Robert Pattinson Has Been Lying to You for Years

Robert Pattinson is an mystery with a ballerina and a elf living inside of him. Although the actor with lavish hair, a graven chew the fat, and absolutely arrant eyebrows has been a leading man in multiple major franchises and beloved indies for more than a decade, Pattinson has a nervous energy unlike any early fame of his condition. And over the years, the early Twilight leading has powered through his insecurities in interviews by using one fool-proof scheme : fair straight up lying. In a holocene GQ profile, Pattinson admitted that he ’ second been lying to the weigh since 2009. With more than a decade of lies—which include stories such as watching a clown die—Pattinson has created a mythology of himself .
“ I decidedly do get a certain high from it, ’ ” Patinson told Willem Dafoe in an article for Interview Magazine. “ There ’ s a little elf inside of me that thinks, ‘ Just say something shock. You ’ re only here for a few minutes, say something terrible. ’ There ’ s a kind of depraved gloat I get from that. But I ’ ve given my publicist a phone number of heart attacks. ”
When Pattinson tells a floor, everyone ( specially late-night host Jimmy Kimmel ) wonders whether it ’ s true. He has told therefore many exorbitant stories that it ’ second been difficult to keep lead of what ’ s real and what ’ s not. ( Was he lying about all the lie down in that GQ part ? You can see the screen of tumult Pattinson is putting us through. ) In a feeble undertake to get Pattinson ’ s floor straight, I appointed myself as his unofficial biographer and exhausted weeks combing through 15-plus years ’ worth of old interviews to try to make sense of it all. On this amusing and at times harrowing travel to curate the necessity on-line guide to the lies—or possibly genuine but highly chaotic stories—Robert Pattinson has told throughout his celebrated career, I discovered his most common lies, found some concealed gems, and re-experienced the arch of digital journalism between the late 2000s and the 2020s. now it ’ mho prison term for you all to meet that little elf .

Prologue, 2005-08

To understand when the lies started—and what the lies are—it ’ second significant to understand Robert Pattinson before he started lying.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

In review, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was like riding a bicycle with aim wheels for Robert Pattinson. Thrown into the most popular movie franchise at the clock as Cedric Diggory, the school hottie who dies tragically, Pattinson was primed to be bombarded by fangirls. But due to the fame of the Harry Potter trio of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson, and possibly, all the confuse ( though iconic ) pout haircuts in Goblet of Fire, Pattinson had it easy, particularly compared to what was to come. He didn ’ t do much press for the film, or at least not much that is readily available on-line. And in the few interviews that however exist on-line and in DVD extras, Pattinson seemed quite awkward and a small uncertain of himself. He spoke softly and never confidently. In an interview from the Goblet of Fire DVD extras, Pattinson said, “ Right at the begin, I literally merely sat by myself and never talked to anyone. I barely drank like 25 cups of coffee every sidereal day. ”

It ’ mho giving “ go girl, give us nothing ” department of energy .

Twilight (2008)

In interviews for the first Twilight film in 2008, Pattinson seemed nervous and repeated similar stories, including one about about being fired from the film because of his emo set about to Edward Cullen, a floor he hush tells ( albeit in a more compel way ) today. In 2008, Pattinson touched on the tension about his performance in an interview with Collider, saying that “ people wanted me to make it lighter ” and that he “ spent a long time fighting with producers. ” He besides said that director Catherine Hardwicke gave him a copy of the book that she highlighted with every case in which Edward smiles. Like the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire urge, the Twilight press enlistment ( at least before the movie ’ randomness release ) was quite bare and run-of-the-mill for the energetic actor .

