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Common Medical Assistant Interview Questions (With Sample Answers)

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Updated July 23, 2021 | Published December 7, 2020 Updated July 23, 2021 Published December 7, 2020TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail A medical assistant is person who provides support to health concern professionals in a clinical fix. When hiring for this position, employers are looking for person with a basic aesculapian background and a willingness to learn. They need an individual who can carefully follow directions and provide excellent patient concern. In this article, we help you prepare for an interview for this role by sharing coarse aesculapian adjunct interview questions and sample answers. Related : learn About Being a Medical adjunct

General questions

Employers ask aesculapian assistant candidates these general questions to learn more about their personality and interest in this role :

  • Tell me about yourself .
  • Why are you concern in this character ?
  • What do you know about this company ?
  • How would your former employer report you ?
  • What are your strengths ?
  • What are your weaknesses ?
  • What are your professional goals ?
  • What skills does a timbre medical adjunct have ?
  • Why do you think you are the right field suit for this caper ?
  • What does affected role care beggarly to you ?

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Questions about experience and background

Employers ask these questions to see if you have enough relevant experience for their military position :

  • How much health manage feel do you have ?
  • Are you comfortable answering phones and greeting guests ?
  • Tell me about any venesection train you might have .
  • What experience do you have taking patients ‘ vitals ?
  • Are your CPR, emergency treatment and AED certifications current ?
  • Do you have any experience with medical placard and code ?
  • Do you have experience working with prescriptions ?
  • What is your darling partially of being a aesculapian adjunct ?
  • What is your least favored part of being a checkup adjunct ?
  • Do you plan to complete any continuing department of education ?

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In-depth questions

Employers ask in-depth questions to learn your strategies for success if you were to work for them :

  • If you were to get this problem, would you be able to follow the HIPAA guidelines ?
  • How do you stay motivated during long shifts ?
  • What steps do you use to stay composure when working with a difficult patient ?
  • How would you ensure a patient is complying with our procedures ?
  • What do you hope to learn in this function ?
  • What value would you add to our team ?
  • What would you do if a doctor is falling behind schedule ?
  • How would you help a aflutter affected role feel comfortable ?
  • How would you accommodate a affected role with disabilities ?
  • What would you do if a chap staff extremity was breaking the HIPAA guidelines ?

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Interview questions with sample answers

Use these interview questions with sample answers to guide your own responses :

Why do you want to work in health care?

An employer might ask you this motion to learn more about your interest in this field. While some people choose to work as a medical adjunct for their stallion career, many others use it as a career stepping stone. This wonder helps employers understand your intentions for wanting to work in this challenging so far rewarding environment. Before your interview, take some time to reflect on why you want to work in healthcare. Rather than discussing high wages or job security, try to provide an answer that is a spot more wholesome. Explain why you like working with patients. case : “ I got into healthcare because I enjoy being around people. I love getting to hear each patient ‘s stories and learn a little bit about their lives as I check them in and get their vitals. Having a problem where I get to talk to patients all day long is a thoroughly fit for me. I besides have constantly loved skill, specially biology and anatomy. As I pursue nursing school, I feel like this job would teach me a lot about patient manage. I would love the opportunity to work aboard doctors and nurses. ” Related : How To Become a medical assistant

Do you have strong computer skills?

A aesculapian assistant may be creditworthy for filling out and billing patient forms, administering patient prescription drug refills and inputting patients ‘ information. All of these tasks require you to have calculator skills, which is why an employer may ask this question. If you are looking into a checkup assistant position, you want to be able to quickly adapt to new calculator software and systems. In your answer, explain what former calculator experience you have. It ‘s particularly impressive if this know is in a healthcare setting. Show the employer that you are a flying apprentice. exemplar : “ In my previous function as a medical receptionist, I learned how to operate a diverseness of aesculapian software systems quite well. We even went through an entire system transition, and I found it quite easy to adapt to an wholly new system. Along with navigating a computer well, I have truly commodity type skills. I timed myself and found out that I can type an modal of 60 words per hour. I besides have a set of experience typing data into spreadsheets, which I understand is important for this job. ”

Tell me about a time you overcame a difficult situation.

When working as a checkup adjunct, you may encounter some ambitious situations. Whether it be a coworker or affected role, you need to prove to an employer that you can work good with others and overwhelm issues. Employers ask this question to learn more about your problem-solving skills. For your reply, choose a time you encountered a unmanageable situation. Explain what steps you did to find a solution for this situation. Share what the consequence of your actions was. case : “ When I was working at the hospital, I had to work with an upset mother who insisted that she be in the same room as her son during his operation. Of run, this was an incursive operating room, so there was no way she could safely be in the room. Rather than yelling at her to sit in the waiting room, I tried to be empathic of her situation. I understood that this charwoman was scared, upset and unaware of our safety procedures. I fixed this position by informing her of the hospital ‘s policies and why they were in place. I told her that I understood her situation and that she wants the best for her son. I politely explained that by following our condom procedures, she was actually helping her son get better care. I flush promised to give her hourly updates, which calmed her down a bunch. ”

Jobs similar to medical assistants

If you ‘re interest in the aesculapian industry, there are many positions that you can consider. here ‘s a list of 10 jobs that are exchangeable to checkup assistants : 1. doctor 2. breastfeed 3. Nurse practitioner 4. doctor ‘s assistant 5. hospital administrator 6. Nurse administrator 7. Hospital receptionist 8. medical biller 9. medical engineer 10. Hospital security officer

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