18 Best Interactive Video Platforms and Software in 2022


Morphcast is an ” Emotional AI Dịch vụ sản xuất phim animation
platform ” mập create videos triggered by viewers ‘ emotions. In addition mập interaction options offered by other solutions ( lượt thích hotspots, Gọi lớn action, overlays ), this software adds facial recognition AI phệ create interactions .
This interactive video software allows adjusting the narrative lớn the viewer’s appearance và interactions, just lượt thích an actor might change performance according Khủng his audience. This is for sure a mind-blowing opportunity for brands mập capture users ‘ attention, an excellent way phệ verify the mood và attendance of students, & a superb công cụ for recruiters Khủng make a better personnel selection process .
You can create interactive videos without AI facial expression công nghệ, adding buttons, Điện thoại tư vấn bự action, hotspots, và more items béo boost user interaction within your video nội dung .

Morphcast pricing:

Downloading the software is không lấy phí. The cost is based on pay-per-time view, và the price is calculated by minute of played video. The First 2,000 views per month are không tính tiền, và if you sum up 3,000 minutes, for example, you will pay USD 35 .


Bluebillywig is a platform for creating interactive videos, 360 videos, shoppable, và more. It can also be used for video hosting, live streaming, và monetization .
With many templates mập choose from & an improved analytics dashboard, branching, & a continuous hàng hóa cập nhật policy, this is a solid hàng hóa béo fit many video producers ´ needs .
Check out this interactive video created with Bluebillywig :

interactive video

Suppose you need Khủng create customized Netflix-like experiences. In that case, Channels is an interesting feature of this platform that allows the creation of customized experiences. You can nhóm similar videos & playlists Khủng display relevant nội dung phệ your viewers .
This interactive video software is not intended for casual users. Be prepared lớn face a steep learning curve và a medium Khủng high budget .

Bluebillywig pricing:

Not provided on their trang web. You must tương tác sales for info .


This platform allows you lớn create, publish, manage, & track your interactive nội dung. Dot. vu offers all kinds of interactive kinh doanh assets, such as videos, quizzes, calculators, Ebooks, infographics, và more .
The trang web features many pre-made templates you can customize Khủng suit your needs. If you need professional advice, their “ Agency Service ” can help with video production, copywriting, visual kiến thiết, & even trang web kiến thiết .
An exciting number of analytics, mạng xã hội, & sale integrations are available mập automate your current workflow with interactive video nội dung .
This software is focused on agencies, mid-sized & enterprise businesses. There are no monthly plans, và annual plans start at $ 6,895 / year .
Check Dot. vu in action :

interactive video platform

Dot.vu pricing:

  • Starter plan: $6,895/year for 50,000 yearly visitors and unlimited templates.
  • Advanced plan: $11,395/year for 250,000 yearly visitors, 3 users, and unlimited templates.
  • Pro plan: $18,195/year for 5,000,000 yearly visitors, 5 users and unlimited templates.

VIXY Video      

interactive video

VIXY provides all the tools you need mập upload, manage, stream, monetize & analyze video on your trang web. With this platform, you can add quizzes & multiple-choice forms into videos, phệ collect dữ liệu, demo knowledge, & retention .
VIXY allows you mập send back all metrics béo your Google Analytics console phệ get a complete picture of your viewer ´ s behavior .

VIXY Pricing:

Pricing starts at € 349 / month for ba users, unlimited uploads & plays, basic platform features & basic interactive module. One giây phút platform thiết đặt € 1.250

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interactive video

Pirsonal focuses on personalized videos & video sale automation. As a distinctive feature, this platform hosts videos on their cloud servers và allows you mập host them .
Since Pirsonal has 3,000 + integrations with your business apps, you can personalize a video for each lead you capture on a landing page, for instance getting dữ liệu from a CSV google sheet. This makes a superlative difference with other similar apps, và in our opinion, this is one of the best interactive video platforms available .
And suppose you don ´ t have phút giây bự master the Pirsonal platform. In that case, they offer a video production & video sale professional service on demand .

Pirsonal pricing:

  • Plus Player: $16/month with unlimited CTA´s and custom HTML CTA´s, full video hosting, in-video forms, and unlimited campaigns and integrations.
  • Professional Player: $75/month, adding full analytics, branding removal.

Custom personalized plans are available .
Free-trial available


Interactive video platforms play a key role in offering the viewer a richer experience that always helps reach your sale goals. A well-designed video is an immersive experience that takes the user one step beyond & adds value béo your original offer .
As you may know, video is a superb công cụ in the kinh doanh arena, & turning it interactive will deliver powerful results .
But it is not all about kinh doanh, HR professionals, teachers, và educators can use these apps Khủng get better results và provide the viewer with chất lượng experiences .
If you kế hoạch bự make your video, kiểm tra our beginner ´ s article How phệ Make an Interactive Video in 6 Simple Steps

Are you using some other công cụ not listed here ? Please bình luận below và let us know .

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