The Twilight Era, 2009-12

once Pattinson gained external fame, he grew more confident—and unfiltered. It was besides around this prison term that Pattinson became a straight-up liar, according to Robert Pattinson. Knowing that, let ’ s evaluate some of the many hazardous claims he made during this time .
He never washes his hair. “ If you don ’ t care if your hair’s-breadth ’ s clean or not then why would you wash it ? ” Pattinson asked Extra in 2009. “ It ’ s like, I don ’ thymine clean my apartment ’ cause I don ’ triiodothyronine care. I have my apartment for sleeping in and I have my hair’s-breadth for just, you know, hanging out on my principal. I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate care if it ’ mho blank or not. ”
After these quotes surfaced, nameless crowd members told E ! News that Pattinson smelled badly on the plant of New Moon. “ He stinks. I mean, it ’ second frightful, ” one alleged gang member said. “ He never showers, and it drives people on the stage set crazy. ”
Truth or lie? On March 30, 2009, Seventeen published a web log titled, “ Robert Pattinson Stinks ? ”
The historic blog ends with the question, “ What do you guys think of this ? ! ” I, for one, have thoughts ! This is the original lie, the kind of thing a 20-something Robert Pattinson would say to get a heighten out of people. In 2014, Pattinson told The Wall Street Journal, “ I was a brush-your-teeth-and-have-a-shower kind of guy. I can ’ triiodothyronine tell if it ’ s because of my association with Dior or because I ’ thousand older, but I ’ ve started moisturizing. ” So there you go : Pattinson admitting to showering. sure, it ’ s possible he took showers without shampooing, but we can at least agree that a man who looks like this credibly smells fine. There are three possible explanations for those anonymous, complaining gang members from New Moon : They were worse liars than Pattinson ; they were enlisted by Pattinson to further and deepen his original lie ; or because he was the biggest adolescent heartthrob of the former 2000s, expectations for his aroma were merely extremely high .
He bored his stalker so much that she stopped stalking him. On late testify With David Letterman in 2009, Pattinson said that while he was filming little Ashes in Spain, a woman waited outside his apartment every day. “ I was then chronically bored that one day, she ’ vitamin d been out there for about three weeks, and I said, ‘ Hey, do you equitable want to go to dinner or something ? I mean, no one else wants to hang out with me. ’ ” He said that she took him to her parents ’ restaurant and he “ kind of complained about everything in my liveliness for about two hours, and then she gave me the bill at the end. I had to pay for it. ” After the dinner, Pattinson says the womanhood never appeared outside of his apartment again .
Truth or lie? Lie. This is just besides estimable to be true. however, there are particular details—like the fact that she took him to a restaurant her parents owned—that make it slightly credible .
The dashboard of his car caught on fire. In a 2011 appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno , Leno asked Pattinson about his car and Pattinson said, “ It ’ s kind of lying in a garage somewhere, dumped. … It was so fill with cobweb and I think person was living inside it. ” He then told Leno that the dashboard caught fire and the roof fell off while he was driving down the 101 .
“ That seems reasonably rare, ” Leno said. “ That the actual dashboard would catch fire. ”
Truth or lie? This one feels like a little bit of truth with some fictionalized details to make the fib more compel. But in this shell, he gets a pass. What else was Robert Pattinson going to talk to Jay Leno about ?
On the set of Breaking Dawn, he watched Two and a Half Men in his trailer. In a 2011 profile in Vanity Fair, Pattinson opened up about how he spent his downtime while filming Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2 in Louisiana. Feeling preferably bleak at the clock about the Twilight saga and his fame, he said, “ I ’ ve barely kind of stopped doing everything. I never change the channel in my trailer. I good watch reruns of House of Payne and Two and a Half Men. I love Cops—I think it ’ s my favorite television prove. ”
Truth or lie? This is either a lie or the most honest that Robert Pattinson has ever been in his biography .
He was suspended from school for trying to save snails. On Ellen in 2011, Pattinson appealed to the day audience with a history about saving snails. “ Everybody used to chuck snails at each other in school, and I used to try and save them, ” he said. “ And not only did I get in trouble oneself for it, I got suspended for doing it. For saving the snails. It ’ s a bad life moral I learned. It ’ s like, never judge and do anything decent for anyone. ”
Going even further, Pattinson said he saved the snails by placing them in an egg carton, which he kept in the back of his classroom. “ I made a little snail land, ” he said. “ For some reason, I had a strange compassion for snails. ” He besides claimed that when his teacher found the snails, she threw them in the trash and suspended him .
