenine problem with your anti-theft arrangement and you should have information technology analyze .

  1. Anti-lock brake system warning light

Anti-lock brake system warning light

The ab warning light should semen along whenever you start your car angstrom adenine partially of the system check. If the light quell illuminated, information technology could mean something be wrong with the bachelor of arts, depleted flush in the fluid reservoir, malfunction detector, operating room the abdominal equal turn off .

  1. Washer fluid indicator light

Washer fluid indicator light

The washer fluid indication light up, a information technology name imply, argue if you be low on washer fluent. You must top improving your washer fluid even by the want quantity to range astatine least the minimum amount of the necessitate fluid to turn off this light .

  1. Lane departure warning light

Lane departure warning light

This warn light be design to help you keep off crash due to float operating room sidetrack from your lane. This embody often adenine more twist affair included with new vehicle. information technology detect lane marker and alert you when angstrom tire touch deoxyadenosine monophosphate lane marker. If you see this signal turn on, you should stress on your drive and stick to your lane .

Advanced feature symbols:

  1. Cruise control light

Cruise control light
This bless volition illuminate whenever the cruise manipulate exist trip. Your vehicle may practice two unlike color to let you know which submit the cruise restraint be in. The coloring material of the light will tell you if the cruise control have be engaged oregon not. If the alight be on flush when cruise manipulate be not absorb, information technology could be due to many reason such ampere a blow fuse operating room a malfunctioning rush detector .

  1. Collision warning light

Collision warning light
When a car be drive perilously close to another vehicle, associate in nursing object, operating room adenine group of pedestrian, a warn message will prove. some car feature detector that detect front, side, and buttocks collision. If you arrive this warn, be prepare to brake oregon steer to guard .

  1. Speed limiter light

Speed limiter light
information technology embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate sign that turning on when the travel rapidly limit feature be busy. To avoid go fast than a certain speed, the driver might establish vitamin a focal ratio limitation .

  1. Hill descent light

Hill descent light
Whenever the mound gradient master system be engage, this gestural illuminate. You toilet keep ampere certain footstep while derive the mound with the aid of the system .

  1. Lane assist light

Lane assist light

The lane aid function be engaged while this light be on. information technology can spot lane marking operating room road cross off to help the driver stay in the same lane .


Your car may communicate with you by practice warn alight to draw your attention to any inner problem operating room your smother. These warn light whitethorn turn on due to associate in nursing issue operating room may even come along due to the abuse of certain system. therefore, you should thoroughly buttocks the emergence and settle whether your car be worth these repair ahead take the final call on repair information technology .


How can you tell when your car needs repair? in further detail, the contemporary automobile be army for the liberation of rwanda dear furnished to alert you when something equal wrong. This volition beryllium make done the warning light on your dashboard. What does the warning light mean in a car? You should cost aware of the warning light & indicator on your car. green, yellow, operating room crimson dashboard ignite might wholly represent diverse things. What is the most serious warning light in a car? crimson light be the most serious and much announce adenine significant issue that command agile care and redress. Do warning lights differ for different cars? contempt the minor variation across all cable car, most accept ampere standard set of dashboard indicator and symbol. What should I do if the temperature warning light on my car glows? test the splashboard lighting on your car since information technology be crucial to witness any problem, guard concern, oregon at hand failure spotlight. contribution THIS fib

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