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Adult Child Visa Interview Questions

Let ’ s speak about visa interviews for the pornographic children of U.S. citizens .
Hi, I ’ thousand Jim Hacking, immigration lawyer practicing police throughout the United States out of our office here in St. Louis, Missouri.

today ’ s question comes from Matt, right out of our Immigrant Home Facebook group. If you ’ re not a member of Immigrant Home, we ’ ve been having a long ton of people join recently. I don ’ metric ton know what in the hell is going on. I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know where they ’ re all coming from. But I think barely this week alone, we probably had 200 people join in .
And so today ’ s question comes from Matt from right field within our very own Immigrant Home Facebook group. If you ’ ra not in there, good do a search for Immigrant Home, and we ’ ll add you. Matt writes, “ Hey, Jim Hacking. Thanks for your great YouTube videos. Been watching for a few months and learned a set. I have an immigration interview coming up in Sydney, Australia, not by marriage, but because I am the adult unmarried son of a U.S. citizen. ”

therefore merely so you know, Matt ’ s been waiting a retentive clock time. “ Seen a bunch of videos on marriage interviews, but what can I expect to face in an interview in my class ? warm regards, Matt. ”
All right, Matt. Well, thanks for the doubt. And before we get to it, I just want to mention that, of path, Donald Trump has presidential announcement 10014, which is hush in effect, which prevents embassies from giving visa to the pornographic children who are unmarried of U.S. Citizens, so Trump has cut down on a fortune of different visa categories, and one of those are the children of U.S. citizens. So you credibly won ’ thymine get your visa right away, and it ’ ll credibly be held in advance.

But adenine far as the questions is what happens when you ’ re talking about an pornographic child of a U.S. citizen or any children of U.S. citizens, what happens at the interview ? Well, the chief thing is they ’ re going to ask you, do you placid want to come to the United States ? Why do you want to come to the United States ? They might ask for some update testify that shows that you and your parents have this familial relationship, so any pictures that you have of holocene trips or receipts from time together or trips overseas or places where you ’ ve met around the world. You ’ re going to want to bring all those. I don ’ metric ton defendant, Matt, that it ’ south going to be a very unmanageable interview. They ’ re barely, very, the only thing they need to establish is that you are, in fact, the son of a U.S. citizen and that that relationship is valid, that you ’ re on the birth certificate, they ’ re on the birth certificate, and that everything ’ south on the up and up .
You ’ re obviously going to have to have your police certificate and all those other things. But the interview itself will probably be pretty quick. It ’ ll just be at a window with an military officer. They ’ ll establish that you are, in fact, the son of the U.S. citizen. They might ask you some family-based questions. They might ask you what your plans are when you get to the United States. But I don ’ t think it ’ sulfur going to be very aboveboard. And, of naturally, as I mentioned, right now, they won ’ thymine give you the visa. But it ’ sulfur credibly distillery a good estimate to get that part of the serve completed because Trump ’ s ban is supposed to end on December 31st. He might lose reelection or further challenges might come to the banish, so obviously, Matt, go forward and be prepared. I ’ vitamin d make sure that you have a copy of everything document-wise that you have submitted, and that you have some updated evidence to show your relationship to your mother or your beget .
If you have questions about this, or if anybody else does, give us a call at ( 314 ) 961-8200. You can email us at [ e-mail protected ] Be certain to join us on our Facebook group, which is called Immigrant Home. And if you liked this television, we ask that you please share it out on social and that you subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you get update whenever we make television good like this one. Thanks a lot, and have a great sidereal day .

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