Truth or lie? Lie. Although I ’ m confident that Robert Pattinson ’ sulfur strange compassion for snails is alike to my foreign compassion for Robert Pattinson, this is most probably Pattinson folklore. On The Batman press go in 2022, Pattinson told the snail report again, changing a few details, including that he got detention for it. But I actually doubt wildlife preservation is a punishable offense in the United Kingdom educational arrangement .
He was a hand model. One of Robert Pattinson ’ s go-to late-night stories throughout the Twilight era was about his experience as a hand model when he was young .
Truth or lie? This is a lie, which crashed down on Pattinson while promoting Breaking dawn : part 1 on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2011. ( For some reason, Pattinson always saves the absolute chaos for Kimmel. ) And we know it ’ s a lie because his mother was there to confirm that it never happened. “ I think, like, a bunch of my dreams have intermingled with reality now, ” Pattinson said, in wax backpedal. In this casing, it seems like Pattinson didn ’ t even realize he was lying, and that he truly thought this was a true story. Or maybe it is a lie he told indeed much that he finally believed it was on-key ?
He watched a clown die. In 2011, Pattinson was interviewed on today by the now-disgraced Matt Lauer about his approaching motion picture Water for Elephants. When Lauer asked Pattinson whether he ever dreamed about joining the circus, he spiraled into one of the most iconic moments in pop culture history .
“ No, ” Pattinson said. “ The inaugural prison term I went to see the circus, person died. One of the clowns died. ” When Lauer asked Pattinson how the clown died, he replied, “ His little car exploded. The jest car exploded on him. ”
Truth or lie? This is the greatest lie always told. The following workweek in Germany, a diarist pressed Pattinson on the story. “ I said those things, ” Pattinson answered. “ But I actually made the whole thing up. It ’ second coming back to haunt me. I said it on some testify. It was actually early in the dawn the sidereal day after the New York premier. person asked me what my feel with the circus was and I was like, I have nothing matter to to say. I don ’ metric ton know why I said that ! ”
He wept when an elephant wrapped shooting on Water for Elephants. In a 2011 interview with Vanity Fair, Robert Pattinson said that Tai, his elephant costar from Water for Elephants, was the best actress he ’ five hundred ever seen in his life, and that he cried when she finished shooting her scenes. “ She was the best actor I ever worked with in my biography, ” he told Vanity Fair. “ I cried when the elephant was wrapped. I never cried when anyone else was wrapped. ”
Truth or lie? This one was credibly barely amiable hyperbole. ( And probably not a shot at Kristen Stewart or Reese Witherspoon. ) In that same Vanity Fair article, Water for Elephants film director Francis Lawrence said, “ I wouldn ’ triiodothyronine be surprised if Rob says the reason he took the movie was because of [ her, Tai the elephant ]. He truly fell in love. ” His deep elephant adoration seems like something Pattinson fully committed to—both personally and in the media—for his own entertainment. On The Graham Norton Show in May 2011, Norton alluded to Pattinson ’ s quote about the elephant. “ I continuously say the amiss things in interviews, ” a tense, called-out Pattinson explained .
He buys “everything” from Craigslist. In August 2012 while promoting the David Cronenberg film Cosmopolis, Pattinson appeared once again on Jimmy Kimmel Live. rather of discussing what the people wanted ( his then-relationship with Twilight costar Kristen Stewart ), he discussed buying used cars on Craigslist. “ I got a 2001 Silverado. It ’ randomness beautiful. solid car, ” Pattinson told Kimmel. “ I buy everything off Craigslist. Every single car that I ’ ve buy. ”
Pattinson added that he went to Chino Hills, California, to get the cable car from the owner, who “ lived with his parents ” and did not seem to recognize the extremely celebrated actor. “ We were talking about natural gas prices going, ‘ I know man. It ’ south crazy. ’ ” Although all entire clips of this interview have been wiped from the internet, an Entertainment Weekly report from the fourth dimension said that during this same appearance, Pattinson discussed unintentionally hanging out at a dogging smudge .
Truth or lie? Pattinson international relations and security network ’ thyroxine lying about owning a Silverado. He ’ randomness been photographed in it many times ; it was a major character in Pattinson ’ s split from Stewart, and has more recently been featured in a Suki Waterhouse ( Pattinson ’ s current girlfriend ) music video recording. so at most, Pattinson added some sensationalized details here to make the history more matter to ( a Pattinson hallmark ). He was decidedly lying about the dogging .

The Indie Era, 2013-18

At this point in Robert Pattinson ’ s career, he had broken free from the Twilight saga and earned a reputation as a serious actor with outstanding roles in films from directors like Werner Herzog and the Safdie brothers. simultaneously, Pattinson continued to cement his reputation as a liar, proving he plainly does not care what he does or says, particularly when on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This period would besides see a complete transformation in coverage as journalism shifted to a digital focus, meaning that more of Pattinson ’ s absurd stories and anecdotes were reported on and distributed to an audience beyond late night television viewers .
He lies because of his heavy saliva. On Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2014, the spill show host pressed Pattinson ( who was promoting his latest film, The Rover ) about the lies he tells everyone. “ I have inordinately big saliva, ” Pattinson answered. “ If I try and spit, I can only get it about a foot. ”
Truth or lie? I think this one is true because I can not imagine anyone—not even Robert Pattinson—making it up. What does the viscosity of saliva even have to do with lie ?
His 18th birthday was kind of sad. On late Night With Seth Meyers in 2014, Pattinson said he always wanted a baby brother. then on April Fool ’ s Day one year, his sisters told him their mother was pregnant .
“ I think [ my sisters ] kind of always wished I was a little baby, ” he said. “ I constantly wanted a little buddy. They told me on my 18th birthday that my mum was pregnant. On April Fool ’ s Day. I went to school just rejoicing and basking in the fact that I could have a mini-me. At 18, I was so convert. It was the most disappoint I ’ ve ever been in my life. ”
Truth or lie? Robert Pattinson ’ south birthday is May 13 .
He is launching a clothing line. In March 2016, Robert Pattinson told Numéro magazine that he was working on launching his own invest line. “ I ’ ve started making clothes, ” he said. “ For the end two years, I ’ ve been visiting producers and craftsmen. There ’ south already quite a few pieces. I love doing it. ”
Truth or lie? I ’ ll suffice that question with another interview : Did Robert Pattinson always launch a invest line ? No, he did not .
He had a meeting with directors Josh and Benny Safdie after seeing a picture on IndieWire . While promoting good Time—an indie made by the then little-known directing duet Josh and Benny Safdie—in 2017, Pattinson told Jimmy Kimmel that he met with the directors after seeing a hush from one of their films on the web site IndieWire. “ I literally precisely saw a photograph on IndieWire, ” he said. “ I keep plugging IndieWire. It was a human body from their last movie, and I just classify of fell in love with the photograph. ”
Truth or lie? This one is actually probably true ! The fib is reproducible enough throughout the good Time press go, without any touch strange embellishments, that it is most likely based in world. In a Business Insider interview in 2017, Pattinson told the like IndieWire fib and said, “ I literally fucking attend at film websites all day long. ” I literally fucking hope he isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate looking at this one !

He was expelled from school for stealing, selling pornography. On The Howard Stern Show in 2017, Pattinson said that he was expelled from school for selling stolen porn. “ I was stealing pornography magazines, and selling them and no one know at all what to do with me. I ’ five hundred sell them for a batch of money. I used to go in [ the storehouse ] and take one or two and put them in my base. I was in my school uniform when I was doing this, so it was kind of hazardous. But then at the end, I got so cocky that I would take the entire rack [ of pornography ]. ”
According to Pattinson, first gear he got catch stealing the pornography ; then the guy who caught him told on him. “ Every single one of my friends snitched on me, ” he said .
Truth or lie? It must be rugged for a school administrator when a promise young cub graduates from saving snails to peddling smut on the playground. In all seriousness, though, this is probably just as made up as the escargot floor. Respect to Robert Pattinson for knowing his consultation, though—this was the perfective story to tell Howard Stern, and Howard Stern eat it up .
He locked a teacher in a cupboard. On Jimmy Kimmel Live ( where else ? ) in 2017, Pattinson revealed that he once tortured a alternate teacher. “ I actually bullied one into leaving by locking her in a cupboard until she cried. She was literally crying on the first day. ” Pattinson went on to clarify that “ a batch of people ” assisted him in imprisoning the stand-in teacher in a cupboard .
Truth or lie? I don ’ thymine know what to think anymore .
He can open a beer bottle with a tea bag. In a 2017 interview with W magazine, Pattinson said that one of his special talents is opening beer bottles with unconventional objects. “ I can open a beer bottle with pretty much any object. I can open it with a tea pocket. I can do it with a dollar bill, ” he said. “ If you fold anything the right way, you can get the right, um, purchase on it. It takes a while. You rip up your hand a sting a well. It sounds way cool than it looks, ” he said. Sure, Rob !
Truth or lie? Somewhere in between, truly. His art with a tea base is likely exaggerated, though bottle-opening does seem to be a talent he ’ mho practiced for years. A 2014 Esquire profile of Pattinson mentions that after trying to use his iPhone as a bottle undoer, the actor could not turn off the speakerphone .
He ate mud. Like Taissa Turner from Yellowjackets, Robert Pattinson turned to the Earth ’ s territory for nutriment. In 2019, Pattinson told Esquire that he ate mud to get in quality on the set of The Lighthouse. “ Because you ’ ra playing a delirious person, it means you can sort of be brainsick the whole clock, ” he said. “ Well, not the unharmed time, but for like an hour before the scene. You can literally precisely be sitting on the shock grumble and licking up puddles of mud. ” Esquire clarified that Pattinson was speaking literally, not figuratively .
Truth or lie? Truth. I don ’ t have any arguments against this one .
He was a women’s hand model. You are not experiencing deja vu. In 2019, Robert Pattinson told Fresh Air host Terry Gross that his hands were used to model women ’ s jewelry in a catalog when he was 12. “ I used to do women ’ second hand model, ” Pattinson said. “ For jewelry, for catalog rings and stuff. ” When asked how he got the gig, he said, “ I don ’ metric ton know, I think it was screen of like an accident ? ”
Truth or lie? Liar ! Remember early in this identical blog when you read that in 2011, Robert Pattinson ’ randomness mother said on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he was never a hand model ? Robert clearly forgot what she said. Unless … Robert Pattinson ’ south ma is the liar ? possibly he got it from her .
Corky Romano (2001) is one of his favorite movies of all time. On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon in June 2018, Robert Pattinson said that Corky Romano is one of his favorite films. In case you ’ re blissfully unaware, that is the movie in which Chris Kattan plays a veterinarian who helps his throng boss founder elude pursuance. “ Corky Romano is in my acme three of all time, ” Pattinson said. I would ’ ve loved to have heard him detailed, but an excited Fallon promptly turned the conversation to his cowbell sketch on Saturday Night Live .
Truth or lie? It ’ s probably a lie that Robert Pattinson told to appease Jimmy Fallon, who worked with Corky Romano star Chris Kattan on SNL. Since Fallon made the interview more about himself than about Pattinson, it ’ south hard to tell .

The Batman Era, 2019-Present

In this current era, Pattinson still has the nervous department of energy that makes him therefore mysterious, strange, and lovable, but he has more confidence than always before. now, he ’ randomness more respect as an actor both global and within the industry itself, and has been largely asked about playing Bruce Wayne/Batman in Matt Reeves ’ s The Batman. Throughout this menstruation, Pattinson ’ s creative endeavors have expanded from acting and lying and into fast food pasta .
His version of Batman talks like a pirate. In a 2019 interview with Access, Pattinson joked that his The Lighthouse costar Willem Dafoe would be the inspiration for his Batman voice. “ Willem ’ second voice in this is quite inspiring for it, to be honest, ” he said. “ It is pretty exchangeable to the articulation I ’ megabyte gon na do … I think Batman has a kind of pirate-y kind of voice. ”
Truth or lie? Unfortunately, some people took this seriously, but he was clearly kidding. Or was he ?
He threw up before shooting a masturbation scene in The Lighthouse. In 2020, Pattinson told Time Out London that he threw up on himself before a “ ferocious masturbation scene, ” which was shot on day one of product on the Robert Eggers film The Lighthouse. “ We ’ d just done a workweek of rehearsals where I ’ d basically hidden everything from him, ” Pattinson said. “ I felt I had to prove myself on the first gear day, so I went [ for ] the most extreme and grotesque … grotesquery. ” So, he threw up on himself. “ They didn ’ thyroxine habit that take in the end, ” he said. “ It was a bit excessively much. ”
Truth or lie? I have no reason to call this the truth, and I have no reason to call this a lie .
He smells like a crayon. In a February 2020 interview with Allure, Robert Pattinson was asked what he smells like. “ Lots of people tell me I smell like crayon, ” he said. “ Like I ’ megabyte embalmed. ”
Truth or lie? Lie. This man is the confront of Dior Homme, an “ intriguingly brawny and appealingly fresh ” cologne with notes of diverse woods and spices. He smells estimable .
He used to eat pencils. In Vogue ’ s “ 24 Hours With Robert Pattinson ” from January 2020, Pattinson tells a Dior aroma creator that he used to eat pencils as a kid. The entree comes when he smells cedar, which reminds him of the familiar smack of pencils and school. “ Taken in this context, it does smell in truth delectable, ” he said. “ When I was a child, I did used to eat my pencils all the time. ”
Truth or lie? Truth. The top comment on the YouTube video recording says, “ Robert Pattinson treats his entire life like it ’ s a PowerPoint display he didn ’ t fix for and it ’ s then incredible. ” I wholeheartedly agree with that .
He tried to launch a fast food pasta restaurant. In May 2020, GQ profiled Robert Pattinson during the pandemic lockdown and he shared his pipe dream to start an italian fast food joint. here ’ s an excerpt :
“ survive year, he says, he had a clientele idea. What if, he said to himself, ‘ pasta very had the same kind of fast-food credentials as burgers and pizzas ? ’ I was trying to figure out how to capitalize in this area of the marketplace, and I was trying to think : How do you make a pasta which you can hold in your hand ? ”
He told GQ that he designed a prototype with a panini press and met with Los Angeles restaurateur Lele Massimini. When he told Massimini his plan, “ his facial expression didn ’ t even change subsequently. Let alone acknowledge what my design was. There was absolutely no sign of the zodiac of anything from him, literally. And so it kind of put me off a little bite. ”
Truth or lie? Truth. Pattinson was dangerous about this project—he exploded his microwave during the interview, and Massimini confirmed everything he said was “ 100 percentage true. ”
He stopped working out to prepare for his role in The Batman. In the same 2020 GQ visibility, Pattinson said that he stopped his educate for The Batman during the lockdown. “ I think if you ’ re working out all the time, you ’ re contribution of the problem, ” he said. “ You set a common law. No one was doing this in the ’ 70s. flush James Dean—he wasn ’ triiodothyronine precisely ripped. Literally, I ’ thousand good barely doing anything. ”
Truth or lie? This was a dwell. In a January 2022 interview with MovieMaker, Pattinson said thus himself. “ That truly came back to haunt me, ” he said. “ I equitable constantly think it ’ randomness very embarrassing to talk about how you ’ re working out. ”
He was high on Valium during a Twilight audition. Pattinson said this in a breakdown of his roles for GQ released in February 2022. “ I had never taken a diazepam before, ” Pattinson said. “ I precisely remember feeling indeed glorious in the back of the taxi with the window open and precisely being like, ‘ Wow, this is what I ’ ve been missing. ’ I think I had this quite spaced-out, detached kind of thing in the audition, which must have worked for the character. ”
Truth or lie? Truth, unless he has been using this narrative to loosen his saliva for over a ten. According to an e ! segment from when New Moon came out in 2009, Pattinson did reportedly take a quarter of Valium to calm himself down before an in-person audition. And in an interview with ABC News from 2010, Pattinson told the history himself : “ Twenty minutes before I had to leave [ for audition ] I on the spur of the moment started panicking, ” he told ABC News. “ fortunately the person I was staying with had half a diazepam on her bedside table, so I just stole it. probably one of the best decisions I ’ ve ever made. ”
His first Batman voice was so bad that he was told to “stop:” On Jimmy Kimmel Live—does anyone else allow Pattinson to appear on their express at this point ? —in February 2022, Pattinson said that the first voice he used for The Batman was indeed atrocious that he was asked to stop doing it. “ I wanted to do a radically different thing to all the other Batmans, ” he said. “ I equitable thought because everyone has this kind of crusty, gravelly thing, I ’ m like, ‘ I ’ megabyte gon na do the diametric, I ’ m gon na go in truth whispery. ’ And I tried to do it for the foremost, like, two weeks, and it good looked absolutely atrocious, and they told me to stop doing it. ”
Truth or lie? This could be true, but he ’ s decidedly exaggerating. It ’ s possible for an actor as talented and successful as Pattinson to make a mistake, but this fib has the lapp formula as his other lies. besides, a product as adult and a high budget as The Batman would not let its ace go on for two weeks with a voice that would be unserviceable in the final product .
Tom Holland wore a Spider-Man costume on The Lost City of Z set: In the lapp Kimmel interview from February 2022, Pattinson told Kimmel—whose career at this point is 30 percentage hosting a late nox express and 70 percentage dissemble he believes what Robert Pattinson says—that Tom Holland manifested his function as Spider-Man by wearing a full costume on hardened of The Lost City of Z ( 2016 ). “ I think he [ Tom Holland ] hadn ’ t even been cast as Spider-Man, and he was wearing a Spider-Man outfit when I was shooting that movie. He very manifested that share. I swear to God, we were in Colombia, and I ’ m 99 percentage certain that he wasn ’ triiodothyronine project yet. ”
Truth or lie? A narrative angstrom tall as Lee Pace. Tom Holland signed a condense with Marvel and Sony Pictures to play Spider-Man in June 2015, and The Lost City of Z did not begin production until August 2015. If Pattinson ever saw Holland on set in a Spider-Man courtship, it was credibly because he was doing costume fittings in planning for Captain America : Civil War and Spider-Man : homecoming .
He pretended to be a drug dealer. In a 2022 GQ profile, Pattinson opened up about one of his first gear lies, which was pretending to be a drug dealer to impress a girlfriend, even though he didn ’ thymine know what drugs looked like at the time. “ so I had this estimate I ’ five hundred catch floppy disks, open up the floppy harrow, pour this kind of gunpowder stuff inside, and then spray it with, like, some kind of houseclean intersection so that it ’ vitamin d smell chemical-y, and seal all of it in, ” he said. “ I bought, like, 40 floppy disks, and then I ’ d show it to kids who were probably 15 or 16, and I ’ d be like, ‘ Yeah, I ’ molarity importing drugs in diskette disks. ’ And everybody believed me. And I kind of got this reputation that, ‘ This kid is crazy. He ’ s a drug dealer ! ’ ”
Truth or lie? I ’ ll give him this one. At least one of his school tales has to be true, right ?
He lies all the time. In the like GQ profile, Pattinson admitted that he lies all the time to the media, and besides in his personal life “ in holy order to say anything at all. ” He said that early in his career, he would pretend to be an american when casting agents were concerned about his british accent. “ I used to always come in as a different person, an american english. I ’ d say, ‘ Hi, I ’ meter from Michigan. ’ ”
Truth or lie? Lies ! He tells the truth sometimes .
He found 50 photos of himself wearing a Batman costume as a child. In February 2022, Pattinson said on Good Morning America that he was looking for childhood photos of himself in a Batman costume to show on speak shows, and found closely 50 .
Truth or lie? Where are the photos, Robert ?

Why Does Robert Pattinson Lie?

My research confirmed what I always knew to be true : Robert Pattinson doesn ’ triiodothyronine lie maliciously. In fact, some lies ( such as the pass model one ) are the solution of memories twisted over prison term, which happens to all of us whether we ’ rhenium mindful of it or not. Robert Pattinson lies because he wants to entertain. He cares what people think about him. As an actor and as a fame, he wants to be clean and interest. Robert Pattinson does not want to be the kind of celebrity on a wardrobe go who tells the same story in the same way over and over again for months on end. He does not want to be Stefani “ there could be 100 people in a room ” Germanotta .
Pattinson ’ s relationship with the media besides solidifies that unless you know a fame on a personal grade, you ’ ll never actually know them. What you see is them, but it ’ s equitable a break up. A celebrity—whether on their own ( like Pattinson ) or with a team—has dateless opportunities to curate their public visualize however they please. In a weird way, even though Robert Pattinson is a self-proclaimed blatant liar, he might be one of the most good celebrities we ’ ve ever had .
Carrie Wittmer is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer with bylines in Vulture, Consequence of Sound, and Harper ’ s Bazaar. She tweets at @ carriesnotscary .

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